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Well,... I've been busy... [18 Jun 2014|03:48pm]

Tereesa's off playing in the woods in Illinois and having fun, I hope, because the weather is doing crazy things. Meanwhile, I've been finishing some coding I've been playing with for weeks. I ran it by her a bit ago in the beginning tweaking stages and she liked that so far, so I ran with it.

It is now live.

So, go see what I've been up to, folks. The base code is not mine. The tweaks on it are. I left the credit because I like to give credit to the people who do the hard base work on these things.



Also, anyone want, need, something new? I've got threads, but I've got room for more! MORE!!! Give me ALL THE THINGS!

~ Dawn
Crowley, Jack, Mad Sweeney, Poison Ivy

Well there... [15 May 2014|10:09pm]

Hey. Look what I did.

I finished this app. Finally. OMG. Finally.

App is in the journal. Excuse the typos. Meds make my brain wonky. I'll fix them as I catch them. Promise. She wants to mess with everyone. I kind of really want her to try to be all seductive with Az to get her way -like reclaim his shop for the wild or something, I'm not sure, and have it fail. Which might be the exhaustion talking, I dunno.

Harley, where are you? omg.

That all being said. Read her history so you can see which version of DC canon I'm bringing her from and at which point. Since there's about 47 gazillion versions. She's not dead... but she was almost dead. So... I'm figuring that after a stint in some serious intensive care she thinks she was sent here for some recuperation. Since it's an island with some wild space... she isn't going to be ever looking to leave. But she may want these parasitic people on it to stop ruining the island with their horrible human...ness.

I'm going to throw a post up for her in the next day or so, let me know if anyone wants in on that, otherwise I'll leave it open.

Crowley, Sweeney, Jack and now Poison Ivy!

Also... how the hell did I manage to snag such a sweet, sweet username?

Modly Follow-Up [13 May 2014|09:00pm]

Well, now, it's been a bit of time since our last post. Tereesa and I have chatted a bit, we've pushed our brains together and then rather quickly pulled them back apart again because first, ew that's sticky and second... neither of us wants any further into the other's brain, thank you. After reading through feedback, talking things over, sorting out any concerns, here is what conclusions we have come to )

Tap Tap Tap... Is this thing on? [Mod Post --Please Comment] [23 Apr 2014|09:16am]


Stanley Tucci icon used because... Stanley Tucci.

Alright, so I actually meant to type this up last night but Kate distracted me for a few hours with other things because she's an evil enabler like that.

Things stagnate, but... the real world has a way of being kind of an obtrusive bitch sometimes. We get sick, we get tired, people move, jobs change, people get sick again... and a few of us have been playing together for so many years we just sort of take for granted that everyone knows what is going on. Which is not fair to anyone who may happen upon this group. But, that's what that is. So...

Tereesa and I had a conversation on the phone last night and neither of us are giving up on this. We have time, energy and affection invested in some of our critters here (some of which were played in different games previously -hence the attachment). But, it has basically just turned into a gpsl, which most slower games have these days -to be realistic about it.

Here's what I need from the handful of us that are here: please answer the queries below in a comment so we can judge what the next step is.

  1. Are you still interested in playing here? Activity rules have been aligned with those of another game we are both in. We don't have a specific requirement anymore but we do expect some sort of activity or advisement if disappearing for a long span of time. But, if interest has waned completely, that is perfectly fine, just let us know so we can take steps to remove from the character/player list as necessary.

  2. If the above is yes, what is the status of your current characters? Are you keeping everyone? Not sure on some and want input? Plans to drop one or more? Again, gives us room to plan.

  3. If planning to stay in game, with the relaxed activity rules, do you have any interest in picking up anyone new? If so, do you have anyone in mind or that you would specifically like to see someone else pick up? Do you want suggestions?

  4. Do you have any suggestions for things to help the game along a bit? No matter how wacky, let us know. Maybe it's something we hadn't considered. We already talked a bit about how replies don't have to be a gazillion paragraphs long, it's not always necessary to keep something moving forward.

Once we hear from most of you (and we hope all, actually), Tereesa and I will talk things out and put out a communication about any further changes to come forward. We want your input, though. You guys play here too!

~ Dawn
Secondary Mod who is thinking of re-coding things since she learned new CSS tricks to embed in HTML

Hello all you little people [04 Jan 2014|09:48am]

Tereesa here. I'd like to introduce you to Karen Walker, from TV's Will and Grace.

Karen is a booze guzzling, pill popping, member of high society. She is used to vast wealth (provided by her husband), and would sooner slit her own throat than wear a poly-blend. She is rude, crass, selfish, and has no concept of social boundaries. She simply says things as she sees them. She considers herself emotionless, despite any minor setbacks in that area along the way. Chances are she just forgot to take one of her mood enhancing pills at the time.

