September 2009



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Sep. 14th, 2009


Hi everyone!

Heyyy. I'm Ashley. I'm 19 and I'm sophomore studying PR at a university in the middle of nowhere Illinois. Life is so boring here haha. I turned to RPing as a way to distract myself from homework and school and I just really fell in love with it. I also see it as a way to refine my writing skills as I'm minoring in creative writing. I'm really excited by this game because it's completely different from the other RPs I've been a member of in the past. Hopefully we all can become great friends ^_^ I'm open to all plots and suggestions. If you want to discuss stuff with me or just to say hi my sn on AIM is dinosawrx3. I'm on a lot seeing as I only have class from 2-4 and I work in the morning.

Okay so lets talk about Logan! He's a 21 yr old photography major and he's a bit on the quiet side. He's a little shy but once he gets to know people he opens up more. He just needs friends who are able to coax him out of his shell. Logan's just a really good guy at heart. He does enjoy his fair share of parties and likes to drink, just not too excessively. Logan despises confrontation, so hopefully he won't have too many enemies =\ As for the Fruitful Law, Logan doesn't completely support it because he is a true romantic at heart, but he knows there aren't any other current alternatives so he just kind of has to deal with it.

Aug. 30th, 2009


Hey all! Yeah, so I fail epically with the timely introductions, but here it is at last. I'm Suzanne (Zanne is totally cool, too) and I happen to be Mod #2 to this lovely game. My job has been slowly sucking out my soul, which is why I've been nonexistent up until this point, but I'm here now!

About Me

I'm 21 and living on the east coast (North Carolina to be exact), wasting my time working full time at a grocery store until I can get back into school. I've been rping for about nine years, but nothing too serious until about four years ago. During my first and longest rpgs (lasting a year), I was the unofficial mod and for most of the games I've been in (numbering around 30 with some lasting as little as half a day), I've been close with the mods. I've always looked for specific things in my games and Fruitful is the way it is because of those desires. I've never enjoyed the games where everyone is a faceless blob and you find the one character to bond with and everyone else is ignored. I've always wanted a community game where the players all interact and genuinely like each other without drama queens. I do not tolerate negative player drama. Rpgs aren't a way for me to vent frustration or to just have something to do. I play because I'm trying to improve myself as a writer and I have a passion for writing.

Mod Wise

Mhia and I met in October of 2008 at an arranged marriage HP game where our characters were paired up. From the moment our characters began interacting, Mhia and I just clicked and we've been together ever since. In November, she linked me to this AMAZING game that she was nearly finished creating, called Fruitful. Since the game we were in was swiftly coming to a painful death, I asked if she would be playing an original character somewhat like her HP character, whom I loved to distraction. She answered in the affirmative and before I knew it, I was getting the game password as the co-mod. Key and Dae are the result of pre-game giggling and plotting, but I want to assure everyone that we didn't create them out of nothing. We didn't create the characters just so we could plot with each other or anything like that. We had two characters already sitting on the shelf who had already been paired with each other in another universe. Key and Dae are far from perfect and they aren't a mushy couple. Mhia and I are playing them where Fruitful 1.0 left off and believe me when I say that they have issues to work out.

As a mod, I'll be updating the game pages (excluding the pb page, as I'm fairly hopeless with graphics) like the friend add and the housing list. I enjoy doing the grunt work of a game, while Mhia is the one who makes everything pretty. Fruitful is about 95% her vision, with me along for the ride. We happen to agree on about 99.9% of everything that goes on at Fruitful, as we have the exact same game philosophy. We're aiming for quality and not quantity in the players who are accepted into Fruitful. At the old version, we were focused on getting the numbers up, which eventually led to the downfall when we realized we didn't even LIKE the characters who we were accepting. We're hoping that if we only accept characters who have a talent at writing and who we actually like, we'll be able to create the close knit community. If the players we accept are our kind of people, then chances are, they'll be the kind of people the other players would want to get to know, as well.

Player Wise

As a player, I type too much, as you can already tell. I'm an extremely detailed oriented person and I aim toward reflection, much more than dialogue. No, I won't list every single thing my character is having for breakfast, but you can bet money on the fact that you'll know exactly how they're feeling during any given situation. My characters are all driven by their family situation and I try to make them as unique as possible. I only have three of my babies in the game now but, over the course of the next few weeks, my other two will be making an appearance. (Mhia wants me to wait until we have more players so I don't bombard the game with just my kids. Sigh.)

