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The Bri-Bri [userpic]
Embedding YouTube Videos

I wish we could use the new iframe embedding for YouTube. When I crosspost, the videos won't cross-post so I have to manually edit the entry, add the embed tag, and gather the "Old embed code" for youtube.

I'm happy I can at least do that though, but it would be nice at some point to update that!

A loving heart is the truest wisdom. [userpic]

So, this might only be more applicable to roleplayers who list all their owned journals in their cdj etc but when you do 'lost username' you just get them as a list. Perhaps it's possible to have it sent with the code? It would make things a lot easier...

Princess Nala Calleia Jeillie Peach! [userpic]

I get really really REALLY tired of having to think of a new journal name or add silly little _ in at the beginning/middle/end of mine because I go to create one and it's been 'deleted/purged'. I understand those used to be journals, but if they were deleted and purged then chances are they haven't been used in eons or something, and really I don't think I should have to pay to rename a journal just so I can use a name someone lost or didn't want anymore. It's a tad frustrating, and more than a little unfair.

Is there any way this can be done away with?

♡ [userpic]

I was thinking about some ideas that may improve IJ a little, here they are:

  • A top 5, like Scribbld's one, this mean display on the main page for a month the top 5 journals/RP's/General asylums selected by the users in an asylum like this. There users can suggest a journal/RP/General asylum and the one that get more votes or something will be displayed in the main page for a month.
    I think this would be good to involve users on IJ and to promote those asylums etc.

  • Change the site icons: IJ site icons makes the whole site look dated, months ago I found Simple Icons/Images Skin and just by changing those icons the site looks more appealing, I don't know how complicate this might be to implement but aesthetically I think it would improve IJ a lot.
    For more examples of how this icons look click here )
    The icons used are Fugue icons and Silk icons, both to be used require a link back somewhere on the site.

  • Opal (Libra OSWD) layout: The Opal (Libra OSWD) layout available on IJ don't let us to modify the CSS, including free and paid accounts, since we have this layout here I think the code might be fixed or updated.

The Bri-Bri [userpic]
How can IJ improve?

Here's a good question for you so we know what us users are looking for:

• What can IJ do to improve its site/service/support/features?
• How do you think it compares to Dreamwidth, LiveJournal, and other blogging sites?
• What do you like most about IJ? how about the least?

Please explain your answers.

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The Bri-Bri [userpic]

I'd love to see the idea that Dreamwidth has with the cross-posting to LJ or IJ get integrated into IJ; I think it'd keep more people active here.

I also really like how you can import entries/settings from other journals/sites.

Would this be something that IJ could do?

(P.S. Does anyone still read this that has the ability to program such things?)

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Pemberley Icons [userpic]

I'm not sure how the interest thing works but is it possible to allow interests of more than four words?

Removing usernames from friend-list

I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before and I'm not sure if this is possible. If so, please let me know.

But I do recall back on Greatestjournal, we were allowed to remove friends completely off the flist, even when they didn't remove you or completely abandoned their journals.

I really hate seeing a whole slew of usernames I've unfriended listed under "friend of".

I think you should be given the option to keep a comment screened instead of having to rescreen it after you've commented to it.

The Bri-Bri [userpic]

There is a really cool add-on for Firefox that lets you post to several services called "Add This". LiveJournal was a choice, but InsaneJournal was not found.
Could someone submit IJ to it? I think it'd be a great thing for us. It needs a certain type of file and has to be added to the OExchange. I'm not sure how to do this, so I was hoping you IJ programming people or even [info]squeaky himself could do it?

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