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User: [info]hpvamp (posted by [info]bonfoi)
Date: 2008-06-29 20:44
Subject: Resurrection Redux (HP/DM) PG13 [Free Range Challenge II]
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Resurrection Redux

Author: [info]bonfoi
Rating: PG13
Pairing: HP/DM
Summary: Over and over again, Draco rises, forgetting each life he’s led. Being a Malfoy secret, he’s been hidden in plain sight for hundreds of years…until Harry Potter comes into his life.
Challenge: hp_vamp Free Range Bunny Challenge II (2008). See original prompt below.
Word Count: 5,323 (including timeline)
Genre: Romance; Action/Adventure
Warnings: Scads of Original Characters to help the story move along
Beta: [info]cyane_snape and her own beta, Gavilan, the most lovely, wonderful betas I could ever beg for help! They made this first entry into the Free Range Challenge II so much better!
A/N: For [info]grey_hunter! My first entry into the Free Range Challenge II at the LJ site of [info]hpvamp.

Original request/Bunny (submitted by [info]grey_hunter)
Scenario: Draco is a recidivist [originally: recidivous] offender. He has been AK-ed, hanged, Kissed, shot by a Muggle gun, whatever you can imagine. And he just keeps coming back! (Draco doesn't know he is a vampire, especially because he loses his memory after each 'death'. Harry is an Auror but he is the only one who is trying to save Draco from himself rather than condemn him at the first sight. For the others, Draco is on the quick way to become the Boggart in the cupboard. They don't know he is a vampire either, until the very end. Oh, and Draco isn't actually guilty in any of the things he has been sentenced to death for.)
Cool things: crack or humour, keeping them still IC, Harry using the phrase "what's at stake" [the only thing I didn’t get in]
Squicks: hm... I think purple prose too serious romance wouldn't fit into this one. Humorous romance = <3

It's been centuries of living within the Malfoy influence for Draco. Once he has Harry Potter in his life, things change!

Links to my IJ journal, but the original is posted at the LJ site as well.</a>

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