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Mar. 13th, 2008


Fic: Now and Then 3 part one, Various Pairings, NC-17

This thing was getting so long I just had to stop, and Redbeargrl helped me break it in half. There is a little more plot than usual in this one, and several things are being set up for the future.

Author: Lash_Larue
Title: Now and Then 3, Part One
Pairing:Fleur/Hermione/Ginny, McGonagall/Hooch, Ron/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Summary:The ladies force the issue between Ron and Harry, Hermione discovers some things about old teachers and friends, and an awkward feature of the Veela Bond manifests.
Warnings:Some explicit sex, there are still 3 of them, beginnings of some mansex, not hard core in this part. Hermione is maybe a little less inhibited than usual. Some language, not much really.
Word Count: 10,000
Disclaimer: These characters belong to JK Rowling

Beta thanks to Sor_Bet and Redbeargrl, any screwups are all mine.

Now and Then 3, Part One )

Mar. 10th, 2008


Fic: "Love's Fire" Luna/Hermione R

Author: Lash_Larue
Title: "Love's Fire"
Pairing: Luna/Hermione
Rating: R for violence
Summary: Love hurts, but they deserve it
Warnings:Violence, some torture, if you look at it that way.
Word Count: 1600 or so
Disclaimer: These characters belong to JK Rowling

Love's Fire )

Feb. 22nd, 2008


"Appreciated" - Millicent/Pansy - NC-17

Title: Appreciated
Author: alwaysasnapefan
Pairing: Millicent Bullstrode/Pansy Parkinson
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,979
Authors Notes: My first truly sexy femmeslash. At the bottom is an image. I always pictured Pansy with brown almost reddish hair, and fairly long. Until Jo tells me otherwise, that's my Pansy.
Summary: Pansy and Millicent don't feel appreciated. But that could change.
Disclaimer: Jo owns them. Lucky!

( Appreciated )

Feb. 20th, 2008


Blood Lust (Bellatrix/Rita, NC-17)

Title: Blood Lust
Author: [info]arcadian_dream
Pairing: Bella/Rita
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1842
Author's Notes: for [info]paddynmoon, who requested some femmeslashy Bella.
This fic assumes the existence of a friendship and sexual relationship between Bellatrix and Rita Skeeter.
Timeline: 1969/1970 (i.e. Bella's seventh year at Hogwarts).
Warnings: violence, explicit sex, angsst, elements of sub/dom and H/C.
Disclaimer: JKR's, I'm just playing.

Feb. 19th, 2008


Fic: Now and Then 2 - "Ginny Juice" NC-17

Author: Lash_Larue
Title:Now and Then 2 "Ginny-Juice"
Pairing:Fleur/Hermione/Ginny - okay it's not a pair
Summary: Ginny gets caught in the Veela Bond
Warnings:Explicit sex; three women; no accessories; oh... you want to watch out for Ginny :) ;Mushy love stuff
Word Count:6600 -ish
Disclaimer: These characters belong to JK Rowling, but they have more fun with me.

Thanks to my Beta Sor_Bet, who puts up with my stuff (Does it? Does it feel the same? Or...)

For Demoka - who also has a bit of a hair thing :)

Notes on "my" Veela lore precede the text. If you have not read Now and Then, this won't make too much sense, but it's still these three, so...

Ginny-Juice )

Feb. 9th, 2008


Fic: Now and Then NC-17

Author: lash_larue
Title: Now and Then
Pairing: Hermione/Fleur
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: FemmeSlash, Explicit Sex, Sentimental Twaddle
Word Count: 6050
Disclaimer: These characters belong to JK Rowling

A/N Originally posted on LJ HP_Femslash, moved to my page when it grew past simply femslash. There are currently seven chapters.

Now and Then 1 )

Feb. 3rd, 2008


"The Price of Silence" (Petunia Evans/Female!Snape, NC-17)

Title: The Price of Silence
Author: alwaysasnapefan
Pairing: Petunia Evans/Severus Snape (Snape is a female "passing" as a male)
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,447
Authors Notes: This is possibly more disturbing than my only other femmeslash. *hides*
Summary: Petunia tries to offer Lily's confused friend a few words of advice.
Warnings: Non-con, bondage, light "crime scene" (menstrual blood play).
Disclaimer: Jo should be glad I don't own them. If I owned them, she would flog me for this.

(The Price of Silence)

Jan. 31st, 2008


"Justice and the Cat Lady" by alwaysasnapefan (Umbridge/Arabella Fig NC-17)

Title: Justice and the Cat Lady
Author: alwaysasnapefan
Pairing: Delores Umbridge/Arabella Figg
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 731
Authors Notes: I apologize that my only femmeslash yet is . . . this. Give it a chance, though!
Summary: Umbridge accosts Arabella Figg in the bathroom after Harry's trial.
Warnings: Dub-con, cat fetish.
Disclaimer: Jo should be glad I don't own them.

(Justice and the Cat Lady)

Jan. 29th, 2008


"Security Troll" - Millicent/Rosmerta - G

Security Troll - Millicent/Rosmerta - G

Title: Security Troll
Word count:
JKR owns all.. 
Summary: Just how did Millicent & Rosmerta first get together?
Author’s notes: Set 2-3 years after the Battle of Hogwarts


Jan. 22nd, 2008


Dear Narcissa (Bellatrix/Narcissa)

Author: bitterfig
Title: Dear Narcissa
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Bellatrix/Narcissa (Bellatrix/Andromeda implied)
Summary: The tangled skein of love and hate among the sisters Black.
Beta Reader: [info]bookworm_2005
Word Count: 3400
Rating: R
Warnings: Adult themes, angst, incest, murder.

