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Jul. 6th, 2009


Dear all,

We're sorry to say that from today onwards, Hyde Park Corner is going on hiatus.

Thank you all for your participation, your plots and your ideas. If the game does start up again, we will let you all know.

Many thanks.

The Hyde Park Mods

Jun. 30th, 2009



Hi all, I'm Maureen and I'm bringing you Sebastian "Bazzer" Clifford. He's an Avian aka a birdman...though most people would probably call him an angel. He's not specifically angelic though...nor particularly fallen either. He's just a normal guy, prone to good and bad. The myths of angels has really not been a great thing for the bird people. They're extremely reclusive and assuming anyone knows of them as more than a biblical reference to begin with will most likely think they're extinct now. He's not knowingly involved with vampires or werewolves.

Anyways, he works in his uncle's book shop and wants nothing more than to meet a nice bird girl or boy. He's not very picky. As far as he knows though, he's the only one in London, most bird people shun cities where they are more likely to get discovered.

I'm always up for threads, random plotting, whatever so feel free to contact me on AIM at darkladymo1 or gtalk darkladymo or email as I'm almost always reachable through one of these. Look forward to playing with everyone!


Hi everyone, I'm Richter and this is Police Constable Nigel Unwin, the astonishingly incompetent inspector-to-be with the terrifying ability to conflate fantasy with reality. He's hoping to be THE Constable of the Wanted List, though I presume that would first require the permission of our lovely resident freelance writer? :D

He loves to meet new people and frustrate them endlessly with his maddeningly ridiculous inability to accept reality for what it is (not for longer than a couple of minutes, at best), so please, feel free to toss him your lines and random encounters!

Jun. 29th, 2009


Hey everyone,
Sorry to do this so early on but I'm going to quit the game. I have too much on my plate--that's what I get for getting excited about so many games without pacing myself! Have fun with the game (I'm sure you will) and maybe if I'm less busy in the future I'll look you up again.

Jun. 24th, 2009


Hello there! I didn't get to introing earlier, over a nasty case of bronchitis, but I am finally on the mend.

I am Geoff and I believe I am bringing the game its first necromancer, August Checkley. What is a necromancer? Well, take a witch and throw in all of those taboo dark things like raising the dead, summoning and talking to daemons/demons, and anything where 'Satan' and other horrible forces are mentioned. Things happening or walking that go bump in the night and are magical? Necromancy is always a good suspect! When he's not working with the dead or daemonic forces, you can usually find him at St. Thomas's Hospital in Southwark, where he is a surgeon and part-time lecturer at the medical school. Mr. Checkley treads a fine line between a threat to the Council and mere annoyance. He has spoken for the Necromancers in the past there, but only when they need the representation. An independent type, he finds the Council amusing at best, like any governing body that is better for show than actual effectiveness. He's actually a bit friendly, but has a wry type of humour that some might find off-putting. Concerning your characters - sometimes he might be a help, other times a hindrance. For the record, Checkley does not bide his time evilly cackling; necromancers are very busy scholars! :)

Anyway, I'm all for backstory or just saying hi. You can find me on AIM - check my journal's userinfo for it. Character information can be found here. Looking forward to playing at the game!


Emergency Council Meeting

Lord Edgar has requested that all members of the Council attend an emergency session to be posted on the main community Wednesday 24th June.

He wants not only to discuss the public reaction to this article by Joseph P Horrigan, but also the monstrous attack in general.

This will be the first Council meeting of the game, and those with applicable characters are welcome to join in. Reactions to the attack can be posted in reply to the Morning Chronicle's article, as well as being the subject of other conversations and discussions!

The main community is now also open for your own posts, please feel free to get involved!

Jun. 22nd, 2009



Hello, I'm Kels, and I bring you:

Adrianna. She is a newly discovered medium,and sometimes when she least expects it, she can channel the dead people.

