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Introduction! [29 May 2008|03:06am]

Adding on to the already large number of communities dedicated to graphics, I bring you... [info]icons. I always end up making a ton of icons when I get bored only to have no use for them later on (aside from sending them to the recycle bin, that is). Why waste perfectly decent icons when people can be out there using them?

I've really only got one community rule: comment on the posts to let me know if you plan on using any of my icons. I don't care about credit - all I'm doing is cropping a picture, brightening/contrasting it a little, and uploading it to the internet. So, no, credit is not required. It would be appreciated every now and then just because icon communities rely on credit to get more members, but I'm not going to come after you like a raving lunatic if you don't. No biggie.

That's pretty much it! Feel free to comment on this post if you have any questions, concerns, complaints, if you want to be a co-mod and help make things for [info]icons, etc. Comments are screened.

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