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February 2008
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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

by Chash

[ Rei/Minako | PG | 1/1 ]

I thought PGSM was hysterical when I first started watching it (the special effects! the costumes! the wigs!), but the series managed to break my heart more than once before the end. Rei and Minako's very difficult friendship was one of the elements I loved; as much as I enjoy their friendship, I also 'ship them like anything.

This fic deals with the events in episode 47. It's short, and primarily dialogue, but I love the interaction between Rei and Minako.

    “Artemis said you used my tambourine.”

    “He wasn’t there.”

    “Maybe someone else told him,” says Minako shrugging. “Is it true?”

    “So what if it is? Was that your question?”

    “No,” she says. “I wanted to know why.”

Oh, girls!


by firesoul19

[ Rei/Minako | PG | vid ]

I know nothing about vids in general, but do I know that I adore this one. It hits all sorts of emotional buttons, and I head back to this vid every time I feel the need to wallow in emo porn. It captures Rei and Minako's relationship, and makes me *flail* with happiness.


We Never Close
by c-elisa

[ Mystique/Leela, Mystique/Destiny | PG | 1/1 ]

How awesome is this? A crossover with Futurama which manages to be funny without being silly. The interaction between Mystique, Leela and Fry was well-handled, but I liked the story for what it does with Mystique--old, far from Earth, with her lovers and enemies lost to time.

    “Not a sewer mutant. That’s an urban legend. The superpowered kind.”

    “Like in the twentieth century? They’re extinct.”

    “I’m the last.”

    “Oh,” she said sympathetically. “I know how that is.”

    “Were you an X-Man?” Fry said, excited.

    “Wasn’t everyone?”

    “Did you destroy New York?”

    “Not personally.”

    “Are you evil?”

    “That depends on which historians you believe.”

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