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Sep. 28th, 2014


Been Caught Stealing [tag: Queen Ananya]

He hated that she got in his head like sap and stuck there. All because of some stupid book his nicked off someone that he thought he was going to be able to sell for enough money to maybe get himself a few days food and ale. But then she had to go and say all those things... all those things about him having potential. No one ever said nice stuff like that to him before. He was just a petty thief, a little rat who lived on the streets and stole to survive and lived in a tree-top shelter in the woods when he was between villages.

Not everything he'd told her had been true, but most of it hadn't been complete lies either, so that was easy to talk his way out of if he had to. He'd learned early it was always best to stay as close to the truth as he could

But she, that noblewoman... correction, that Queen lady... she said that she thought he had potential and he could learn to read. If he knew how to read he could probably be of better use as far as what things were worth.  )

Sep. 24th, 2014


An afternoon for answers (tag: Felix)

True to her word, Ella set about arranging the picnic for her and Felix for the following afternoon. In fact, it took most of that evening and the next morning preparing everything she wished to. The kitchen staff was more than accommodating, and with the help of a few servants to locate the other items she'd planned to bring, Ella was ready to meet with Felix for their afternoon sojourn. She had even walked through the grounds near the castle to find just the right spot.

She had high hopes for the afternoon...definitely too high, she told herself firmly. )

Aug. 21st, 2014


Chances are never good (tag: Hook)

Ella expected a trip to the marketplace to be much more of an ordeal to secure, but she had underestimated her sway already. Each time someone suggested she take a bigger carriage, or more guards, or perhaps had the vendors come to her (as the tailor, royal jeweler, and so on already had)....Ella simply smiled and said no, she was quite pleased to be traveling with just a guard, and two close by, and one lady-in-waiting. The were perfectly happy walking; it was not that far as the town was fairly close to the castle as it was. In the end, she did compromise on the carriage, for her lady's less sturdy constitution and the sake of their slippers (as Felix had said, they weren't really good for anything). She did hope that she could take a short bit of time to visit her mother's grave.

Thankfully, they did not garner as much attention as she worried they might. )

Jul. 26th, 2014


Practicing (open)

Opal tilted her face up to feel the warmth of the sunshine on her cheeks. Though things had been much better in the castle thses days, and she felt less like running away, there was still something inside her that longed to be outdoors and free. So she hadn’t given up on sneaking out. At least, not entirely.  )

Jul. 20th, 2014


Boys Will Be Boys (tag: Henry)

Felix leaned forward in the saddle, giving Stomper his head and letting him run at his own pace. And the horse was not at all interested in keeping it at a trot. He'd been missing the regular runs he used to get before the prince got married. Bluntly, so did Felix. So he grinned at the wind blowing through his hair, and encouraged Stomper to a greater speed.

Though, truly, it wasn't as though he was going to be late for his meeting. )

Jul. 17th, 2014


Dressed for no where.... (tag: felix)

Ella had almost made it outside her quarters before the retinue stopped her. With a good-natured smile, albeit of chagrin, she turned back to the ladies that the Queen had insisted she employ for her needs. Goodness, her needs? Ella managed not to gawk at that. What needs could she possibly have? It turned out quite a few, if her ladies were to be believed. Ella could never put her hair just right; her dress was always wrong for the activity she chose; it was far too early or too late or too close to this meeting or that audience to go out....if it wasn't so delightfully funny, Ella might have protested. Instead, she just humored all of them and let them do as they pleased with her. They did know better, after all.

Sweet freedom.. )

Jun. 13th, 2014


Plotting and Planning (tag: Charles)

It was rare that Ananya was to be found anywhere other than the throne room in the early afternoon. Usually, she was there to hear petitions from those who had made their way to the castle to specifically ask for help resolving their issues. As most of those she personally saw had already had their problems heard and assessed by very competent staff that was designed to fix things that were easily fixable before they ever reached the ears of the king and queen, Ananya took her responsibilities seriously. These were issues that needed direct attention, sometimes from herself, sometimes from her husband, sometimes from both of them.

But today, though it was her day to sit for the petitions, there was no one waiting to speak to her. It was hardly surprising. )

Jan. 7th, 2014


Trying To Change Her Stars (tag: Henry)

One good thing that came out of Verity's accidental meeting with the woman in the market was finding out she was a princess. It got her to thinking, which led to scheming.

