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February 2019




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In 2001, Quidditch fans were shocked to see the Wimbourne Wasps drop from the British Quidditch league. Their flags and jersey's hung up for the last time. It was then that Wizarding Britain truly took in the full impact of repercussions from the war with Voldemort. Outside of the political and economical rings, the social structure of Wizarding society was in danger of crumbling beneath the lingering weight. Education alone was a heavy burden under the already thinly spread financial support of the reconstruction. Hogwarts needed to be rebuilt, Law enforcement needed to be deployed on a far greater scale, and compensations needed to be made. The Ministry, while undergoing it's own reconstruction, struggled to meet the demands it now faced. Entertainment and Sports fell to the wayside, leaving teams to struggle to find their own backing and financial support. Ticket sales were reaching record lows and number of new players entering the league became almost non-existent.

The decision to remove the Wimbourne Wasps' from the league was announced by Owner and retired player, Pierre de Vega. Pierre met the crowd of shocked fans saying, "The time of Professional Quidditch is coming to an end. The Wimbourne Wasps will step away from the league with heavy hearts, but also with the hope that those great games of the past will continue to be remembered and valued as we step out to meet a new age for Wizarding Britain." They were words that were meant to say good-bye to a much loved game, however, the response they stirred was something that shocked many. From all corner of British society, funding began to pour into the league. Teams were getting various offers of sponsorship and donations. Quidditch was still, very much, a part of Wizarding culture and the actions of the people stated that clearly.

Over the past five years, Quidditch has continued to grow, becoming a super power in it's own right. Quidditch used to be a game, but it's become much more then that. A position on a Professional Quidditch team has become the most sought after job in Britain, surpassing Gringotts and even the Ministry. Rather then loosing the game to memory, it has gone to the other end of the spectrum and become a way of life. Team loyalty reigns over all and rivalries have become the stuff of legend. Media allegations and team pressure create tension among those who seek friendship or romantic relationships among the roster of rival teams.

Quidditch is far more competitive than it has ever been. Which team do you play for?

Game Opens with 10 Applications or August 1st