Jun. 29th, 2009


Subject: Just a Visit
Where: The Fernsűlfer Residence
Warnings: None
Open to: Horace Granville, Julia Fernsűlfer

Julia was expecting her Uncle Horace to show anytime now.  He had left a calling card not to long ago, and she had sent her own back.  She asked the made to please have fresh tea on the ready as well as scones or biscuits, wanting to properly welcome her uncle.  It had been a long time since she had last seen her uncle and she was excited.  Taking a seat in the sitting room, she waited his arrival, knowing the maid would probably show him in upon his arrival. 

Jun. 19th, 2009


Opening Mixer!

Subject: Opening Mixer
Where: Kensington Town Hall
Warnings: None
Open to: All