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February 2008
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We Never Close
by c-elisa

[ Mystique/Leela, Mystique/Destiny | PG | 1/1 ]

How awesome is this? A crossover with Futurama which manages to be funny without being silly. The interaction between Mystique, Leela and Fry was well-handled, but I liked the story for what it does with Mystique--old, far from Earth, with her lovers and enemies lost to time.

    “Not a sewer mutant. That’s an urban legend. The superpowered kind.”

    “Like in the twentieth century? They’re extinct.”

    “I’m the last.”

    “Oh,” she said sympathetically. “I know how that is.”

    “Were you an X-Man?” Fry said, excited.

    “Wasn’t everyone?”

    “Did you destroy New York?”

    “Not personally.”

    “Are you evil?”

    “That depends on which historians you believe.”

Doctor Who/Pern

Doctor Who/Pern

Saving Jade
by Azar

This blending of universes works surprisingly well. The writing itself is excellent, and Martha’s reaction to the fire lizards is wonderful. I grew out of Anne Anne McCaffrey’s novels some years back, but I admit that there’s a teenage girl inside of me who is still in love with the idea of fire lizards.

    They both heard that something at the same moment--a musical, animal, alien cry that pierced her to the bone with its sheer beauty. The Doctor's smile trebled in size, his eyes darting about for the source of that haunting call. "There!" he cried finally in delight, pointing back up toward the cliff.

    Martha's eyes followed and her breath caught. At first, the figure perched on the rock seemed like a golden statue. Then it spread delicate, gleaming wings and cried out again.

    "Oh my God. Is that--?"

    The Doctor grinned, drinking in her awe as though it were nourishment. "Is it what?"

    "A..." Her mind having gone inexplicably blank, she struggled to find the word. "...a dragon?"

Pirates of the Caribbean/Harry Potter

Pirates of the Caribbean/Harry Potter

by Penknife

[ Jack Sparrow, OCs | PG | 1/1 ]

This is a crossover that works brilliantly. I’m charmed by Penknife’s vision of Jack at Hogwarts--he’s so incredibly *Jack Sparrow,* despite being made a part of the HP world.

    "Jack Sparrow," the boy says. "This is my parrot." He holds up what looks like an egg. It might be a parrot's egg. It might, for that matter, be a rock.

    "Sparrow isn't a wizarding name," the blond boy says. "What were your parents?"

    "What were yours, mate?"

    "Wizards," the boy says witheringly. "I don't suppose yours are."

    "Much more better," the boy says. "My da was a pirate king, you see, and he carried off the queen of the mermaids. Never minded a bit of fishiness." He waggles his fingers suggestively. They don't look webbed to Daniel.

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