Mar. 23rd, 2019


Animes watched

kakegurui xx #10 - #11:

Sayaka recalled how she had requested to be kirari's secretary. Back to present, sayaka reached the ground before yumeko but lost as she reached the top. As a loser, she was to choose a door to leap out of tower. To her surprise, kirari jumped with her but both remained unhurt as sayaka had chose the right door with safety net below. Kirari asked her to be her secretary again.

Rei invited yumeko, suzui, Mary and others in a 100 vote auction gambling. Yumeko saw through the trick of the auction and challenged rei who revealed her true self.

boruto #98:

Team 7 and team 15 combined in joint mission under konohamaru to investigate the strange behaviour of birds with guidance of a bird watcher as the birds were attacking a village. They found some villagers infected with curse Mark's and saw jugo. As they went on separate teams to find jugo, sarada and boruto found him and he went on offensive mode.

naruto shippuuden #355 - #356:

Flashback to past, tenzo was adopted by danzo who found the former abandoned by orochimaru. Tenzo was nicknamed kinoe under the root and tasked to take kakashi's sharingan eye. He stalked takashi into an orochimaru's abandoned base but failed to kill kakashi who defeated him. A monster went loose and kakashi got injured trying to protect tenzo. Tenzo gave up his mission and tried to reason with danzo but failed. Danzo tried to put curse mark on tenzo but kakashi arrived first to release tenzo. Kakashi got support from sandaime hokage and got tenzo to join konoha main anbu.

Mar. 21st, 2019


I feel so old...

So I heard on Entertainment Tonight that the song Livin La Vida Loca is turning twenty this year.

My how time flies.

Mar. 22nd, 2019


Animes watched

strike the blood II #04 - #08 (finale):

Kojou and nagisa's father - gojou turned up and took nagisa to mainland. On new year eve, kojou received image message from nagisa and yukina recognised it as magic circle. After cctv footage hacked by asagi and running into kiriha, kojou and yukina realised the lion king organisation was hiding something from them. While asagi managed to get out of the island with her fellow hacker's help, kojou got help from kanon, yukina and kiriha from mitsuki who tried to stop kojou from leaving the island.

Meanwhile gojou and nagisa had been ambushed and nagisa's physical body with fragmented soul of kojou's late master was sent as sacrifice to seal a relic of holy massacre faction but it backfired. A dragon of knowledge in form of a girl - grenda appeared. When kojou and yukina saved her and yukina's comrade - yuri from terrorists, grenda offered her blood to kojou who fell into enemy's attack. Kojou, with support from others, defeated the terrorists who had initially tried to make use of the lion king organisation to revive the terror. Asagi who reached the scene learned of kojou's true identity. Nagisa, gojou and kojou's grandmother who was one of the mastermind for initial planning of the sealing of relic all made it through safely.

Mar. 20th, 2019


Happy Spring!!

Happy spring to those of us in the Northern Hemisphere! It's so nice to see the sun again!

And happy fall to anyone in the Southern Hemisphere!

Mar. 18th, 2019


Animes watched

gyakuten saiban sono shinjitsu #18 - #21:

Reiji went to the murder site and next day faced off mei who covered the role of prosecutor as the original one - gadot was absent. They adjourned the trial due to inconsistencies. Naruhodo and gadot took over in the next trial and the missing mayoi was also suspected of murder as her name was found written in blood in the real murder scene. Ayane who was twin sister of chinami had taken over will of their imprisoned mother (also mother of harumi) to summon soul of chinami. The deceased was also found to be mayoi's missing mother.

karakuri circus #18 - #21:

Masaru was forced to continue seeing his adopted grandfather - shoji's past, on how shirogane - eleonore was born. Guy and francine became attached in taking care of her. Eleonore's mother - Angelina knew the soft stone was transferred into her infant daughter during the pregnancy. One night, someone sent puppets after the soft stone. Angelina died in the battle and francine learned how to make real smile when comforting eleonore during the escape. Francine sacrificed herself protecting the baby. To protect eleonore, shoji entrusted guy to take her away into shirogane organisation to train her and to hide truth that the soft stone was inside her. Eventually, shoji learned that the mastermind behind the attack was his son, dean. Dean plotted to be reborn using young boys and his target was to download his memory into his illegitimate son - masaru who would be protected by eleonore. Shoji tried to delay his plan by destroying the device but dean survived and delayed eleonore 's meeting with masaru so he could rebuild his equipment.

Back to present, masauru tried to escape to prove he was not dean and ran into eleonore who was looking for him. Masaru fell down the cliff and brought back to mansion by guy who was about to kill him when a man revealed himself to be dean aka the late faceless whose real identity was bai jin- the creator of francine . He was about to injure masaru who defied him but eleonore took the blow and was abducted by bai jin. Shoji was fatally injured by bai jin and passed away in masaru's arms. Bai jin released a puppet to spread the virus in the air. Masauru and one arriving circus member went after bai jin while guy faced off one bai jin's subordinate- cupid.

