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Mar. 25th, 2008 @ 10:12 am Church-Going Folk
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location: downtown Austin
Resonance: awake
Theme: "Master of Puppets," Hellsau

The Preacher leaves the World's End first, as he has a nightclub to open. The mystery of the World's End still eludes him, but he has faith that God will reveal the answers to him when he is worthy. A few hours later, Lilly calls Zaid, and her party -- Adrian, Jon, and Molly -- heads out to the sidewalk to await the limo. It is perhaps more than a coincidence that the route Zaid takes towards the hotel in which Adrian is staying stops at a light just outside the Preacher's nightclub -- the Cathedral.

The place looks like it would be more at home somewhere in Northern England, its dark gothic architecture, spiked flying buttresses, and leering gargoyles a bizarre counterpoint to the thrumming of industrial music that emanates from its facade.

Not far away, Nicki, still looking for something to occupy her for the evening, rounds a corner into a small park and finds herself looking up at the towering Cathedral, as well. Providence, it would seem, is feeling generous.
Mar. 25th, 2008 @ 10:12 am No Room at the Inn
About this Event...
location: downtown Austin
Resonance: curious
Theme: "Turn the Page," Metallica

Stainless Steel and its watcher walk around downtown Austin for a bit looking for a hotel with some vacancy, but with the plastic surgeon convention in town it is a grueling search. Finally, after a couple of hours, they return to the World's End, in the hopes that Azrael might have some more insight regarding motels further from the city center. They arrive just at closing time, as a line of patrons is slowly streaming out the door. Azrael is inside wiping down tables, and Jack is helping the bartender clean up behind the bar.

The band steps inside, and for the first time they catch sight of an older gentleman in a tweed jacket sitting at the bar, nervously fingering a glass of scotch. He does not appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.
Mar. 6th, 2008 @ 11:25 am Eat, Drink, and Be Merry
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location: The World's End Tavern, Austin, TX
Resonance: satisfied
Theme: May the Living be Dead (In Our Wake), Flogging Molly

[[New mechanic:]]

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A short time after the parties arrive at the bar and take their places at the bar or at a table, the barmaids – University of Texas undergrads, no doubt, smiling and pretty in tight black “World’s End Tavern” t-shirts – take their orders (including Nick’s nachos) and disappear back into the maze of tables and people. Surprisingly quickly, for such a busy night, a man emerges from the labyrinth with a large tray, easily balanced above the heads of the patrons on one hand despite the number of full glasses on it. More surprising, however, is the man’s appearance. He is albino, with powder-white skin and unruly shoulder-length hair. His eyes are blood red, iris and pupil. Despite this somewhat unnerving countenance, however, he sports a genial smile as he approaches. He is short, by a few inches, but more than makes up for it in the width of his shoulders. His black turtleneck and jeans fit him well enough to show off his muscle definition, and patrons part for him like the waters of the Red Sea, no one wanting to interfere with the pale bouncer.

[[It is unlikely that any demons recognize this individual on sight. He would have looked very different, during the Fall, and even throughout the Book of Genesis. He has been absent from Heaven since the beginning of Exodus, so even younger angels will not recognize his corporeal vessel. By my estimation, the only celestials in the bar who would realize who this person is – Azrael, exiled Archangel of Death – are David, Jason, Tyriel (and, of course, Tariel). If you think there’s good cause for your character having been around in Heaven during the Tenth Plague of Egypt, let me know and we can discuss it.]]

He stops first at the bar, putting down two large baskets of nachos in front of Nick and a second stout in front of the Preacher. He catches the Preacher’s eye and nods, his smile as unmoving as a cleft in a rock wall. “On the house,” he says genially, barely revealing too-long, blood-stained canines. “We’re all friends here, right?”


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The Preacher blanches slightly and inexplicably, and the albino claps him on the shoulder. “Name’s Az. Give a holler if you need anything else.” He smiles at Nick and the man in the Mariners cap, and moves on to the table hosting the suits. He distributes drinks all around, still smiling, and introduces himself again, deftly wiping an almost imperceptible drop of blood from the corner of his mouth with a knuckle. “These are on the house. I’m Az, the owner. There won’t be any trouble unless you start it.”

#Leliransidhe, Raziel, Syrkolus#

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#/Leliransidhe, Raziel, Syrkolus/#

“Enjoy,” Az says, nodding to the group and rapping his knuckles on the table jovially. He then tucks his tray under one arm and moves back to the bar to refill it, shooting John, the bartender, a friendly glance and a smile. “Full house tonight, John,” he says. “Keep both eyes open.”

[[Tariel would know from experience that everyone Azrael delivers drinks to personally at the World’s End is either a celestial or an ethereal, but Azrael is weird about privacy and refuses to tell Tariel who is a demon and who is an angel. Normally, this does not cause problems, other than to make Tariel nervous, but Tariel has also come to learn that ‘Keep both eyes open’ is code for, ‘Holy crap, are there a lot of diabolicals here tonight.’ There’s a blessed bat under the counter in the unlikely event of emergency.]]

