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5th April 2018

LLB: Ski Trip Cut Short

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OOC: Continuing Long Lost Broether story. Mirrored at Dreamwidth.

Van hoped that Hsu would already be out on the slopes. He usually liked to hit the slopes early, but when he called Theo, he was surprised to hear they were still at breakfast. “Yeah, we got a bit of a later start than planned this morning.” Theo explained. The security chief thought he heard Van groan. “What is it? A problem with the football star? Okay, I’ll hand you over.”

Hsu should have been in a good mood. He was at one of his favourite ski resorts with world-class runs. Last night, he’d picked up a very hot blonde for a quick fuck which, though very good and she didn’t mind rough sex, had continued for longer than he intended. Not just that, she didn’t want to leave, but instead sleep with him. In the end, he’d kicked her out. The result was, he’d had less sleep than he’d planned, and wasn’t in the best of moods. “What is it, Van der Merwe?” He was the only one who called Van by his last name. “Just spit it out.” It wasn’t like any of his men to stumble over their words. That Van just had wasn’t a good sign. There was a moment of silence.

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9th January 2018

The New Hire

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Setting: 2031...~2 years after Danika's kidnapping

“I know this kid you might be interested in.” Terry Sheridan explained. Andy MacDonald had put word out on certain areas of the dark web for someone with the potential to take over from him now that he was approaching sixty. He hadn’t advertised who the employer was, but for someone who had been around as long as Sheridan, it wasn’t difficult to connect the dots. “Of course, I’d put my name forward, but I can just imagine Hsu’s expression.”

“You don’t change, do you, Sheridan?” In fact, Sheridan would be an excellent choice in one respect, he was essentially immortal thanks to that incident with Pandora’s Box decades ago, but in all other aspects, he’d never work with Hsu. After all this time, he was still completely untrustworthy, even if they had used him on a job or two when his skill set was required. The Scot was good and Andy had always liked him; he just always had to find the most profitable angle for himself which was the problem. “So this kid, is he a protege of yours?”

Terry chuckled. “No, we’ve done a couple of jobs together but to my disappointment he has integrity. His name’s Theo Garnon, and he’s a former lieutenant in the British Army -- yeah, yeah, I know, but he’s not like most officers. Resigned his commission and took up the merc life for excitement as well as the cash."

“Okay, but I’m not hearing what puts him above any other merc.”

“Like I said, he has integrity. He’s smart and a quick learner. Kind of reminds me of you, MacDonald, when you were young. A little more charming, though.” Andy scowled as Terry continued with a grin. “There’s one more thing, something that could make a difference. He’s Immortal. Hsu’s kind. Our last job hit a few problems, and Theo was killed. Almost scared the shite out of me when he popped back up.”

It was something he and Hsu had discussed, and it didn’t surprise him that the idea had occurred to Sheridan as well. Andy was no longer in his prime, and had gone into semi-retirement for a while, just lending his expertise in maintaining and updating Hsu’s security systems. Then Danika was kidnapped and Lars killed. And it had hit them hard, pulling him out of what retirement he was enjoying. Now Marcus was retiring too. Optimally, they needed someone who could be a consistent presence while others came and went. Everything else could be learned, loyalty and longevity could not. A newly minted Immortal could also be a plus, rather than an older one whose own ego and grudges could get in the way. Stelios, for example, was considered briefly. Smart, strong, and one of the greatest warriors in history, but the Spartan easily considered himself a peer, at the very least, to Hsu and would not settle for taking orders from him. Yes, a new Immortal could work. “Send me his details, and I’ll take it from there.”

Terry tapped something on his phone. “You should be getting it. There is a finder’s fee, isn’t there?” He grinned, but there was no mistake he was serious.

“You’ll get compensated if he works out.” It was always good to keep Terry Sheridan onside, but Hsu wasn’t going to pay him anything before they’d even assessed the guy. Andy saw his shrug knowing they had a deal. He knew how Hsu’s organization worked just as they knew him.