Narumi arrived in time to save guy. He and guy went to an institution to protect a machine - harry that would cure the virus. Ming xia and a boy ran into a murdering puppet which challenged her to gambling. On a flying ship, three francine's main puppets were repaired and humiliated by bai jin. They were ordered to pass food to eleonore whom they found was exact appearance of francine.

Mar. 17th, 2019



So I kinda haven't posted anything in like seven years. My computer broke down and by the time I was able to afford a new one I kinda had a nervous breakdown and wasn't up to saying anything. And the longer I was quite the harder it was to say anything. Thanks to my doctor I'm finally on a more even keel so I thought I'd post. So here goes the state of me.

Mom passed in her sleep about three years ago. She was at home which was what she wanted but it was hard to watch and not call the ambulance. I had to move shortly thereafter, breaking all those rules about not changing anything a year after a death, but I couldn't afford rent at my old place so that happened.

I have a nice little apartment in a town in the county beside where I used to live and it's great. My neighbors for the most part leave me alone which suits me to a tee where I'm introverted.

I have a kitty who hogs the bed at night. And the nice lady from upstairs takes me to my doctor appointments that I can't bus to. Life is for the most part good and I have lots of time to read fan fiction so that is a plus.

So how are things for y'all?


Animes watched

fukigen na mononokean tsuzuki #08 - #11:

With help from ashiya, obeno and zenko, the girl youkai got to attend the festival and returned to underworld satisfied. Obeno suddenly collapsed. Ashiya later knew on next day job that obeno had taken a task from executive that day and had exhausted himself. He told obeno to let him know if he had taken other jobs so he could back him up.

Ashiya learned his mother was hospitalised and asked obeno sent him to hospital via mononokean. He learned and removed the youkai that caused the problem from his mother's back and was told his missing father had such ability. He later confirmed from his returning elder sister how his father was like and suspected his father was a former employee of mononokean. Obeno offered to check for him.

It was Halloween celebration in school. Ashiya and obeno were going around in costume to promote his class cafe when they ran into zenko who told them fox youkai yahiko had broke away from her in school. They found yahiko causing trouble and obeno brought him out with promise of game. Upon his request, yahiko transformed into ashiya's father's look to show obeno.

Obeno and ashiya took up a job to send the 5 youkai birds to underworld after they were matured under care of a youkai who had been entrusted by the former mononokean master. Before four of the birds were sent back, the youkai told obeno that there was a former mononokean employee who used to kill or capture youkai. Later, the legislator suggested to obeno to search the underworld prison library for information on ashiya's father.

strike the blood ova valkyria no oukoku #01 - #02:

La folio and her royal parents went to the City for a peace treaty. The terrorist manipulated kojou to kidnap la folio and yukina for a terrorist attack and to ruin a peace treaty. La folio and others managed to get kojou back to normal and to resolve the situation.

strike the blood II #01 - #03:

Kojou, yukina, nagisa and asagi were invited by yaze to a resort opening but kojou and asagi ended up having to work part time to cover expenses. Meanwhile, sayaka was caught by sword shaman shadows- kihari when she got night witch yume to escape. Yume sought refuge in kojou and others' resort but next day, her other personality ruri took over and she returned to kihari who worked for other national organisation that plotted to take down priestess of cain along with the island. Sayaka fought and defeat kihari while kojou and yukina managed to stop and persuade yume from killing herself and destroying the island. Yume used her power to stop her manipulated sea monster from attacking the island.

one piece #876:

Jimbei stayed behind to support his former subordinates who aided in clearing path for sunny ship escape. Luffy made jimbei promise to return alive in wano island.

Mar. 16th, 2019


Animes watched

dororo #07 - #10:

A spider monster escaped from hyakkimaru's attack and sought refuge in a miner's house. There was cases of miners disappearing and the miner helped the monster whom he named her ohagi to leave the village. Apparently, the miner had been helping miners who could not stand the harsh working environment to escape from the village. When hyakkimaru could not sense the menace in the monster, he let the monster escaped with the miner.

A centipede monster had been devouring villagers. A boy - Saru accepted dororo's offer to eliminate the monster as it had swallowed his adopted elder sister. With direction from dororo, hyakkimaru killed the monster and Sara's sister was released from its body, alive. Hyakkimaru regained his sense of smell.

While on journey, dororo went down with fever and hykkimaru brought him to a nun who healed him. While there, dorito told the nun (with the concealed hykkimaru listening) of his past when his bandit parents were betrayed by one of the subordinate and eventually his father and mother died eventually due to hardship of war.