A few facts had to be gleened first. That part was easy; people loved to gossip, and the market place was the best place to get the latest gossip. Apparently said princess was a princess through marriage in a kingdom that had been on hard times prior to the young bride's arrival. Verity could not find anything concrete out what it was about the woman that made the abrupt change in their financial status. Tales ranged from the mundane to the purely ludicrous. But if the financial change was true, it gave her an idea.

Nobility generally drew nobility )

Nov. 8th, 2013


Help Wanted (open)

Before leaving the inn, Mother Goose stopped at the large bulletin board by the door. People posted things for many reasons; selling property or goods, lost pets, looking for or offering work. Which was what she was stopping for.

Mother Goose decided she could use some help.

She loved going to the market, mingling with the people in her town, meeting the new babies, general meddling and gossip. But the twice weekly trip to the inn with her wares was becoming a challenge. For a time, the innkeeper had sent someone around to her, but that person was apparently no longer available.

Mother Goose had almost hoped to engage young Robert in offering his services, but it seemed the boy was allergic to work.

It wasn't that she minded the trip. She hitched the horse up to the wagon, and off she went. But winter would be coming soon, and she had to face the fact that she was no longer young. So she scanned the board, hoping someone was looking for work. She was willing and able to pay, both in coin and in food.

It would give her an excuse to bake more. She always got fewer visitors once the snows came.


Colors (tag: Opal)

Buttons loved all the seasons. Even autumn. True, everything was dying, but it was doing it in such a pretty manner. The leaves were full of color, and Buttons wanted to enjoy it. Soon the branches would be completely bare, and not long after covered in lovely white snow.

The colors would not last long. A few days, maybe, and then there would be less and less variance. In order to enjoy it, Buttons had bundled up in a cloak against the chill, and settled beneath one of her favorite trees. Just sitting. Listening. Admiring.

It also meant, that for the short amount of time she sat here, she didn't have to think. The tree she was under was old, but it was large and solid. There were no clouds, no storms on the horizon. She could monitor the sun, and get home well before dark. In short, for a few brief moments, she had nothing to worry about, and nothing to fear.

A squirrel, probably gathering what it could before the real cold settled in, passed by not far from her. Buttons smiled, enjoying the carefree existence. Then she realized the work the squirrel would need to go through in order to survive the winter, and she felt a little more awe and respect for the little creature. For herself, she was all set, and grateful for it. She sighed as she saw the squirrel run up a nearby tree to its nest.

Maybe she should help? She could gather some nuts and seeds and pile them beneath the squirrel's home. There was always a chance a different creature would come along before the squirrel could gather the gifts, but Buttons realized that if it were the case, she would still have helped an animal.

With determination, Buttons got to her feet. She grabbed a stray branch and began to use it to brush away the leaves that had already fallen, searching with a keen eye.

Oct. 16th, 2013


Sneaking (tag: Henry)

Opal lay in her lovely, soft bed staring at the canopy overhead, trying to determine just how late it was. Fairly late, certainly, it was quite dark out, and the servants had long since seen her to bed. And she was pretty sure this wasn't one of the nights when her husband would be visiting her. There was a little disappointment to that, because she rather liked those nights, it was nice to be so close to him. But mostly she was relieved, because there was awkwardness too. Besides, she had plans. )

Jul. 17th, 2013


End of the Day (tag: Charles)

Ananya closed the door with a sigh. It was not that she didn't appreciate the servants in the castle. She did, far more than most royals would be able to, or have the understanding to. She'd been one of them for a while, and she treated them with great respect. In return, they gave her loyalty, deference and affection. They wanted to take care of her. And she would be a poor employer if she denied them the opportunity to do their duties and be proud of their jobs. But once in a while, it was nice to be alone. )

Jun. 29th, 2013


Pardon Me [open]

“Go to town and find a mason,” her mother had said. “And find one that can work cheap or in return for simplicities such as food and shelter.” Her mother had been very specific and firm on the “cheap” part of it. They weren't paupers, but they were not exactly living the high life either. For the most part, Rowan and her mother had everything they could ever want. Even her grandmother, who she frequently took baskets of fresh goods to, made do with the simple things. They were simple folk and they hardly considered themselves poor.

They were rich in love and life. They had a cow, which while she wasn't much, she gave them milk with which the made butter and cheese. They had a garden that they harvested from throughout the year. They had a strong relationship with the farmer down the road where her mother frequently traded mending, cooking and cleaning for their regular supply of eggs and freshly butchered meat.

What more did they really need? Rowan couldn't think of anything. Well, maybe there was something... )


What Good are Words? [open]

“There,” Gin said as he tossed a few coins on the bar. “That should buy a pint of ale.” A moment later said pint was in his hand and he, along with a small bag slung over his shoulder, found an empty table to sit at.

