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dacro posting in Harry Potter and Vampires
User: [info]dacro
Date: 2008-02-25 23:24
Subject: Free Range II: The return of the vamp-bunny challenge!
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For now the challenge will be taking place on LJ.

Click here, my pale children, and learn of the challenge that awaits you!

Note: Big [info]hpvamp thank you to [info]bonfoi for the gift of the permanent IJ membership! *licks*

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irana posting in Harry Potter and Vampires
User: [info]irana
Date: 2007-08-17 23:18
Subject: Taking a page from Beren's book...
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... and listing all my vamp fic here for easier location.

Croisé ~ HP/NL/DM; HP/NL & NL/DM ~ implied NC17
Lost after the reputed death of his lover, Harry is ready to give up when his lover returns, changed and bringing an opportunity for a life he never expected.

Lucid Dreaming HP/DM R
Draco intends to claim what is his. And no one had better get in his way.

My Will Be Done CW/HG NC18
What a vampire wants, they will not rest until they get.

Obsession ~ Ginny/Harry ~ Adult
Harry Potter belongs to Ginny Weasley. Everybody knows that. Why doesn't Harry?

Chimera ~ Harry/Charlie ~ Hard R
Harry has always been special. His first taking of a mate reveals just how special he is.

Instruction Equals Seduction ~ Harry/Sirius ~ Adult
Harry never realised just how… provocative… instruction could be.

Mated ~ Snape/Lupin ~ Adult
Severus is finally free and can acknowledge his true self, be with his family, and enjoy his life. The only thing left to do is claim his mate and he handles it like the Slytherin he is.

Seduction Into Life ~ Harry/Charlie ~ Adult ~ 1/2 Part 2
Charlie is looking for a change, but is he prepared for what he finds?

Huh... okay, so there was more than I thought there was.

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beren_writes posting in Harry Potter and Vampires
User: [info]beren_writes
Date: 2007-08-13 07:38
Subject: Admin: pending memberships
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31 people have not yet filled in their disclaimer and posted it.
Please go here and follow the instructions.
If you have already done so and are still on this list, it's because I missed it. In that case I apologise profusely, but I've literally been snowed with IJ and GJ joining request. If this is what has happened, please comment here and link me to the disclaimer and I will approve your membership.


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beren_writes posting in Harry Potter and Vampires
User: [info]beren_writes
Date: 2007-08-10 11:17
Subject: [info]beren_writes HP/Vampire fics
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Tags:fic lists

Since I've almost finished fixing all the links in my fics that I have moved over to IJ I have decided to post a list of them here so that [info]hpvamp members can find them if they wish to.

Short fics

* Passion Play | Harry/Draco | NC17/18 | 19-Apr-2004
Summary: Draco has become the victim of a Death Eater plot to assist Voldemort's rise to power. There is only one way to save him, and Harry is it.
*A Vampire's Love | Harry/Draco | NC17/18 | 25-May-2004
Summary:Voldemort is dead, but he almost took The Boy Who Lived with him. Draco Malfoy has been assumed dead by the wizarding world for almost four years having been taken by a vampire, although Harry had always known where to find him, but this time Draco has found Harry.
*The Power of Two | Harry/Draco | NC17/18 | 01-Sep-2004
Summary: Harry finds himself in a very awkward predicament involving a naked woman and a naked Malfoy.
*Blood-Ties | Harry/Draco | R | 28-Sep-2004
Summary: Draco has a mission from Voldemort to finally kill The Boy Who Lived. He has been subject to Voldemort's ministrations to make sure he does not fail, but nothing is ever certain when Harry Potter is involved.
*The Will of Vampires | Harry/Snape | NC17/18 | 12-Jul-2005
Summary: Snape disappeared a year ago, now the side of the Light find out what happened to him, and the price the vampires are demanding for their affiliation.
*Blood and Surrender | Harry/Lucius | NC17/18 | 12-Jul-2005
Summary: Lucius has Harry exactly where he wants him.
*The Chase | Remus/Sirius/Snape | NC17/18 | 28-Jul-2005
Summary: Sirius it the prey, and he cannot escape.
*The Stability of Three | Harry/Neville/Draco | NC17/18 | 27-Jun-2006
Summary: Two vampires have found themselves a lost soul and they intend to make him theirs.
*The Secret of Surrender | Snape/Bill, Snape/Hermione (sorta), Snape/Draco, Snape/Harry, Snape/Ron, mentions Ron/Bill | NC17/18 | 27-Jun-2006
Summary: Severus knows something strange is happening and he thinks there is a new Dark Lord, but things are stranger than he could ever have imagined.
*Caged | Harry/Draco/Snape/Voldemort | NC17/18 | 24-Mar-2006
Summary: When Harry became a vampire against his consent he made a decision that changes his life completely. He went to the Dark Lord and the Dark Lord did not kill him.