His tray full, Az maneuvers back out onto the floor and stops at Stainless Steel’s table. He blinks at Dave, and for the first time, his smile falters somewhat. It returns quickly, however, and he begins placing drinks on the table. “On the house, all around,” he says, his tone oddly subdued. “Good to see you again, David. Jason. It’s been a long time. What brings you to Austin?”

[[One last note -- please do not feel bound by temporal continuity. Feel free to continue to act upon the previous post (all previous posts), and you may also interact with Az at any point in this event. That is the wonderful thing about comment threading. Just because I've written that he leaves your table or place at the bar quickly does not mean that he has to if you have roleplaying to do.]]
Feb. 21st, 2008 @ 02:15 pm Convention
About this Event...
location: The World's End Tavern (or thereabouts)
Resonance: excited
Theme: Seven Deadly Sins, Flogging Molly

[[Okay, first some notes:]]

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Austin, Texas. Live music capital of the world. The laid-back state capital is an odd staging ground for the latest conflict in the celestial War between Heaven and Hell, but it is where we set our scene, nonetheless.

It’s an unusually balmy evening in February for Austin, when the Stainless Steel tour bus pulls into a municipal parking lot a block down East 7th Street from the Red 7 Night Club, and a pigeon that has been watching the bus since it arrived within the city limits perches on a nearby fence. The band will be performing on the Red 7 Patio as part of the South by Southwest music festival in two weeks’ time – but as usual, thanks to Nick’s driving, they are very, very early.

The band pops into Red 7 anyway, to get their parking validated, and has a brief but pleasant conversation with Alejandro, the event coordinator. After plans for the festival have been discussed and everyone has said their goodbyes, Alejandro offers, “Hey, our kitchen is being renovated, but if you guys are hungry there’s a place down on 6th called the World’s End Tavern that has good beer and does killer nachos.” He looks puzzled for a moment, almost as though he had intended to say something other than what he had said, but then shrugs it off. He smiles, gives a wave, and walks away.

Lilly Baristani, party girl heiress to the Baristani fortune, is in town for the South by Southwest festival in two weeks, much like Stainless Steel, although her reason for being early is demonstrably less fun. In a creative but ill-conceived bid to get her dead father’s company to foot the bill for her trip to Austin for the festival, she expressed an interest in attending an investor’s meeting for Lipogon, a European liposuction technology that Baristani Trading had helped through the FDA approval process. The meeting was so dull as to be almost not worth the free trip, but then, Lilly did make three acquaintances out of the deal.

She met Jonathan Manne, his assistant, Molly Dawson, and Dr. Adrian Connors at the hors d’oeuvres table following the presentation, and over conversation it became obvious that the three of them had certain interests in common that had nothing to do with liposuction. So now the three of them are in Lilly’s limousine, scouting downtown for a place to find a drink, when Molly points out the window at an authentic-looking Scottish pub and says, “What about that one?”

Not far from either Red 7 or the limousine, walking eastward on 6th Street, Nicki Legion is out on the town again for the seventh night in a row, and with a full pool of Essence, to boot. Austin is turning out to be a lot more fun than she expected. So far she’s spent every evening in a new club and has yet to need to pay for a hotel room. She passes a quiet-looking joint called Casino el Camino and comes across a pub that looks like it was transplanted, beam by beam and stone by stone, from the Scottish highlands. The placard creaking in the faint breeze created by the cars on the one-way street reads “The World’s End Tavern,” and it seems to be doing enough business to generate a pleasantly human hum underscoring the distinctive sound of a live Irish folk band.

A few blocks to the east, in the bell tower of a dark, old gothic cathedral that hadn’t been there the month previous (although none of the locals would have been able to tell you that), the Preacher looks out through the leering gargoyles and spiked buttresses and over the park. He is pleased by the sight of the humans worshipping there, enjoying the unseasonably warm weather, but he is troubled by something deeper. He has been experiencing visions, since arriving in Austin. This is not an unusual thing, for him, really, but these visions come without the aid of sacred substance, and they are always of the same thing – an old Scottish tavern called the World’s End. His thoughts bring the image of the place to his mind once again, and he frowns, wondering if God is directing him to find the place, and if it could really be in Austin. It seems unlikely, but then, he is standing in the bell tower of a church that is eight hundred years older than any other building within a thousand miles. Pulling a cell phone from his pocket, he dials information and learns to his surprise that the pub is little more than a few blocks away.

Inside the World's End Tavern, Az sneezes suddenly and loudly, barely managing to cover his mouth in time. A young boy with a tray of dishes scowls up at him. "Ew."

"Sorry, Jack," Az chuckles. "You know how it is."

Jack rolls his eyes. "Gesundheit. I'll fire up the second grill."

"Thanks, Jack. Hey, John!" Az calls out to the bartender. "Looks like we have new patrons on the way. Stay on your toes!"