It was time to relax and recount his spoils of the day. The bits, bobs and baubles were hardly trinkets of any importance. They would be easily hawked in the next village where no one be any the wiser that such items were stolen goods. That was for tomorrow, though. Tonight he was going to have a few pints of ale and find a stable to sleep in where it wouldn't cost him a thing and his only concern was being kicked or pissed on by a surly equine. )

Jun. 2nd, 2013


Market Day (tag: Open)

Verity hated hiding her remarkable beauty, but it was a necessity that could not be avoided. After enough time had passed that she felt comfortable in her little hut in the woods, she had taken to allowing herself the luxury of enjoying her looks around home. As long as she didn't stray too far and could hurry inside should someone approach. When out and about in the woods, she could not take such risks. Even more-so when she needed to head into town. People might recognize her, and that was something that she had to avoid at all costs.

Some day. Some day she would get her revenge, and Snow's kingdom would be hers once again.

In the meantime, Verity was downright sick of wearing rags and living in little more than a hovel. It was time to get a few things to make her life at home a little more bearable. )

Mar. 20th, 2013


Caught Red-Handed [tag: Mother Goose]

Something smelled good.

Something smelled really good.

Gin couldn't really describe the scent. It was a little bit sweet and a little bit savory. Two separate scents, maybe? The wind wasn't blowing very hard, so it had to be something nearby and he was definitely going to investigate. Hopefully it wasn't the baker in the village. His prices were ridiculous and his eye was sharp. Even a skilled thief by the likes of Gin got caught in his shop and he didn't have enough coin to even think of spending it on bread or cakes when it could be spent on ale later.

He paused, bent down and grabbed a handful of fluffy snow and tossed it in the air. The snowflakes, as expected blew away from his face toward the village proper. That meant the village and the baker were upwind from him. He wasn't a good tracker by any means, but living in the woods, surviving on his own and learning to not be seen or caught taught him a few things.

Especially when the potential for his next home-cooked meal was on the line. )

Mar. 19th, 2013


Informal Formal Visit [tag: Snow White]

Inter-kingdom relations were important to any proper monarch, but some might thing that King Charles took that a bit too far. He loved to travel and visiting other royal families and their people seemed second nature. He tried to spend just as much time in his own lands as possible, but he got itchy feet as some might say and would take his required entourage and head out. If he was traveling in an official capacity, he had guards and others that were expected to escort him outside his own lands.

But anything he did in the guise of a peasant, well, the guard didn't need to be any the wiser. His wife knew, she seemed to understand his need to be among his people as one of them. It let him know exactly what was needed and what was missing wear. Charles preferred his people to be happy. Just like they had been during his father's reign.

Even so, all the pomp and circumstance surrounding an official visit: the well pressed attire and properly groomed appearance required, the necessity of being accompanied by his guard and other officials, and the need to be announced. There was no just strolling into the palace of another at whim without being announced first. Read more... )

Mar. 18th, 2013


Snowflakes On Your Tongue [tag: Buttons]

It was snowing.

Rowan didn't necessarily hate snow. It was a fact of life, of nature, and something that could be counted on happening during the colder months. Besides, she knew from talking to her farmer neighbors that a winter with a decent amount of snow meant that the soil had a nice base for crops come spring. Which would mean a better harvest later in the year and less of a chance that the local people would starve the following winter. So she understood snow and its necessity.

However, she didn't particularly love it either. Even given the unfortunate affair involving the wolf, her mother still seemed to think it was appropriate to send her on errands on her own. Rowan didn't mind that so much, it got her out of the house and into the fresh air -and there was something incredibly crisp and clean about winter air. There was also something peaceful about the crunching of the snow under the soles of her boots and the overall quiet around her. )

Mar. 16th, 2013


New Beginnings (narrative; open)

Captain James Hook stepped off his ship and onto the docks. He held himself as proudly s ever as he scanned this new port. It did not seem too different from any other port his ship had ever called upon. But there was one very, very big difference. This port was not in England or Neverland. This was a new place, a new land. A place for a new beginning. )

Mar. 15th, 2013


Fresh Air (open)

It had taken a bit of sneaking in order to get out of the castle without being seen, but Opal thought she was getting better at it. It only took three attempts this time, and she’d avoided having to talk to her father-in-law at all. She was going to count that as a success, especially when it meant that she was now outside the castle walls, on her way through the woods, without a whole crowd of servants following her about with baskets.

She was starting to get a bit tired of that, actually. )

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