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    Wednesday, April 8th, 2009
    1:40 pm
    Tired of the ugly icons and graphics on InsaneJournal? I've made a script that overrides them all and makes InsaneJournal a whole lot prettier. Interested? Just follow these easy steps:
    1. Install the Stylish extension (if you don't already have it) and restart your browser once it is completed.
    2. Go to the script's userstyle page here.
    3. Click the button that reads 'Load into Stylish' under 'Install options'.
    4. When a box pops up, click 'Save'.
    5. Enjoy!
    Monday, February 23rd, 2009
    4:41 pm
    Style id guide?

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but it seems to be the best I could find. If I've goofed, kindly direct me to the more appropriate forum, thank you.

    I'm setting up a page with my journal embedded in it. Along the way I've run into a few snags which I won't go into much detail about here. But one thing does seem to merit bringing up:

    Is there a guide to the available styles or styleid numbers? I've gone through a few manually to see what might be available and found the lowest numbers (other than zero) seemed to be variations of calendar or archive views and much in the teens or twenties, if they existed at all, were variations of friends list views. The high twenties and low thirties showed a few journal views.

    I know that as a permanent account holder I can make the exact style I want, if I can just figure out how, however it seemed likely that there might be a style I'd find suitable that is already in existence. Thus do i wonder if there is any such guide to available styleid numbers. I don't seek to snag something someone set up just for themselves, but perhaps there might be some that are "for public consumption." I'll also note that, right now, the example styleid of 101 seems not to exist and will generate an error ("[InsaneJournal: Bad username, styleid, or style definition]")if used.

    Current Mood: curious

    Thursday, March 25th, 2004
    12:25 pm
    Styles Wanted

    The time has come where we are now ready to start standing out as our own journaling site. I want to pull away from the other clones and grow. The best way to do this will be to offer more system styles.

    The biggest problem here is that I suck ass at web design. Sure I can write the backend of a web application as good as anyone, but when it comes to displaying the output I am really bad at making it look pretty.

    This is where you, the loyal IJ users, comes in. We need to to submit some new styles for our users. While we woudl prefer that they were written in the S2 language, we will accept styles written in S1.

    But you say, "I can't access the S2 editor with my account type". That's okay, go on over to our development server Make an account. Go to and "buy" an upgraded account. The neat thing is that it doesn't cost any money to buy an upgraded account over there. We just ask that you use that account for testing or development purposes. We will wipe the database periodiclly so dont keep anything there you need. And always keep a backup of your work over there on your local hard drive.

    IJ depends on its users to grow bigger and better, so do your part to help IJ be the best site that it can be.
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