Sep. 11th, 2014


IT'S TIME! I am super excited to to help Nell ([info]igpayatinlay) and Julie ([info]chthonian) bring this project into the world.

In the words of Nell:

"Noir City ([info]noirmods, though nothing is yet unlocked) will be an au mid-century period piece focusing on the mood of the film noir/noir fiction, including cops and crime syndicates, dames and dance halls, nosy reporters and private eyes. We are very much emphasizing character development, which will translate to fewer characters than average (two to start with), more logs (they're required for activity checks), and less linked-journal type interaction. The network and technology will be noir!punk of sorts, and we also have some adjusted history to encourage greater diversity and less racism/misogyny. At the end of the weekend, we'll open up all the game files and holds, but in the mean time if you have any questions, feel free to ask! :D"


Meme stealing... (from [info]mightydrea and [info]iseethelight.

Myers-Briggs chars that share my same type in gif form. Go here and then list in your journal the characters you find the funniest/most in common with you.

Most times I've taken the test, I get INTJ. However, last time I got ISTJ, aaand since Dee already posted for INTJ, I'll go with results from ISTJ.

ISTJ (Inspector)
ISTJs are quiet and reserved individuals who value loyalty and dependability above all else. They would rather work with facts than speculation, and they will put a great deal of energy into reaching a goal - as long as it makes sense to them. They prefer to work alone, but can be good team players when the situation calls for it.

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Not a bad set of people. XD


I am so sad today. A girl I know named Emma died in a car accident yesterday. A few years back, Emma got hit by a car in our town and my mom was one of the EMTs on the call. Emma was in terrible shape and the likelihood of her making it was very small. Incidentally, the boy who hit her graduated high school with me; he was a complete mess. She had gotten into an argument with her mom and shot out of the driveway on her bike and the driver didn't have time to stop. Emma ended up making a full recovery; a complete miracle. My mom stayed in touch with her and her mother since then. Emma's mom, Lori, had a hard time coping with the accident long after it happened. She sought therapy and my mom helped play a role in her recovery. Lori and Emma happened to stop by last summer or the year before (I can't remember) because Emma hadn't actually met my mom. Their family always credited my mom to saving Emma's life. Yesterday my mom got a frantic phone call from Lori saying that she couldn't get in touch with Emma and there were cops at her house telling her to come home. She wanted to see if my mom could go over there to check on things until she got home. No one was thinking the worst. My mom thought she might have gotten in trouble. I feel so overwhelmingly sad for their family. I didn't know Emma well but I know how much Lori has struggled. I know that losing a child is one of the most devastating thing someone can go through, but this is unfair on a different level. Emma was such a great girl. Just recently she helped with the Wounded Warriors Project at the beach teaching wounded veterans how to surf. How awesome is that? How many 17 year olds do you know that would do that? I don't understand the unfairness of it all. My mom is a wreck. I feel so helpless. This can't be real. I don't get how someone like Emma gets her life cut short with full potential of having a meaningful life.... and there's my aunt's twin who's still alive and punches her eleven year old daughter in the face and would call my aunt and say "aw, you're still alive? Don't you have a funeral to plan?" knowing that my aunt was terminal. I don't get it.
I went to my friend Sylvia's wedding shower last week. It was a mixed party so her family and guy friends could attend. It was a nice party. My friend Craig pulled Becca and I aside and talked to us about his idea for a bachelorette party. He was thinking of Mohegan Sun which is essentially a casino. They have the hotel upstairs and there is a nightclub, there's live music, and he said that he can get a good deal for it. It's all in one building so it's safer than wandering around Boston for the night. I said I was cool with it since I didn't really want to plan another one especially under a month. Becca feels the same way. As long as we're not expected to go out of our way for this one, I'm fine with it. Let Craig handle it. I planned one already.

Sep. 9th, 2014



i'm all i wanna be.