Nov. 21st, 2014


Doing this too because it's Friday.

Give me a character and I'll tell you what their password is/was at some point/would be if things that needed password protecting existed in their universe/some sort of information about their password and how they chose it.

also where the eff can i upload large background images anymore? my photobucket for some reason now restricts me to 1024x768. tinypic is resizing things too. jfc.

Nov. 16th, 2014



Okay, making a list here to get some inspo. Could be plot ideas, thread ideas, future ideas, anything goes.
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Nov. 13th, 2014


I came here for a meme but am going to give you a little life update too.
  • This weekend I'm going home to Michigan on for a family wedding of a cousin a year younger than me and if I can't wear my awesome heels because I twisted my ankle last weekend I'm going to be so mad. My dress is smoking hot and I need to be smoking hot thank you because I know I'm going to get a whole lot of "oh you're a city girl now!" and "maybe we'll be at your wedding next!"
  • Last night I was so tired I crawled into bed at 9:30 and watched Serious Moonlight, which is really not good at all but Kristen Bell is in it for a little bit, and then I went to bed, and I had a belly full of korean bbq. There is nothing better.

    Comment here with one or more of our pairings (past, present, or pending), and i will write you a drabble in six words. It will either be six words exactly, or several six-word lines.
  • Nov. 10th, 2014


    So, my last post was October 7th. As I try to remember the last month, bare with me if I'm a bit scattered.
    Sylvia's bachelorette party was October 10th. Craig and Becca made it seem like they were taking her to dinner - she had no idea she was going to Salem. I was already there with Jon and her other bridesmaid, Taylor, and her boyfriend met us there. I had no idea her boyfriend and Jon were going. I thought it was going to be more like the original plan: the bridal party and Craig. Apparently not. I would've invited Anthony if I knew this - oh well. She was surprised to find all of us there. We bar hopped a couple of times and walked around a bit. It was too late to go to any stores or on any tours but we had fun. We ended up going to Sonic at midnight since Sylvia hadn't eaten (which resulted in her being violently sick the next day). Overall, it was fun. I wish the original plan worked out, but whatever. No use in dwelling on it. Figures that the cousin who couldn't go the first time couldn't go this time and Sylvia still had fun. Imagine that!
    The following week was the wedding (Saturday the 18th). That Thursday she asked me if I could help out with some last minute stuff. I couldn't since I was working and had school immediately after, but I said I could help the following morning. I thought "last minute stuff" meant quick things but I should've known. I was there from 8am-3:30pm. The reception was in the backyard of her parents house. The tent was all set up and they had chandeliers set up along with the tables but that was it. The little cards with all the guests and their seats had to be printed and cut out. Sylvia's cousin and I cut them out and pinned them to mini pumpkins and added little pieces of ribbon to them. Ribbon had to be added to the wedding favors. The wedding favors had to be put in the bags. I went with Sylvia to get her nails done. We set out all the chairs. Put all the pumpkins out on a table. Put the table cloths on the tables. And that was just the stuff I helped with. The electric stuff wasn't set up for the dj yet. Stuff had to be picked up. Oh man, it was crazy. I had to go home so I could get ready for the rehearsal dinner. They got married in a catholic church in Exeter. The church was lovely and the priest was nice. After dinner, the bridal party got to spend the night at a hotel that was also in Exeter. That was fun. We all got pretty drunk. I woke up at 3am not feeling well but it thankfully passed. Sylvia, on the other hand, woke up at 5am puking and called her mom crying about how sick she was. 😑 Her cousin was like "NO, I'M NOT LETTING YOU BE SICK ON YOUR WEDDING DAY!" She went to my room and woke me up looking for my pepto bismal and went next door to the Rite Aid and bought some Advil and pedialites. You never would've guessed how sick Sylvia was when you looked at her later in the day! She was a walking miracle. Sylvia's mom had a makeup lady come in but it was way too expensive for just make up when I'm fully capable of doing my own. My hair on the other hand, I am useless at doing anything other than brushing it. Becca helped me but it didn't really come out how I wanted it so that was a little disappointing. It wasn't awful so it didn't really bother me. It wasn't my day to stand out anyway. 😉 Once we were all ready, we went to the church. The limo that her parents got for us was amazing! It was one of the suv types so it was gigantic. The ceremony was beautiful. I almost cried! The reception was great too. It didn't rain all day and it was relatively comfortable - not too cold at all. Which was great for all of us in dresses! My speech went well. I didn't make a total fool of myself and my legs didn't give out. I was so nervous though, haha. I hope she posts the finished pictures soon. I saw some of the previews that the photographer posted and they were great!
    I have been babysitting more often for my mom's friends. One of them recently got a full time fire department job so I'm going to be babysitting for them a lot more. I'm actually babysitting them today. I've been babysitting them mostly for a few hours on Monday nights but now I'm going to be with them from 8:30am-5:30pm on Mondays and 8:30am-1pm on Wednesdays on the days they need me. His schedule changes so there will be weeks I don't have to babysit. I'm pretty excited though. I'm still working for my step-dad two days a week so this is a great way to get an extra income. The kids are great and I'm happy to babysit them.
    My uncle Fred from Florida came over for a brief visit the same weekend of the wedding. He works in the army so he goes away on business a lot. Which thankfully brought him to the Boston area for the weekend. After he worked, he came over. I got to see him for a little while, which was nice. I had the rehearsal stuff so I couldn't go with them to dinner. He ended up telling us that he's been deployed to Afghanistan in March. Which sucks. I thought I was done worrying about family overseas. We're going to try to visit him, my aunt, and cousin in Florida maybe during Christmas break. If not, I'll go. It's funny, everytime he visits, he tries to get me to come down there. He wants to bring me to the college that's really close to where they live. He keeps trying to get me to stay with him and go there. Tempting, but I don't have the money to go to a university. Nice to have options though.
    I went and saw The Pretty Reckless this past Friday. They were AMAZING! I went with Anthony. They played at a venue that's right near the beach. It's only about 20 minutes away. I had never been there until that night. Waiting in line for the doors to open was pretty torturous since the wind coming off of the ocean was brutal and it was soooo cold out. The doors were supposed to open at 6pm but they didn't open until 6:30/6:40. We were freezing! The first opening band wasn't that great but the second one was. The Pretty Reckless didn't come on until a little after 9pm and they playing until 10:30pm. It was amazing. I'm so glad that I got to see them. This makes 6 concerts in my entire life, haha. Pathetic. I need to boost that number, badly.