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User: [info]monkeydluffy
Date: 2007-06-07 23:39
Subject: Claimed Chara
Security: Public

This is a full list of currently claimed characters & the journals that they use.

Inhabitants are listed under their original residences & alphabetically. )

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User: [info]monkeydluffy
Date: 2007-06-07 21:48
Subject: Getting Started
Security: Public

The basic plot of this RPG is that characters from various anime & manga series have been tossed onto a strange, isolated island. It's a strange place -- the geography isn't always inconsistent, monsters lurk, and then there's this problem people have staying dead (they don't). There's no evidence why or how they got there, either, but they've all got journals (or something like them), some at least strongly resembling something from their 'home,' and they've got to write something daily or something horrible happens.

The rules are simple: no OCs, a journal that can be done entirely IC, and the time to keep up with this. (It's not a daily commitment, but you better check in here either before or after multiday absences.)

If you're interested in joining, comment here with a request to be added after checking here to see if the character you want has been claimed yet. In your request, please give the ID you're known by online if you're not an InsaneJournal member, the character you want to play, and what form the character's journal will take. (If it'll be a book, a tape recorder, ect.) Then, once you've been approved, please join this asylum in your RP journal.

The number of members will be limited, but we will put a notice here when we've reached the limit of members that can be handled.

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