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The Alley: A HP Next-Gen RPG


July 1st, 2030

Draco shot the other man an amused glance. Trust Potter to always state the obvious. Bloody Gryffindor. They might have been colleagues in this, the first and only attempt at reclaiming the Wizarding World as it should be, but they were still Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter and they weren't friends.

"On my mark then." Draco held his wand out, touched almost tip to tip with Potter's, and together they chanted the spell. Blue and white tendrils shot out, twined together and then slithered over the room, curling around the magical servers, disappearing inside. There was no loud noise, no flashes or sparks. Just darkness, as the servers failed and the lights went out.

[info]alleyrpg is a well plotted game that centers on the lives of the Next Generation. A more detailed plot outline can be found here. We are looking for creative, active players who enjoy threading and journaling with their characters.
JULY 2030
For almost thirty years, the Wizarding World has existed in peace and prosperity. Technological advances have made it possible for wizards to experience novelties previously availble only to Muggles: computers, movies, television, the Internet. MagiTech, as it is affectionately known, is largely popular among witches and wizards, especially the younger set.

However, there are those that oppose it, members of the WWAT and their associates. Fed up with MagiTech and what they see as the destruction of the Wizarding World through so-called "progress", a small, secret group within the WWAT has created a spell that will put an end to MagiTech for good, allowing the world to revert back to the Golden Days and unleashed it in the Ministry of Magic on July 1st, 2030.

However, the spell malfunctions with unintended consequences that reach far beyond the initial goal. MagiTech is undisturbed, but wizards and witches across the country start to have problems with their magic. At first it seems innocent enough: Pepper-Up that makes you vomit, an Alohamora that just shoots sparks, a Wingardium Levoisa that fizzles out prematurely. But as time goes by, the effects worsen, spreading out in a seemingly random pattern from the Ministry of Magic.

Game started June 12th, 2010.

MOST WANTED: Aurors, Quidditch players, Young Professionals, Hit-Wizards, Students, Anti-MagiTech, Hackers, Healers and more.

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Available Characters - Cast List - Rules - Posting Guides - Diagon Info - Libertas Flats - Application

the plot.

It is the year 2004 and the world as the wizarding population knows it is about to change. On August 10th, wizards around Britain will feel a strange pull drawing them to Diagon Alley, London. Few will manage to resist the pull, but many will not. And at 3:00pm on the dot, it will happen. The ground will shake as if in an earthquake and in the midst of the ground tremors, a loud "BOOM" will echo around Diagon Alley. The witches and wizards in the Alley do not know it yet, but they are trapped and there is no way out.

The magical wards that keep Diagon Alley safe from Muggles will- for reasons no one can figure out- seal everyone into Diagon Alley. For the first few days those trapped will try everything they know to get the wards to break. But the wards will defy all efforts to break them and soon the new inhabitants of Diagon Alley will realize that they are, inexplicably, stuck.

Surely, they assure each other, we'll find someway out soon. But until then, what will everyone do? People need places to eat and sleep and somehow they must all find a way to function together. There is of course The Leaky for a place of residence and, conveniently, a new building of flats has just been finished in the middle of the Alley. Of course Diagon Alley boasts several restaurants that can serve the populace-- at least for awhile. But soon the food will run out and then what will they do? We're all about to find out. Welcome to The Alley.
the game.

[info]thealleyrpg is a post Deathly Hallows, canon compliant (up until before the epilogue), Harry Potter RPG. Our game aims to give you a chance to develop your characters personal plot while they're in a new situation which can lead to exciting world plot.

We are searching for creative, active, original and good quality players who are ready to join and help us experiment within this amazing world. No experience is required.
want to join?

[info]thealleyrpg is currently accepting applications and the game will be opening on August 10th, 2008. We are accepting applications for most character listed in the Harry Potter Lexicon, but would especially prefer:

Harry Potter, Bill Weasley, Susan Bones, Terry Boot, Cho Chang, Luna Lovegood, Draco Malfoy, and Gregory Goyle. See all our of wanted characters here.

For more information on the game, see our mod journal: [info]thealleymods.