A true visionary is a wise one. Adrianna Josephine is one who can charm people with her visions. She was born on a dark cold night in London. When she was five, she was sent to live with the carnies. They taught her the art of snake charming, which she became a natural at, and she also saw visions of things that happened in the past. Adrianna has no known family, the only thing she knows is that her mother and father were on a ship that sunk, and she, the only survivor, was taken to the orphanage and raised. Her personality is that she can be really demanding at times, but underneath, she’s loving and caring…and a very passionate lover. She had many failed relationships with both men and women equally. A tough woman, she knows what she wants and how to get it. At the age of fifteen, she worked multiple jobs, and left the orphanage at eighteen, and was pregnant a year later. She bore a son, Charmaine. The father never claimed his son. He wanted absolutely nothing to do with him, and Adrianna was fine with that. She then focused on raising him alone.

When she was forty five, and her son was twenty six, she finally began work on her true calling: using her gift of foretelling the future. Now, she's ready to help whoever is willing to hear. She also learned she was able talk to spirits.

Plots I would like to play would be Adrianna involved in a relationship with a man and or woman(both would be interesting to work with) and Adrianna using her newly discovered talents to reveal things going on around her.

Jun. 20th, 2009


Hello my lovelies! I'm Kathryn and thrilled to join this game and find it already started! I'm currently limiting myself to a single character (we'll see how long my self-control lasts!). Meet Isabelle Virginie de Valmay; she is a vampire, but likes to think of herself foremost as a product of the Enlightenment and an intellectual. Spoiled, mostly amoral, and used to getting her own way in life-- not much has altered for Isabelle in her new existence. She is something of a hedonist, and so far mostly oblivious to the politics of the Council.

I'd love to have a human or two that attracts her notice. When she was alive, Isabelle acted as a patron and muse to artists, philosophers, and scientists and thinks she can continue on in this role. Exploring the dynamics with other undead characters would be great as well, I suspect her considerable sense of self-importance might grate on more than a few of them. I'm still mulling over other possible lines and would welcome ideas!


For those that don't recognize me, I'm Liz. My AIM is Draqonelle and I humbly offer up the Valliants. Mystery solving, globe trotting, victorian twins. Their Father is the famed Professor G. Valliant, a superhero and super scientist of his day.

Vance is a strapping athletic lad, on the verge of manhood. He dreams of being the next Leonardo Da Vinci though his inventions are not only ahead of their time, but generally backfire. He has no interest in getting married. (Even the prurile interest of the average young man, if you catch my drift.) He likes animals, feats of daring, and sobriety. He cannot refuse a gentleman's wager non matter how inane.

Violet is a beautiful young lady, stern and bookish. She is a terrible gossip, has a memory for facts and figures, who cares for her brother and father. She is always seen with opera glasses and a small notebook. She is unlucky in love, and many of the young men she wishes would take an interest, turn out to become only friends. She wishes to break free from the world, and find a man who likes travel, art and has a supreme love of Schadenfraude. She loves to go shopping, go undercover to uncover treachery (mostly because she is an adequate actor and loves to surprise people when she unveils her true identity) and the company of people who think just like her. She is overly anxious

  • I am so sorry for your loss
    Their father is missing in Fiji, and presumed dead or eaten by Cannibals. Recently evidence has been found that some of his crew have been killed. So people who know Professor valliant may wish to pay their respects, if Vance doesn't have a hissy fit.
  • Mentor/Assistant/babysitter for Vance
    Vance is a energetic and scatterbrained inventor. He may need a sterner influence, mainly so he doesn't turn himself purple or cut off his fingers. An older gentleman who perhaps with a scientific or mechancial background, or even an intelligent freethinker and innovator, whom could Convince the young man to be wiser, and help him with his loss.
  • London Friends Violet is seeking to expand her social circle. For now she only wishes to make friends with people who think the exact same way she does. But anyone will do. She is very upset over her loss and becoming cross with her brother
  • enemies, rivals, frenemies or friendly rivals
    Vance will probably get in some fights. He is very aggressive. Violet is very nosey and it will get her in jams. Don't you just love to hate them?
  • Bully Cad and Thief Violet did have one suitor. The sworn Enemy of Vance Valliant. He even tied her to the railroad tracks when she refused to marry him. Not really a threat, melodramatic and insane. Still may harbor emnity and lust for the twins.