Long fics
Black Magic By Moonlight (HP/Anita Blake xover) | Asher/Anita/Jean-Claude, Anita/Nathaniel, Harry/Nathaniel/Draco, Harry/Draco, Anita/Micah | NC17/18 or R/15 | 29-Apr-2005
Summary: Harry Potter could find trouble in paradise and when Draco sends him to St Louis for a holiday it's not paradise and there's lots of trouble. With dark magic, vampires, lycanthropes and more, who else could sort it out but Anita Blake?

Corruption Series
Corruption | Harry/Draco | NC17/18 | 25-Jun-2004
Summary: Voldemort has captured Harry and for his own twisted reasons has chosen not to kill him outright. Revenge in the Dark Lord's mind requires a fate worse than death and Harry is about to find out what that is.
Distortion | Harry/Draco | NC17/18 | 30-Jun-2004
Summary: Voldemort died at Harry's hand, just like the Prophecy said, but is there a life for Harry after what the Dark Lord has done to him?
Alteration | Harry/Draco | NC17/18 | 02-Aug-2004
Summary: Harry has returned to Hogwarts after Dumbledore took charge of the situation at Malfoy Manor, but is he safe from the Ministry and is the world safe from him?

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beren_writes posting in Harry Potter and Vampires
User: [info]beren_writes
Date: 2007-08-07 14:39
Subject: ADMIN: Joining the comm
Security: Public


1) Make sure you clicked the join button for the comm

2) Fill out the disclaimer and post is HERE

If you have not done both we cannot approve your membership.

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Lady Malphas posting in Harry Potter and Vampires
User: [info]ladymalphas
Date: 2007-08-03 09:43
Subject: Repost: Blood's Sweet Kiss
Security: Public

Title: Blood’s Sweet Kiss
Author/artist: ???? (my other non-HP journal and this one)
Gift for: knightmare_shad
Pairing: Lucius/Severus, implied Harry/Severus
Rating: R
Warnings: dubious consent, character death
Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters, the world, or the magic. I make no money from this, but I do hope to make someone smile.
Summary: Snape has to make a choice to save a life. Who will he choose?
Author's notes: This kind of ran away with me. I was attacked by a plot bunny who changed the story.

PS - this fic is currently being expanded. More coming soon!

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beren_writes posting in Harry Potter and Vampires
User: [info]beren_writes
Date: 2007-08-03 11:58
Subject: Admin - Joining Post
Security: Public

Welcome to [info]hpvamp This is a community for all readers, writers, artists and those of us who adore the world of Harry Potter, but wish there were more of the un-dead lurking about! We take gen, het or slash all pairings and all ratings; the only restiction on content is that there is a vamp in the fic. The community has moderated membership because it may contain things of an adult nature. To join up please do the following:

1)Click the 'join' link (found in the userinfo)

2)Copy the following disclaimer (structure of which has been borrowed from the_pimp_cane) and fill in the correct bits:

I, (username) , member of hpvamp, am over the age of consent (insert age of consent)[if you do not know go with 18], in my region (insert name of region), and understand that the characters used herein are the property of J. K. Rowling et. al. I understand the content of the community is fanfic/art and that it will contain slash as well as het pairings. I have read the community policies, and shall abide by them.

3)Then post it as a comment to this entry.
One of the mods will then approve your membership. Please 'friends lock' all new NC-17 posts Thank you, my darlings.

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