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[09 Feb 2009|11:39am]

Alright all, your friendly neighborhood swordsman is here played by.. uh.. this.. not swordsman? =D

Anyhow, feel free to poke.
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[09 Feb 2009|02:09am]

[ mood | excited ]

Sup everyone?

I go by Dani; and I've brought with me the famous mama's boy from Yu Yu Hakusho; Kurama! His timeline is post the infamous Dark Tournament, so he'll be good times. He generally good natured, but if you miraculously somehow manage to get on his bad side... he can be pretty ruthless! For a good time... what? all RP purposes, you can reach me on AIM at and tidal waves!

Let the fun ensue!

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Announcement, sorta [08 Feb 2009|04:06pm]

Apps taking a long time?
Not sure you want to make the commitment to a new character?
Maybe someone already grabbed the character you want?

There could be any number of reasons. No point in listing them all.
What I'm getting to, is...
We've opened up a dressing room.

Players are encouraged to have some fun over there with any muses that they may have but haven't applied for. AUs and OCs are allowed over there, too, unlike here.
Go crazy?
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[07 Feb 2009|01:07am]

I'm terrible at introductions but call me Folded. I've been requested and accepted to bring in Miss Lenalee Lee. Feel free to call me whatever you feel suits me I'm not picky!

I'll have Lenalee set to go shortly, she's coming from the last point we saw her in D.gray-man. I'll have an info post up later to keep track. You can contact me at snowclawx on aim! I hope to do her justice. o/
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[05 Feb 2009|05:02pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

Hey all. I'm Laura also know as various nicname forms of my penname Uozumi and just kind of made up nicknames too, so call me whatever you want :D

I play Kuwabara from Yu*Yu* Hakusho. I hope I do him justice :3

You can contact me on AIM at UozumiAki.

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[02 Feb 2009|06:40pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Greetings everyone! New player here. I'm Shelli and will be playing your friendly, yet crazy gun touting American Manager from Gravitation K-san.

If you need to get in touch with me for whatever reason? You can reach me at one of the following:::

[AIM] Urameshistyleget
[YAHOO] Urameshistyleget
[E-MAIL] Insatiablegrit@gmail.com

:3 Looking forward to playing with you guys. It's been a long time since I've been able to bring K-san out from hiding, so this'll be fun. Also, this is my first time playing anywhere at Insane Journal. *is such an LJ geek* D:

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KICKOFF POST WOO~ [15 Jan 2009|09:39pm]

>:3 SO.
'Mega here.

We should start up soon.
Obviously I want to wait around for BlackStar, and we've still got some others to invite...
But I say ONE more person joins? And then we're totally good to go. No matter who that extra person is.

We good?
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