Jun. 19th, 2009


Icon Journal

In case anyone is interested/in need, I've recently started a icon journal specifically for historical pbs, which may be of use to you if you are having difficulty making or finding your own. It is [info]historicalicons, and is currently taking requests. Enjoy!
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Hyde Park Corner is now Officially Open!

The mixer is here, for you to introduce your characters to each other and build relationships, friendships and rapport. From Sunday onwards you may post your own plots and threads on the main community.

Have fun!
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Jun. 18th, 2009


Character Intro & Meme

Hello, I'm Gail and I bring Horace C Granville, language expert, world traveler and alchemist who has a deep desire to find the Philosopher's Stone. You may find more about him right here. I've neglected to mention in his application, but he's a member of the Council, however for the past four years, he's been away to India, where word has seeped back that for some time he'd gone native. He'll begin the game just returning to London. His collection of rare and esoteric books is well known by the Council, but Horace is very protective of them and stingy about letting people look at them.

I still need to make/upload icons and to catch up reading all the past posts people have made to familiarize myself with your characters... but in the meantime, it's meme time!



Jon has a new AIM username! It is old aedelwulf and you can contact me using that screenname even when I am offline. Please add me if you have not done so already! :)


Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

This is a screened post, meaning that no-one else should be able to see any comments so plotlines and twists can be kept secret until they happen.

The Morning Chronicle is a libellous and slanderous newspaper known for employing Joseph P. Horrigan (and incidentally Charles Dickens). Post comments here for things you’d like to see appear in the newspaper. These can be anything from the mundane advertisements for servants to birth and death announcements or columns on current in-game activities.

Posts by the Morning Chronicle will be made once a week.

Jun. 14th, 2009


Last one, promise! ~Jon

Mordred David Lloyd is the cousin of Adith Lloyd, the same age and very similar in stature and appearance. However, that is where the similarities end. He is spoilt, wealthy and knows exactly what he wants. He is a society prince who lives for parties and for the attention and adoration of those around him.

His parties are normally themed and breath-takingly lavish, and since the supernatural has been the fad of the season, a great many of Mordred's soirées have focused on the undead, on ghosts, ghouls and magic. He hires mediums and fortune-tellers and surrounds himself with them, keen to be seen as fashionable. He's not sure where he stands on the matter though, whether he is pretending to believe or genuinely does.

He is also very much free with his affections, and very generous to those that are willing to adore and fawn over him. Of course, many of his lovers simply want his gifts and to benefit from his position in society, but he doesn't seem to care about that, if he even realises. But he's always looking for new dalliances and new admirers, although he isn't beyond fawning over the famous himself, attempting to increase his own standing by associating himself with them.

One or two plotlines which you would like to play out in the community:
  • Some interactions with his mad cousin Adith
  • A friendship with mediums and those also profiting from the obsession with the supernatural
  • A party perhaps, like that described above, with perhaps a few real werewolves and vampires and other creatures, unbeknown to Mordred
  • A relationship with someone who isn't going to treat him like his usual lovers would and shake him up a little


Final one for now for Roz

Joseph P. Horrigan is a newspaper man and believe me you will be reading his column. Joseph used to write about his travels which took him all over the world and the strange, often macabre things he saw there. Since his return to London however he has been following a new line of enquiry, one into the undead.

Joseph has had some experience with the undead before. A risen creature murdered two of his friends before Joseph was able to dispatch it, and their deaths were subsequently ruled to be the work of an unknown assailant, the case closed quickly to avoid embarrassment. Joseph knew what he saw that day, and the creature that attacked his friends might once have been a man but was not human.

Now with this new monster stalking the streets of London and killing innocents Joseph is not about to sit idly by and accept the official version of events. He is determined once and for all to reveal the true evil that lurks in the heart of the city and he will use his column to force both parliament and the people to listen to him. It’s not just the monster though that Joseph is hunting. He is more than ready to kill any undead creature that crosses his path.