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29th October 2017

LLB: Finding Her....Them

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After a great victory what did the young, single footballers only want to do? While the more seasoned players might just want to relax and celebrate with their families, the group of six young men of Scotland's national squad headed to the nightclub, one of Switzerland's hottest spots to party the night away to celebrate the fact that Scotland had actually qualified for the World Cup for the first time in forty-three years, before they returned to the UK, and back to their respective clubs for training.

As they pulled up to the ski resort of which Benji's nightclub was included, a couple of the lads wished they could also take advantage of the slopes, but all of them were under strict team orders that skiing and snowboarding were strictly off limits because of the risk of injury. The six poured out of the limo, the last a handsome red-head, who stood for several moments just looking up at the entrance.

"Come on, Campbell. Ger your arse moving! You picked this place." A Latino shouted back at him in a distinctive Glaswegian accent.

"Fuck off, Hernandez." Liam Campbell replied, managing a grin as he was pulled from his thoughts. It was a long shot. A fucking huge long shot, but as slim as it was, it was the only clue he'd found in years. It was just good fortune that they'd been selected to play away in Zurich, just less than an hour up the road. He could have so easily have missed the photo spread in the tabloid website, but there had been a photo of a dark-haired woman with pale blue eyes, and the caption had her name as Danika Harper. A few very discreet calls had determined that she was a regular visitor to the resort and a good friend of the club's owner, Benjamin Phillips. Liam shouldered his backpack and headed inside.

They'd reserved a suite of rooms, and Hernandez suggested they all go up, get room service while getting well lubricated with alcohol in preparation for the partying in the club later.

"Nah, I'll join you later. I'm going to check out the place first. Catch!" Liam threw his backpack, making McKenzie dive to catch it, provoking laughter from his teammates. "If you'd made a save like that, we would've won three-nil." Liam, probably the most Scottish looking of the team with his ginger hair, had not lost any of his American accent.

“Mebbe, but you’s the one chickening oot on us, Maverick.” The laughter died suddenly, and McKenzie put his hands up, taking one or two steps backwards. Most of the team had already learned how much Liam hated his first name. But fortunately for the goalie, Liam had other things on his mind, and getting kicked out of the resort for brawling was not one of them. Instead, he just called him several colourful names as he walked away.

He headed to the one of the bars and ordered a pint. This was a long-shot. A hell of a long shot, but he had to try. It was unlikely Danika Harper would just walk right by, but he’d been looking too long for her not to miss this chance. If he was right, and he was far from sure about that, Danika could be his sister. But if he didn’t find her, and didn’t try and meet her, then he would never know for sure. The bar was quiet as he sipped his lager, perched on a bar stool and leaning on the bar. Each time someone came in, he looked up hopefully, but it was usually a member of staff going about their duties. One time a middle-aged couple wandered in and took a table over by the picture windows, probably so they could look out over the deep pristine snow.

The next person who came in was a casually dressed, muscular man. His dark hair was just long enough to curl a little. Liam glanced at him and then just sighed and returned to his drink, not paying much attention to him.

“Hi Magda, is everything ready for tonight?” Liam heard the man ask the bartender.

“Ja. Oh Dan, do you want me to still keep that gift for Ben back here?”

Dan nodded as he reached across the bar, knowing exactly where the sparkling water was kept under the bar. “Sure. Have it brought to Benji’s once it opens, and when things get pumping we’ll surprise him. He’s going to be so surprised this year.” He laughed, as he drank straight from the bottle. Hopping back, he saw Liam at the end of the bar and nodded a greeting before leaving.

It took him a moment to realize the man must have been speaking about Benjamin Phillips, the owner of the club, and this guy was probably the manager, even if he was dressed on the casual side, but perhaps he was doing some physical work. Liam pulled the imagine from the website up on his phone and studied Danika for probably the hundredth time, and how close she was to Ben Phillips, her arm linked in his as they laughed over something. Boyfriend and girlfriend? If tonight was some sort of celebration for Phillips, then Danika was sure to be there. He shut off his phone, downed the rest of his pint, and happier, headed up to the suite.

22nd October 2017

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