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Ouran High School Host Club

And Thus, Kyouya Hates Her
by kay_obsessive

[ Kyoya/Haruhi | PG13 | 1/1 ]

I say this every time I rec an Ouran fic, because it remains an absolute truth on my part: Haruhi is ‘shippable with just about any character. She is deeply important to all of the members of the Host Club, and brings out a different side to, and impulses from all of them.

Of all the the Host Club members, Kyoya’s relationship to Haruhi is the trickiest to manage. This fic is very *Kyoya* in tone: control over self and others is valued above all, and he tries to keep his emotions under a tight rein.

    Kyouya decided very quickly that unrequited [love, lust, curiosity, distraction] did not suit him at all.

    Its worst sin was the utter destruction of his concentration. He catches her in the corner of his vision, and his eyes pull away from his lists and ledgers to follow her until he can no longer do so without turning his head. His ears have become tuned to her sounds, and he can pick her out merely by her footfalls and is painfully aware of her presence in a crowd. He touches her as often as Tamaki or the twins these days, though he is far more discreet about it. Quite simply, he is damnably and ineluctably drawn to her.


We Never Close
by c-elisa

[ Mystique/Leela, Mystique/Destiny | PG | 1/1 ]

How awesome is this? A crossover with Futurama which manages to be funny without being silly. The interaction between Mystique, Leela and Fry was well-handled, but I liked the story for what it does with Mystique--old, far from Earth, with her lovers and enemies lost to time.

    “Not a sewer mutant. That’s an urban legend. The superpowered kind.”

    “Like in the twentieth century? They’re extinct.”

    “I’m the last.”

    “Oh,” she said sympathetically. “I know how that is.”

    “Were you an X-Man?” Fry said, excited.

    “Wasn’t everyone?”

    “Did you destroy New York?”

    “Not personally.”

    “Are you evil?”

    “That depends on which historians you believe.”

The 10th Kingdom

Waking Hours
by kittu9

[ Christine, Virginia, Tony | PG13 | 1/1 ]

This story remembers that fairy tales are often dark, and the people imperfect. This story is creepy, and deeply disturbing: Christine slowly looses control, and slips over the edge.

    It’s subtle at first—one doesn’t reach precipices like this without a journey of some sort, even if the quest is just another late-night run to the All-In-One Mart—and Christine can at first ignore it.

    (But she is so unhappy, and deeply sickened by her child, as one possessed. The bitterness leaks out a little more every day.)

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