The young lord - tahomaru was upset when his father refused to tell him why he was pursuing a baby missing 16 years ago. He and his followers came across one of their village that was terrorised by a crab monster. They aided to kill it. While leaving the monster corpse, tahomaru caught glance of hykkimaru looking at the monster remains.

grimms notes the animation #10:

Ex and others entered the story zone of Jeanne where the villains instead of England took over the role of attacking France. While Jeanne was kidnapped by chaos teller who put curse attack on ex, Reina, tao and Shane went after the chaos teller. While they were away, curly - the priestess of chaos tried to persuade ex to join her side but was rejected. She took away his curse so he could rejoin Reina and others to defeat the chaos teller. They won and Reina put the story back to normal.

one piece #874 - #875:

While the Gemma helped luffy and others, jimbei's former subordinates also helped open path for luffy and others. Bege sacrificed his ship after delivering the wedding cake to an island. Big mom swelled with happiness as she ate the cake.


Animes watched

kakegurui season 2 #06 - #09:

Yumeko lost hope when competing the Hollywood idol but yumeko's sacastism and her fans' encouragement woke her up and she pushed for winning so she could move on to explore further. She and yumeko won the Hollywood idol.

Yumeko approached Terano for a challenge and terano agreed as she wanted to reduce kirari's winning chance. Meanwhile, sumeragi and the demoralised manyuda were approached to join the greater good gambling game. Manyuda deduced sumeragi and mirai as traitors in the game as sumeragi manipulated mirai into putting her coins into personal bank vote. Mirai deducted sumeragi had done it to increase manyuda's winning chance as mirai was voted out. Sumeragi also had 3rd party vote on manyuda's winning chance with terano and lost with satisfaction.

During the election candidates interview, sayada challenged yumeko in gambling as she was proved to be a threat to kirari. Kirari brought them to tower of doors as their stage of competition where they were to find the doors that would lead them to the ground level first.

radiant #20 - #21 (finale):

While captain dragrov and his men were hunting for food supplies, seth tried to help doc getting coffee to save devi but ended up incurring more debts. General torque summoned dragrov for what happened in rumbling town.

Seth had nightmares of his uncontrollable power and learned of other place where he could learn from the sorcerer knights of radiant. During his attempt to save melie from a nemesis, seth was dragged under water and lost control of his power again. Afar, Grimm was watching. Not wanting to trouble melie and doc, seth took on ride with alma out of the sorcerer island to the new land where the inquisitors were also going. He left melie with a new broom before he left.

yakusoku no Neverland #10:

Norman told Emma and ray how the situation beyond the wall was like before he was shipped out. Ray and Emma appeared depressed for weeks. Isabelle proposed recommending Emma for route to take up test as next sister or mom but was rejected. On the night before ray would be shipped out, ray saw through that Emma had no intention to give up yet.

Mar. 15th, 2019


Animes watched

boruto naruto next generation #94 - #97:

Chouji and Chou Chou went to eating competition trying to impress his wife and finally did when some trouble occurred near end of the competition.

Sasuke was having difficulty understanding sarada when he spent quality time with her on parent and child holiday until sakura directed him with correct hint. Boruto also got to train with naruto nearer end of the day.

Namida tried to learn new jutsu as her crying technique affected her team members in the mission. After training, she managed to apply right focus to take down the enemy but her team members were still affected by her technique.

Shikadai decided to leave his ninja path to be trained as politician but changed his idea after his meeting with denki when his technique helped to stop the power plant from exploding.

Mar. 13th, 2019


Animes watched

yakusoku no Neverland #07 - #09:

Sister krone offered Emma and others to work together so she could get evidence of their escape plot to promote her rank and to get isabelle into trouble but isabelle went ahead to have krone sent to the gate to be killed. When she caught Emma and norman at the wall, she broke Emma's leg and brought shipment of norman forward to next day. Aghasted, ray and Emma wanted norman to escape alone first. Norman went to top of wall and returned as he saw wide cliff beyond the wall.


Animes watched

grimms note the animation #07 - #09:

Ex and others ran into gerda who was trying to get kai back as the latter had gone to the snow queen. They sought refuge in a white hair girl's hut. Before leaving, the white hair girl called ex by his name though he had never introduce himself. The group found kai who explained that he had went to snow queen so she could remove curse from gerda. Shane told kai that he was the one who could remove the curse, not the snow queen. He succeeded but the snow queen made her appearance. Ex and others defeated her.

Ex and others entered story zone of momotaro and realised it was the birthplace of Shane and tao. After having misunderstanding with current momotaro, tao explained his status as blank fate book holder had caused death of the previous momotaro. He eventually met Shane who was a hornless oni that was isolated from others due to her form and her blank fate of book. They and the onihime faced off current momotaro who was manipulated to fight them. They won and reina returned story back to normal.

Ex and others entered other story zone and ran into Aladdin who was banished by the manipulated sultan. While chatting when reina was feeling unwell, ex and Aladdin learned reina used to be a princess in other story zone but loki destroyed her homeland. The villians attacked and aladdin got himself killed while protecting reina. Reina and others tried to find the magic lamp to revive Aladdin and ran into loki. Loki vanished and they fought the manipulated sultan but the lamp was broken. Reina had to tune story back but the new Aladdin took over the previous one. Other place, loki met the white hair girl who was the priestess of chaos.