My Characters )

Aug. 27th, 2009


I should do this intro thingie too!

Sup Friends!

I'm Heather, and my boy is Reese. He's a bit cynical, which is what you get when you decide to study philosophy in a post-apocalyptic world, I guess. ^_^ He is friendly (or at least polite) to just about everyone, unless you do something to piss him off so... yeah, come say hi.

I still need to update some of his info and get it in his profile (I'm really inept with doing those layouts that look awesome, so consider that a work in progress), but he is pretty available for interaction.

My aim is "vampire emo kid" (although I'm neither, long story) and I'm generally online more than I should be, so drop a line or leave a comment or what have you and we'll go from there.

I'm excited to start playing, I loves me some negative utopia scenarios!

Aug. 26th, 2009




My name's Steff, and I'll be playing Layla Azura. She's half hispanic, half white. Which explains why she's a bit lighter than your typical hispanics! Anyways, to break it down she's a bit of a bitch. Lay is very stong willed, and hard to sway. Whenever she gets an idea in her head it's impossible to let go.

She enjoys going out, partying, and having a good time. Lay is studying psychology but doesn't really care about school too much. She's not so into this "frutiful law", but doesn't see any alternatives. Overall, she's very reckless and carefree, but needs to calm down.

More information is on her profile!

I'd love to plot, chat, whatever! Catch me on aim at scheffyy.

Aug. 16th, 2009


It's Mhia, Mod-Extraordinaire!

Okay, even though there aren't many of us yet (>_>) I'm going to go ahead and make my intro post! I'm one of the mods here at Fruitful, Mhia (sounds like 'Mya') and I am 18. I'm currently taking a small break from college but more than likely I'll be going back soon and majoring in Hospitality and Baking & Pastry. I recently lost my laptop (a heartbreaking day, I assure you) and am currently sharing the desktop computer with my sister and getting her away can be very similar to pulling teeth so some days I might be on rather late or a bit absent. Especially weekends but really, I have procrastination down to a fine art so I'll be one whenever I can for hours on end! You guys can contact me any time at atrueperk on AIM or email me at or I'll probably respond to you within a few hours if I'm not already online.

I've been role playing since I was...eleven or twelve I think? Starting with Star Trek RPs xD. Yes, I am a trekkie still! I've owned several role plays, everything from Star Trek to Harry Potter and other original games. This is my third journal role play and my second time modding Fruitful with Zanne. Our first one went rather well but then the usual RP drama happened and lack of activity and admittedly, mod mistakes killed us. I'm still sad about it but I think things will go really well this time around! I'm so looking forward to playing with all the new people and I can't wait to see where we go from here <3

The Characters:

Key Issacs: Oliver Key Issacs was born to a single woman in Vidor, Texas. He is currently a bartender at Loralie's Pub downtown so you're liable to see him there just about every night. Besides being a spazzy goofball, Key is usually an epic flirt, a ladies man as long as it sticks to fun and casual sex. That has changed recently as he and Dae Gamba ([info]daeissacs ) decided to get married to dodge the Fruitful Law. Now he's trying his best to navigate this 'serious' relationship and figure out what direction his life should be going in. He could use some friends and more than a few ex-girlfriends/one-night stands.

Mateo Estevan II: He is a twenty year old student at Innovo University majoring in Architecture and Design. He moved to Innovo about a year and a half ago from Mexico and right now, he's not having too good of a time. He is not only working at The Quill in the Art District but he is also interning in an architectural firm while juggling school. Unfortunately, he is starting to fall behind in his grades and is close to losing his hard earned internship. He refuses to give up though! Less because he's inspiration or anything and more because he's stubborn as hell.
Mateo is a tattooed, smoking, and mildly chauvinistic man with the mouth of a sailor. He's overly protective, slightly overbearing, easily angered, and generally a bit more difficult than your average person. He's not a bad man though! He holds women in a high respect (he had to with his mother and three older sisters) but he also thinks that they are people who should be protected by men, kept safe and away from stress. Though you wouldn't think so from looking at him, he is also quite the traditionalist. He has always fantasized about the idea of getting married and having children so he is in complete support of the Fruitful Law.

Any friends, classmates, enemies are gladly welcome for my boy here.

Once again, I cannot wait to get playing and I'm super looking forward to new players and characters!