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February 2008
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Doctor Who

Valentine's Day, This Year
by koshiroryuu/puipui

[ Martha | PG13 | 1/1 ]

I love Martha, and I will never, ever tire of stories dealing with The Year That Never Was. This story is both heartbreaking and hopeful, and nearly made me cry because it's *Martha,* and what she did was incredible.

    Martha Jones is one of the very few people who remembers the first time Valentine's Day this year happened, and she's the only one who remembers it from below, who felt the ground and smelled the air. She's the only one who knows. She met people and touched people and talked to people, and sometimes, at night, she lies awake and racks her brain to remember anything about them that she can, anything at all, that isn't one big blur. But she talked to so many people that year, she saw so many faces, and it all just ran together after a while, and so that whole day was mostly a rush, nothing different, with nothing to tell her that all of those faces would need remembering someday, nothing unusual to make her stop and actually look.


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