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from all of us at apts, we wish you a wonderful summer!
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[28 Aug 2017|12:38pm]
skyview terrace radio

along with member activities, we've decided to reboot this and give it another shot. in the comments below (screened, as always), provide a link to a song that you'd like to see on a monthly playlist. you're welcome to comment anonymously and make a dedication, which will also be included. so if you've got a crush, if you want to bump uglies with someone, if you hate someone, etc it's all welcome! just know that if it gets to be too much and people are cruel, then i won't include your song or your dedication. but if this isn't your speed, then head on over to the frankenmix challenge to build your monthly playlist for daeho. the deadline for that is this thursday (8/31)! have fun, guys.

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