(Dear Narcissa)


"All the Violet Tiaras," Ginny/Luna, NC-17

Title: All the Violet Tiaras
Author: [info]green_amber
Rating: NC-17
Warning: teen!sex
Length: 2200 words
Pairing(s): Ginny/Luna, unrequited Ginny/Fleur, plus mentions of Ginny/Dean, Ginny/Harry, and Bill/Fleur
Summary: Luna doesn’t know it’s a secret, not at first.
Note: Written for [info]redshoeson, who asked for unrequited emotions, sleeping with one person in place of someone else, sekrit!sex, and post-OOTP, at [info]fem_exchange. For the title, I blame [info]bloodrebel333 who happened to quote Sappho in a post at just the right time. I've made a few minor edits.

( All the Violet Tiaras )

Jan. 20th, 2008


Fic: "A teenaged Girl" PG-13

Author: Lash_Larue
Title: A Teenaged Girl
Pairing: Umbridge/Bulstrode
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None, not for this Comm
Word Count: 1884
Disclaimer: These characters belong to JK Rowling

A Teenaged Girl )

Jan. 18th, 2008


fic: Skipping Quidditch (Hooch/McGonagall, PG)

Title: Skipping Quidditch
Author: [info]tattooedsappho
Pairing: Hooch / McGonagall
Rating: PG
Word Count: 117
Authors Notes: Originally written 1/8/07, moved to [info]imp_inkstains then posted here.
Disclaimer: Not mine. damn.

Skipping Quidditch )


fic: Unexpected (Tonks/Hooch, NC-17)

Title: Unexpected
Author: [info]tattooedsappho
Pairing: Tonks / Hooch
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2131
Authors Notes: Many thanks to my beta Silyara for putting up with me. Written for [info]bonking_tonks
Warnings: bad pick up lines?
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters or the universe they live in, JKR does. I just play with them for fun.

( Unexpected )

Jan. 17th, 2008


Fic: Moonlight and Broomsticks (Hermione/Ginny NC-17)

Title:  Moonlight and Broomsticks
Author: redbeargrl
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4277
Summary:  On a hot summer night at the Burrow, Ginny tells Hermione about some fantasies that she's had.
Warnings: Ummm, girl on girl loving, rather a lot of wanking, dirty talk, broom sex, mutual wanking, mentions of boy wanking.  Oh let's face it.  There's a lot of sex and wanking.  Pretty much PWP if you must know.
Notes:  The gods have not seen fit to transform me into J.K. Rowling.  I'm simply abusing her creations because I'm shallow that way.

Comments are always lovely...

Jan. 15th, 2008


Easter Egg Radishes: (Luna/Tonks)

Author: Bitterfig

Title: Easter Egg Radishes

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Luna/Tonks, Luna/Ginny

Summary: Five years after the final battle, Luna Lovegood finds herself drawn to the memory of Nymphadora Tonks. 

Beta-reader: Fedink

Word Count: 3162

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Explicit sexual content. 

Author’s Note: Written for [info]bonking_tonks prompt #54: “If you want something to play with go and buy yourself a toy.”

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any illegal acts taking place within that fiction are NOT condoned by the author. Depictions of any questionable, illegal, or potentially illegal activity in said fiction does not mean that I condone, promote, support, participate in, or approve of said activity. I grasp the distinction between fiction and reality and trust that readers will do the same. I do not profit from the fan fiction I write, and all rights to the characters remain firmly in the hands of their creator.

(Easter Egg Radishes)

Jan. 14th, 2008


Title: Headmistress Interrupted
Author: [info]tattooedsappho
Pairing: Hooch / McGonagall
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 200
Summary: All work and no play makes Minerva a dull girl.
Authors Notes: Written for Double Drabble #9 ('07) at minorhp100 then posted to [info]imp_inkstains before coming here.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just playing with them.

Headmistress Interrupted )

Jan. 13th, 2008


fic: I Haven't a Clue Pt. 2 of 2 (Ginny/Rosmerta, Ginny/Hermione R)

Title: I Haven't a Clue: Part 2 of 2
Author:  redbeargrl
Pairing: Ginny/Madam Rosmerta, Ginny/Hermione
Rating: R (perhaps worse)
Word Count:  2667
Summary: Ginny resolves her problem with Rosmerta's help and then goes off in search of her One True Love.
Warning: Femmeslash, more or less explicit sex, a little more booze and Ginny's mouth.
Disclaimer: I looked this morning.  Still not J.K. Rowling.

Comments are always welcome...

Jan. 12th, 2008


Fic: "You Never Know" soft R

Title:"You Never Know"
Pairing: Hermione/Millicent
Rating: soft R, maybe
Summary: stuff happens
Warnings:mild Girlsex, mild cursing, implied boyslash
Word Count:5300
Disclaimer: These characters belong to JK Rowling

AN: Prhaps AU since it is set in 5th year and there is no mention of Umbridge. I just didn't want to fool with her.

You Never Know )

Jan. 11th, 2008


fic: I Haven't a Clue Pt. 1 (Ginny/Rosmerta R)

Title: I Haven't a Clue: part I of 2
Author:  redbeargrl
Pairing: Ginny/Madam Rosmerta (for now)
Rating: R (also for now)
Word Count: 2894
Summary: Ginny leans on a friend because she feels different.
Warning: femmeslash, a little booze and Ginny's mouth.
Notes: I totally apologize to </a></strong></a>[info]red_day_dawning for gakking this whole idea from one of her wonderful fic's.  Sorry Hon!  Well, not really.
Disclaimer: We all know that I'm not J.K. Rowling.  So that's settled.

Comments would be lovely...

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