She had already booked a trip to a tropical island, though naturally not this island, so even though she can't recall actually traveling, packing, or anything else that goes with a long trip, it is going to take her a bit to figure out things aren't quite what they should be.

Without further ado, bring on the plots!

Plot time! [10 Nov 2013|11:13am]

It appears everyone is on the same page, so we will keep the game going. With that being said, there are a couple of threads that never received responses:

Covert Mission Open thread posted by River Song

OH DEAR New thread from Death to Susan

Beyond that, most of us need activity. Let's use this post to comment and see what we can stir up!

Discussion time [08 Nov 2013|11:20am]

Hello, folks.

No need to beat around the bush. The game has pretty much died, and I (Tereesa) am mostly to blame. Life, other hobbies, etc., etc. I could give a million excuses. So it's time to decide where to go.

The way we see it, there are a couple options:

Let the game go. Call it a good effort, and let sleeping dogs lie.

Or, we wake up the dogs, throw them a bone, and get them running again. This would pretty much entail starting over, but not from the beginning. Just a fresh start, opening new threads, and letting old ones go. If you are uncertain where they would have led, talk to the other player. See if you want to continue the thread, or decide the best course of action for their future relationships.

Dawn and I are pretty much going for the latter, but we want your input. Let us know if your character is on board, or if we should let them go from the character list. Feel free to express your own concerns, or opinions.

What would you like us to do?

Sorry folks! [04 Aug 2013|10:09am]

My apologies for all the late replies. I'm working on trying to get caught back up.

A Friendly Public Service Announcement [02 Jun 2013|08:48am]

Hello, Players!

Wow, it has been a couple of rough months for all of us! Your mods included. Nothing like opening a new game and watching the pooh-pooh hit the fan. But life does like to get in the way sometimes.

Since our goal is to have a good time, while hopefully attracting new players, this is probably a good time to take a look at where we all are plot-wise.

Obviously, we have not been doing activity checks. While the game is still this small, and understanding that it's hard to hold others accountable when we ourselves have been slacking, it's not something we have been concerned with. Not that it will last forever! Be aware that once we get some new players, we will take a closer look at that to keep things fair. For now we just want to play and have fun.

If you have a character sitting there wondering what to do, please feel free to use this community to get your character noticed! If you need something for someone, go ahead and ask for it. If you have an idea with a specific character, feel free to poke that player.

Above all, go out there and have some fun! It's what we're all here for!

~AP Mods

Hi! [27 May 2013|09:46pm]

So, I'm back. Sorry I took like a two month hiatus. I really didn't expect my moving to take that long and then an additional few weeks to get my brain back in the mode to write.

Sweeney, Crowley and Jack all have a thread going each, but if anyone wants anything with any of them, I can probably handle another thread or two on each. I would love to see some new posts come up in this community. :)

~ Dawn

Just a Little Longer [24 Apr 2013|06:51am]


So, moving this time has been nothing short of a nightmare. I've moved 6 other times since coming to this city (my ex and I moved pretty much once a year for a while there, ugh) and this has to be, by far, the most stressed out and sick I've been over the whole thing in the history of ever. Not disorganized, everything is pretty well organized, but lack of help and douchebag movers (who refused to take any boxes at all and then put a hole in the ceiling at the new place, nice) and my work at home lines still not being installed (tomorrow marks a month to the day of my initial request) as kind of dampered any desire for anything.

Most of my days are spent alone and bored in a mostly vacant house with a radio that sometimes gets reception, with no wifi and an inability to swipe work internet for anything fun (stupid locked firewalls) that would require far more to break than is worth it, not to mention the weather has been cold and snowy and I'm just not in the mood for anything.

Which is a shame because I had intended on starting some owed replies last Sunday afternoon. Instead I'm just crabby. A sort of "nothing good will come from you opening your mouth" kind of crabby.

Keys for the old place are being turned in on Saturday or Sunday, so the nightmare should be over by then and then I can get back to fun things that keep me sane. Thank you all for being patient with me. I just ask for few more days to get this all sorted out, then a day or two of respite before I jump back into things. Believe me, I want to jump back into things.

Much love,

~ Dawn

Crowely, Jack and Sweeney

x-posted everywhere I rp

Holy Crap! [09 Apr 2013|06:30am]

I'm moving.

It's nothing spectacular, but I'm shuffling my stuff across town. Right now I live like.. walking distance from Lambeau Field -which makes doing anything during Packer home games a nightmare. I also don't have central air where I'm at now and the whole place is just small. Bleh. So, I'm moving on up... to the east side.

I get my keys on Monday. I'm still waiting on confirmation from the moving company on what exact day/time our furniture is being shuffled from here to there, but that will likely be next week as well. I have most of next week off of work to get things moved and settled. Oh, and I have to schedule the internet/cable/phone install at the new place, but I'm waiting for confirmation of move date first.