A fight with one of the undead.
Forming some sort of counter society to hunt down and destroy the undead.
Discovering a human member of the council and threatening them with exposure.


Friends Add Button

Dear All,

As the community grows, all new character journals will need to be friended. To make this easier we have set up an "Add Friend" button on the main community- just add your username to this and press the button, and all other members of the community will be added to your flist. It may be an idea to use the button every few days especially as at the moment we are having a lot of new applications joining the community.

Jun. 13th, 2009



Jon again. :P As you all know, you can contact me via the information on my character journal, or aim: leapfrogandpenny.

Philip Charles Baker is a scientist who has faced one crushing defeat after another, and yet still manages to get up in the morning and go about his business as if the prospect of debtors prison is not a reality he must not yet face. Too poor to study his love of chemistry at university, he instead worked in laboratories until he scraped enough money through loans to rent enough space to conduct his own research on medicines and healing tonics. He was successful, for a time, selling a tonic which offered to subdue periods of hysteria, or bouts of insanity, and the tonic was known to at least calm those who suffered such ills and become popular with private citizens caring for loved-ones and with hospitals and asylums.

But fire destroyed his dreams and his savings and now he conducts research for others in order to pay back some of his debt, but his merge income hardly covers the interest, never mind his living expenses or the majority of his loan.

As such, he studies the work and methods of mediums, of those who claim power beyond that of the normal realm of the scientific, and with what materials he has attempts to measure their ability, to document, and to discuss as best he can. He is unconvinced, sure that it is all elaborate tricks to fool people who allow themselves to be fooled out of grief and desperation, but he says nothing. Such remarks would be less than scientific.

I'm hoping he might be able to interact with some of the human-humans, as well as some witches and mediums too? Any ideas are welcome!


Hello to you all. I'm Jessica and this, this is Remi. He's a vampire and the youngest (so far *G*) of Mariella's family. He is, or was, related to Louis XIV, etc through his mother's side of the family and still carries the air of aristocracy now. The best word to describe him is a hedonist. He is wicked and playful, likes a challenge and can be very seductive. He has no desire to turn anyone but mostly he says it's because he hasn't found the right people. :)

Storyline wise, I'm open to anything. I would like him to be involved with the Council and while most of the time looking like he doesn't care, it does in fact mean a great deal; family relationships; enemies... I'd love people for him to 'play with', pretty boys and girls, men and women who like a bit of the naughty side *G*

Look forward to playing with everyone and having a blast :)


Hello All!

Hello everybody, I’m Misty and I play Elizabeth Isabel Hamilton.

Okay… what to say about me first. Well, I’ve been role playing for over nine months now. I am extremely active on the other games I’ve been on, and I will be active on this one as well. Oh since I know that this game has people from all over the world, I will say that I live in the states and that I’m in the central time zone.  I will also say that, having studied  music in great detail myself, that my character will possess those traits as well. I will also say that I am open to any type of plot line, anything that anyone has. I am not scared to carry big plots though.

I will also put out there that this is the first RP I’ve done on insane journal and that I’m going to have to learn the logistics of how this one works. I’ll get it though!

Elizabeth is the eighteen-year-old daughter of Henry and Isabel Hamilton, and has three older sisters, whom are all married. Her family owns one of the predominate banks in London, and they live a very affluent lifestyle. She does not have a job because of the fact that she has never been allowed to work, due to the status of her family. Elizabeth is an accomplished musician, playing the piano and singing as a soprano.

She has no romantic ties to anyone, so she's not even sure that she'll follow in the footsteps of her sister.

Plots for Elizabeth..

I would love to see her get into witchcraft… you know be drawn to it, like a moth to a flame so to speak.

Also, find the person that she is meant to be with, whether he is wealthy or not.


Anything else, I’m up for it, just contact me and I’ll be more than glad to talk to you about it! Have a great and wonderful day!

If you use aim my SN is: mypokerface09

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