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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

by Chash

[ Rei/Minako | PG | 1/1 ]

I thought PGSM was hysterical when I first started watching it (the special effects! the costumes! the wigs!), but the series managed to break my heart more than once before the end. Rei and Minako's very difficult friendship was one of the elements I loved; as much as I enjoy their friendship, I also 'ship them like anything.

This fic deals with the events in episode 47. It's short, and primarily dialogue, but I love the interaction between Rei and Minako.

    “Artemis said you used my tambourine.”

    “He wasn’t there.”

    “Maybe someone else told him,” says Minako shrugging. “Is it true?”

    “So what if it is? Was that your question?”

    “No,” she says. “I wanted to know why.”

Oh, girls!


by firesoul19

[ Rei/Minako | PG | vid ]

I know nothing about vids in general, but do I know that I adore this one. It hits all sorts of emotional buttons, and I head back to this vid every time I feel the need to wallow in emo porn. It captures Rei and Minako's relationship, and makes me *flail* with happiness.


The simplest solution
by orange_crushed

[ Shin/Kumiko | G | 1/1 ]

All of my absolute favourite Shin/Kumiko stories share some things in common: a dense Yankumi, and Shin, longing and patient. It's a thing. *g*

This is slow, quiet, and utterly beautiful.

    Now he’s sitting at her table, watching her grade papers with a deadly expression; his socks are spread out on the heater and it feels funny to be barefoot before her, exposed like this, even though they’re only toes. They were caught in the sudden shower and he’d given her his jacket, and she’d dragged him home for tea and dumplings. Probably just to thank him. She’s dense like that.

Slight Misunderstandings
by Akane-Rei

[ Shin/Kumiko | PG | 1/1 ]

Oh, Shin! On the night of his graduation, Shin is alone and angsting. Yankumi drops by to cheer him up, and all sorts of misunderstandings are cleared up. I laughed at one of Yankumi's mistakes, because Shin just has *no* luck impressing her.

    She looked up at him guiltily before looking away once again. “Eh?” she muttered nervously. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I came here—"

    “Because you heard I was alone on my graduation night,” he finished for her, his voice tinged with a small amount of bitterness. “Because you heard my parents weren’t even at the ceremony,” he added. “Because you heard that they weren’t even in town. Because you felt sorry for me and being the wonderful teacher that you are—"

    She stood up, interrupting his tirade as she looked at him with fire in her eyes.

    The silence stretched between them before he said, “I think you should leave.” He’d be damned before he became anyone’s charity case. He could feel an angry flush warm up his entire body. The very idea, the very thought that anyone would pity him was galling enough, but the fact that it was her was just added insult to injury.

Everyone Knows
by Adali

[Shin/Kumiko | PG | 1/1 ]

Yankumi was the reason I first looked into Gokusen, and she is without a doubt my OTC for the fandom. I am very fond of her class too, but it's not too often that they appear in fic. Here, Shin's friends and fellow classmates consider what they do and don't know about Shin's relationship with Yankumi.

    Everyone knew Shin's idea of the perfect woman. She would have to be beautiful - everyone in 3D knew Shin was handsome enough to be an idol (although maybe that was only in comparison to the rest of them) so there was no way he could end up with some plain-looking girl. She would be smart, too - Shin was a genius (by comparison, at least, and perhaps even in fact) and there was no way he would want some stupid girl he'd have to explain everything to. She couldn't be too lively, either, because Shin thought that was troublesome. She shouldn't be poor - because that just wouldn't look good - but she couldn't be super rich, either, because then she might be pretentious (and Shin had left home because he didn't like rich, pretentious bastards).

Five Dorky Ways Shin Proposed to Yankumi
by mklutz

How much do I love this fic? Lots and lots. It's clever, and funny, and I love it to *bits.* Yes.

    "That's it," Shin muttered, pushing back his chair in the middle of the math lesson. She had completely over-looked the umbrella-name doodle with the heart on top that he'd drawn on the board. Thought the chocolates were something of a thank you card. "I quit."


[ ]

Doctor Who

Valentine's Day, This Year
by koshiroryuu/puipui

[ Martha | PG13 | 1/1 ]

I love Martha, and I will never, ever tire of stories dealing with The Year That Never Was. This story is both heartbreaking and hopeful, and nearly made me cry because it's *Martha,* and what she did was incredible.

    Martha Jones is one of the very few people who remembers the first time Valentine's Day this year happened, and she's the only one who remembers it from below, who felt the ground and smelled the air. She's the only one who knows. She met people and touched people and talked to people, and sometimes, at night, she lies awake and racks her brain to remember anything about them that she can, anything at all, that isn't one big blur. But she talked to so many people that year, she saw so many faces, and it all just ran together after a while, and so that whole day was mostly a rush, nothing different, with nothing to tell her that all of those faces would need remembering someday, nothing unusual to make her stop and actually look.


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