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User: [info]dani_meows
Date: 2018-12-18 10:43
Subject: A wild deadline approaches
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Mood:stressed stressed
Music:assorted Christmas carols
Tags:dani babbles

I was having a good morning with a decent amount of sleep and lots of creative icon making.

Then I realized the fic I thought was due this weekend is due today! And the super secret prompt my giftee wants is so vague but just specific enough I don't think I can just make a gif set which takes me less time although technically they did kiss in canon it's just not really a happy one. I could always go for the au prompt idea because who doesn't love launching their other favorite characters and universes into a Hogwarts one...

But ack! A wild deadline approaches and the Dani hurt herself in confusion.

Okay step one: Reread prompt.
Step two: Contact mod and through ourselves at their mercy for an extension.
step 3: write
Step 4: Reread and do not toss the whole thing out in frustration.
Step 5: Submit and know that you made someone's day.

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User: [info]fandomlurker
Date: 2018-12-15 16:34
Subject: team cap
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Mood:relaxed relaxed

Calm Before the Storm by GloriousBlackout [Sam, Bucky]
Pre-Infinity War. Sam pays a visit to Bucky's farm and gets a brief taste of peace after two years on the run.

Put It on Repeat, It Stays the Same by giselleslash [Steve/Bucky] Explicit AU
Steve and Bucky have a one night stand that turns into a friends with benefits situation. A weekend snowed in at Bucky’s apartment brings to light how much that really doesn’t suit either one of them.

An Apron and a Smile by Jaiden_S [Steve/Bucky] Mature
Steve's good intentions lead to a misunderstanding.

Adventure Ahoy! by Jaiden_S [Steve, Bucky]
Even as a kid, Steve couldn't help jumping feet-first into an adventure. And Bucky couldn't help following him.

mainline by sonatine [Steve/Bucky] Explicit AU
A perpetually sleep-deprived Steve keeps showing up at Bucky's hole-in-the-wall coffee shop at the crack of dawn.

Hufflepuff by mambo [Steve/Bucky, Natasha] AU
Anonymous asked: "Hogwarts AU with stucky?"

Cross The Same River Twice by littlerhymes [Steve/Bucky]
In the fall of 1940, a stranger with Bucky's face saves Steve and Bucky's lives. The stranger claims he's from the future and that his only mission is to protect Steve Rogers.

carry me back by Lizzen [Steve/Bucky, Wakandans] Mature
Post-Black Panther. Steve sees the press conference and is on a plane for Wakanda the next day.

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User: [info]dani_meows
Date: 2018-12-15 14:05
Subject: (no subject)
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Mood:scared scared
Tags:anxiety sucks, dani babbles

I envy normal people.

Who don't have a panic meltdown everytime they need to leave.

Today's supposed to be my first solo bus trip but I'm not ready. Ian and I have done several bus trips together and it's been fine but the idea of getting on the bus by myself is frightening.

Why do I feel so small?
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User: [info]dani_meows
Date: 2018-12-14 08:04
Subject: Dusting this journal off
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Mood:thoughtful thoughtful
Tags:dani babbles

I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted.

Partly because I got sucked back into Tumblr again with it's shiny gifs and a way to babble easily on my phone... but now Tumblr is doing it's whole flagging of random blogs some that don't even post nsfw content and therefore it's time to go back to an older form of fandom.

So Hello Again!

I missed you. I just suck at focusing on more than one social media site at a time. I'm awful.

Since I've last blogged, I've moved again but not to a house. But I do love our current bathroom, the tub is a garden tub.

More importantly I've started therapy and for the first time in years I'm leaving the house on my own. Prior to October it had been 13 years since that happened. I'm still really proud.

Tomorrow will be my first solo bus trip. I tried on Monday since Ian took off to take me to some medical tests but the bus driver drove right past me even though I was waiting at the stop holding my bags and standing.

I've got some medical issues going on with my thyroid and this time last week I was launched into euphoria because it's not cancer!  This week they did another imaging test but with an iodine pill that will hopefully answer questions about what's up with my wonky thyroid/calcium levels etc.

Sadly surgery was taken off the table only to be put back on because the calcium levels in my blood stream are not good. And if my hypothyroid is borked it'll have to come out.

I've also been doing a lot of writing lately for Miraculous Ladybug, a new fandom for me as of October/November. 

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User: [info]fandomlurker
Date: 2018-12-06 21:09
Subject: team cap
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Mood:cold cold
Tags:mcu, vid

37 Moons by lionessvalenti [Steve/Bucky, Shuri, Team Cap] Explicit
Bucky works to move forward with his life, including love, finding a community, and saving Steve.

i love him and our goat children by talkplaylove & wearing_tearing [Steve/Bucky, Team Cap]
The one where Steve and Bucky move in together, adopt some goat kids, and live happily ever after.

Nobody Darns Their Socks Anymore by dottieapple [Steve/Bucky]
A slice of the softer life in Wakanda for Bucky Barnes, who misses his best guy when he's out Nomad-ing about.

Meal Plans by sariane [pre-Steve/Bucky, Avengers] AU
Or, 5 Times Someone Forced Their Meal Plan on Steve Rogers.

The Language of Joy by JudeAraya [Steve/Bucky] Mature
Offered safe harbor in Wakanda, Bucky begins to heal. As he does, memories of his old life and who he was surface, including how he once felt for Steve. After years of suffering, Bucky learns that even without expectation, desire is in itself a beautiful thing.
Until one day when he unexpectedly kisses Steve. And Steve kisses him back.

Steve Rogers || what's in your head by voordeel [Steve]

untitled [Strange, Tony, Peter]
[Comics] Bucky's Birthday by potofsoup [Steve/Bucky]
[Comic] Seeing Red by potofsoup [Steve, Bucky]

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