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A Harry Potter AU Role Play

After Dumbledore was killed and Harry was left with a fake Horcrux, the boy-who-lived became determined to bring down Voldemort. Of course, Harry wouldn't be allowed to go on such a task without the help of his friends Ron and Hermione (they aren't called the Golden Trio for no reason!). The three of them searched high and low, with haste and dedication that was to be admired. All the while keeping contact with the order so they could keep track of what the Dark Lord was doing. A month before school was set to start the trio finally found the last Horcrux. They destroyed it and let out a huge sigh of relief - their laborious task would soon come to a close. With the Horcruxes gone Harry set off to destroy the wizard who had taken so much from him. Voldemort had his Death Eaters by his side, as Harry had the Order. The final battle was a blur of flashing light from hexes and curses being thrown from one wizard at another. With several casualties from both sides, Harry and the Order found themselves victorious.

It is now the trio's last year at dear old Hogwarts. With Kinglsy Shacklebolt as the Minister of Magic, the wizarding world was both rejoicing and trying to return to a normal state of living. The Minister and Headmaster McGonagall decided that more needed to be done to promote tolerance among the wizarding community and that the best place to start that was in Hogwarts. When the students received their shopping lists for school they also were given a magical journal. The journal would be used to bring the students together, no matter what House they resided in. The students would be able to communicate with one another at any given time and share their thoughts or daily happenings. Of course, privacy must always be given for privacy's sake, and the students were also able to hex certain bits of their writing to be kept private from everyone or just a specific group of people.

Remember though, that this is Hogwarts. An anonymous student or group of students - no one is really sure - came up with a new spell. A spell that would allow them to write entries in their journals and have it show up in the other journals without any name attached to it. Instead it is always signed 'The Revealer'. The spell is used by the students to spread gossip anonymously throughout the school and the spell quickly got around. Now, the journals that had been meant for harmony and unity had become a tool for spreading the private goings on of the students, whether they were true or false. With The Revealer tearing through Hogwarts what will happen to the students? Will they overcome the rumors and be able to keep their friendships and possibly make new ones or will it tear them apart?

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