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March 21st, 2017

Mod talk: Account creation codes

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It just occurred to me that new accounts aren't free and open on IJ at the moment, and that you need creation codes to make new journals. If/when you need one, tap Zanne or I in Slack (or Skype, or email, or wherever) and one of us will get you one. You'll need a minimum of two, one for each character. If you want a mun journal and don't have one, you'll need a third one. Don't worry about imposing with these codes, we've got tons.

Mod Post: Profiles

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I have started profiles for my characters, Van and Celena from Escaflowne. I'd have more done, but I've forgotten more about Escaflowne than I thought, so I'm going to be dedicating the next couple days to blowing through it to refresh my memory.

Van Slanzar de Fanel
Celena Fanel

They are obviously incomplete- like I said, need to rewatch the series to fill in some holes. If you need help finding PBs (Played By:s, for those who don't know that term) for OCs, there are sites with icons of random actors, artists, singers, etc, both as themselves in professional photo shoots, and from whatever movie or series they appeared in. Feel free to browse.

You can also do a basic Google search of what attributes you're looking for. If the site the image you want is on doesn't say the name of that character, you can reverse search that image to find a name.)

In your post text box, to get the layout I used for mine (Becky did something different, but the basics I need are the bold tags and the profile sections.)

Try to get profiles like these tossed up as soon as possible; I have some work to do, rewatch and all, like I said, but the sooner we get set up, the sooner we can start gaming.

Happy profiling, everybody!

March 19th, 2017

OOC: Artwork?

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If anyone needs icons made and doesn't have the ability to do them on their computer, comment here, and someone will help you. Make sure you have the pictures picked out, and make sure we get them all.

If you'd like artwork for your characters' profile pages or the profile post I'm having you guys make, buzz someone.

I like cropping shit, so I'm usually pretty glad to do this. (Keeps me from writing, which I like right now.)

Edit: I forgot about this page! Hollow Art is a great place to find PBs for your characters and such. Icons galore with a variety of expressions per actor/character, and since all people in the icons are named, you can do a Google search to find bigger pictures for larger artwork (such as for profiles), or just to find more variety of images for more icons.

Remember, a free account on InsaneJournal comes with 100 icons. Paid accounts can be purchased in the store. Feel free to upgrade as you can/want to, as everything goes towards keeping the site live and in working order for us!

Moderator Talk

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My name is [info]yuuo, I am your friendly moderator and game master. And I'm only friendly to players, so warn your characters that I'm not so nice to them.

I might be able to be bribed, though.

Anonymous commenting is currently on, though that will change once everyone has at least one character journal to respond with. Please feel free to introduce yourself and your character choices in the comments.


The idea of a roving Silent Hill is a fictional response to a real life missing persons case, described in the community profile. In this particular game (and we can always reuse the comm to go back to Silent Hill if I get a GM itchin' again), Silent Hill is a place that isn't concretely tied to the 'real' world. It moves, and people can disappear into its shadow realm without realizing it.

This game will feature characters from many canons.

To deal with this, all characters will start in their homeworlds, and The Game Master (hereafter referred to as Goddess) will concoct something to drag the characters from this homeworld into a standard earth setting. Depending on what characters y'all give me, and what characters I pick as player characters in response, that 'standard' may have some modifications.


Every player has to have two characters. All characters will start together, and then one by one, one member of each players' characters will disappear into Silent Hill. Your characters must be inclined to look for each other if the other goes missing! If you want to team up with another player for your partnered characters, go for it.

(Example: If I use Van and Celena from my Lady Disdain series, and Zanne didn't have characters already chosen, she could take Van, and then she and I would have to come up with another partnered pair so that we both still have two characters, one in each world. It'd be easier if you just played both members of the pair, though.)

From there, we'll have two running storylines- the people in Silent Hill, and the folks trying to find them.

We'll figure out how to handle large threads later.

Required Reading:

This is more reading for me, but writing from you guys. Once you have decided on your characters and linked them in a comment here, I need you guys to write a brief profile on your characters' journals in a new post, so I have some information to work with to landscape this place. You can deal with journal profiles however you want, but I need a post to work with, so I can comment and ask questions and have those questions and answers where I can get back to them easily.


We currently have a Slack channel on our team. Silphy, if you want, there's a browser option so that you don't have to have a program downloaded. Slack is nice in that if you leave the program/browser window, when you go back in next, Slack will have all the interactions you missed there. So no having to stay in the room to get backlog.

If Slack is down or you can't get in for whatever reason, send me an email, and I'll get everyone caught up somewhere else, if necessary. I think we all have Skype, if nothing else.

Questions? Concerns? Ideas for how to run from here? Reply, folks, reply!
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