What does this mean for RP? It means I'll be slow. I'm not taking a hiatus or anything, but most of my free time is consumed with forming, taping and packing boxes. I'll still be doing replies here and there, as I need a break from packing. Now, I tend to obsess over things: as some of you well know, so it is unlikely that I will be unpacking for more than a week at the new place. Even so, I have to clean the current place from top to bottom (so I get my security deposit back, yo) and then have a “Holy Crap, Moving Sale” rummage sale to get rid of everything I no longer want.

So, be patient. I'll get to stuff slowly. I'm doing it all in the order of which I owe it (as I can, if I owe more than one reply on one character, I'll probably do those together). Love to you all and I'll be back to full force in a couple weeks. <3

~ Dawn
Crowley, Jack and Sweeney

[25 Mar 2013|02:45pm]

This is long overdue but life (meaning school) crept up on me with midterms and beat me down. Anyway I am Cee, and this here is Dean Winchester of Supernatural fame. He's open for anything and I look forward to plotting and playing. Spring break finally.

[25 Mar 2013|07:07pm]

Hi all :)

I'm Em and though I did this a bit out of order and posted first, I'm bringing in the cheeky outlaw Robin Hood, here. He's coming from mid season 2 of the bbc series, and for those of you who haven't seen it, you can read about him (and find a link to info for the show) in his app, here.

He's going to be more than a little out of his element, but he's fairly ahead of his time and should bounce back relatively well, once the shock has worn off. ;)

Looking forward to plots with all of you, and super excited to be in a new game.

Busy busy busy [23 Mar 2013|11:25am]

In celebration of 50 years of THIS:

 photo Eleven.gif

I'm having a party next Saturday for season 7.5 opening episode. Which means I'm going to be busy most of the week making preparations. For those of you who I am in threads with, please be patient this week.


Tereesa (Amelia, Aziraphale, Flagg, River)

x-posted everywhere!

Hello again [17 Mar 2013|07:53pm]

Kate here with my second critter... and not the one I thought it would be.

Meet Susan Sto Helit. You may call her Miss Susan. She's Death's granddaughter, and shares some of his unique abilities. Feel free to take a peek at her application, it's posted in her journal.

Anybody want to play with a slightly immortal schoolmarm?

Speaking Frankly [16 Feb 2013|08:03pm]

Mike here: Frank's a cranky fellow that likes long walks in the park ( at midnight using night vision goggles), spending quality time with the guilty (for positive counseling), and protecting the innocent, downtrodden, or broken.

He also likes his dog Max and would love adventures in the fun and sun.

Pleased ta meetcha! [16 Feb 2013|03:07am]

Forgive my tardiness. I'm Kate. This is Harleen Quinzell. She's a quiet librarian who does volunteer service at the local abandoned puppy shelter and teaches Sunday school. Really, she's terribly boring, but if anybody would like her, she's totally available.

HELLO PUNY MORTALS [13 Feb 2013|01:33pm]


Ahem. Anyway. Hi! I'm Cary and this is my critter for the game. Death from Discworld. Also known as Bill Door. Yes, he usually is a walking skeleton. However! Unless he decides differently, most mortals see him as a tall, thin man with black hair and a beard (that would be Bill). Children, supernatural beings and cats can see his true form all the time.

Death is very curious about mortals and is eager to meet as many as possible. He thinks this island is quite wonderful for doing that. He wants to play with everyone!

What else about him should you know? He has trouble seeing beings that cannot die, so things could be interesting with a certain angel and devil-type guy. Death has his pale horse, Binky, with him and sometimes Death of Rats can be seen with him. (yep, that would be a rat skeleton in a black robe with a rat-sized scythe). He can walk through walls.

And he speaks in all capital letters. More like sends his words into your head in all caps, since skeletons don't have the necessary equipment for actual speech.

Death/Bill is looking forward to meeting everyone! I think his meeting River Song would be very interesting.

Do you suddenly feel cold? [12 Feb 2013|07:42am]

Trust me. The shivers have nothing to do with the weather.

Tereesa here again, with my new bad boy. Though it should be noted that phrase is about as understated as saying the sun is a bit warm. This is Randall Flagg, a dark sorcerer from Stephen King, and about as cuddly as a nest of cockroaches, though for some reason most find him charming and charismatic. His main goals in life are to cause utter destruction, and to reach the top of the Dark Tower to become a god and rule over the chaos that the fall of the Tower will produce.

I think he missed a Sunday school lesson or two along the way.

Though he did hear about crucifictions, and finds them extremely useful.

Flagg is a special kind of evil. He will befriend the weak and destitute to manipulate them, worm his way into the upper class societies to get close to those who are the public face of leadership, and generally work on the sidelines to try to bring civilization to its knees. He has a great sense of humor and laughs often, generally at the pain of others. Oh, and he likes peanut butter and crackers.

All his info can be found in his journal. Feel free to poke me with any plot ideas you might have!

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