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Introduction [04 Mar 2016|01:40pm]


I'm Tori. I'm also the mod. I have Emmy Jackson as my first character.

A little bit about me as a player:
I've been RPing for about ten years (wut?), most of which has taken place on IJ. I like to stick with what I am comfortable with, I guess. This is the first time I've ever run a community by myself, so bear with me please! I hope everyone has a lot of fun with this. I love games likes these.

( Wanna co-mod? Hit me up!)

About Emmy:

Emmy's a good mix of tomboy and girly-girl. She's a pretty good kid. She works hard, plays hard, and really loves her family. That being said, she also has a bit of a mean streak. She really tries to be nice, she does, and in certain situations she can keep a smile on her face until it's over. However, she can be vindictive. Profanity is her favorite kind of vocabulary. She's pretty good at taking things as they come, but we'll see how she does in this situation.

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