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Doctor Who

Doctor Who

Hitchcock Bottle Blonde
by LizBee

[ Ten/Rose, Romana, Martha, Donna | PG13 | 1/1 ]

I’m not an Old School Who fan, but I’m still not thrilled with the direction to show took towards the end of the second season, and into the third. LizBee has opinions on New Who as well, and she turned them into fic: brilliant, wonderful, funny fic.

The fic makes fun of everyone, but there’s still affection evident towards the characters. And while Rose wasn’t my favourite character, I love what this fic does with her, and hope that she ended up with a happy ending somewhere along these lines.

    The realisation was this: she was going to have to kill the Doctor. Either that, or break open the walls between dimensions and retrieve Rose Tyler from alternate universe oblivion. But in the short term, killing the Doctor was going to be easier.

by chicklet73

[ Ten, Martha | G | 1/1 ]

This fic is an absolute delight. Martha is sparkly, and Ten is charming, and their interaction is a joy to read. I haven’t seen very many episodes with Martha yet, but I hope that there are at least a few Doctor-Martha scenes able to match this fic in pure bantery fun.

    Something occured to him and he abruptly turned, grinned at his reflection, and winked.


    That was rather endearing. Charming, even.

    Perhaps, on second thought, it wasn’t all Martha’s fault. Perhaps the poor girl couldn’t help herself. Shaking his head, he clicked his tongue. He was older and wiser and the superior species on top of that; he should have known better even though he really didn’t know - wow. Dropping in a graceful tumble to sit cross-legged, he tilted the mirror down on its stand until it was about an inch from his face. Winked again. Really, maybe he ought to be more careful. He tried winking with the other eye. Just as charming. Raised an eyebrow. Oh dear – more so. Perhaps a wink without the smile…

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