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Author: Lash_Larue
Title: Now and Then 4
Pairing:Fleur/Hermione/Ginny Ron/Harry
Rating: maybe R
Summary:The future opens up for the girls
Warnings:None, well there is a little girlsex, and implied guysex
Word Count: 7170 or so
Disclaimer: These characters belong to JK Rowling

Now and Then 4

Hermione sighed deeply, and drew Fleur into a hug. “I’m so happy for them. They will be so much happier now.”

“I hope so,” said Fleur as she stroked Hermione’s hair, “but they will face difficulties. Somehow I don’t see their teammates accepting this calmly.”

“Well, it’s not like the team can do without either of them, let alone both. They’ll just have to lump it if they can’t like it,” said Hermione positively.

“I wonder,” began Fleur, “but regardless of that, they will be happier with each other. There is more to life than Quidditch. Even for them.”

“Oh, Her-MI-oh-nee, darling…” came Ginny’s voice down the hall, “I’m WAIT-ing…”

Hermione turned a puzzled glance on Fleur, who gave her a small smile in return. “Toes,” whispered Fleur.

“She wouldn’t! Not after the day we’ve had,” breathed Hermione.

“HER-MEE! Where-are- yoooooo….” sang Ginny.

“I’m afraid you are going to just have to, how you say, ‘suck them up’, lover,” Fleur told Hermione. Fleur didn’t look too sympathetic, truth to tell. They walked down the hall to their bedroom, and found Ginny propped up in the middle of the bed, naked, with her feet resting on a pillow. She wiggled her toes.

“I love you, ‘Mione,” said the smiling Ginny. “I washed my feet.”

“Well, that makes a nice change,” huffed Hermione, but she was smiling as she said it. “I’ll be right with you, lover.”

“Oh, Gods, ‘Mione,” moaned Ginny, some time later, “please…”

“I said, ‘toes’,” mumbled Hermione, “and you have a half-hour left.”

“Fleur, my pet…” began Ginny.

Fleur’s hair began to softly caress Ginny’s body, and Ginny let out a huge sigh of contentment. “I really love you two,” she said fervently.

F&H - ”We know, Gin love, we know.”

Ginny drifted off before her hour was up, but Hermione stuck to her promise. After the hour was up, she snuggled against one side of Ginny, while Fleur did the same on the other side. Fleur and Hermione linked hands on Ginny’s middle.

Good night, love.

Fleur, Hermione, and Ginny appeared on Harry’s and Ron’s practice pitch at precisely 5 the following evening. Harry and Ron were waiting for them with ill-concealed glee.

“Okay, you two,” said Ginny. “Why do you look like you just swallowed something good?” Both boys blushed, but Harry did answer.

“Well Gin, we thought you might like to try out our new racing broom.”

“New broom? I haven’t heard about a new broom. I don’t play for the Harpies anymore, but I do keep up,” she said skeptically.

“Here,” said Ron, holding out a broomstick. Ginny looked at it critically, The handle was dull, there was no flash to it at all, but there was a faint sort of “aliveness” to it. Ginny took it, and her mouth fell open.

“The balance of it!” she exclaimed. “It feels like it WANTS to fly! What is it?”

“The first prototype model from the Phoenix Broomworks,” said Harry proudly.

“That’s me and Harry,” supplied Ron. “Care to try it out?” For an answer, Ginny leapt onto the broom and kicked off.

“WHHHHEEEEEEEEEEE!” she screamed as the broom streaked into the sky. She performed a series of intricate aerobatics, and then landed beside them, her face flushed. “This broom kicks ASS! How did you do it?”

“We set out to make a broom that exceeded the specifications of the latest Firebolt by 25%,” replied Ron.

“And it does, in all categories except braking,” said Harry. “Ron came up with the braking charm.” The girls all looked at Ron, expecting to see him flushed with embarrassment. He was grinning hugely. “The braking is 40% better,” added Harry, looking at Ron with pride.

“This broom will dominate the sport,” whispered Ginny. “What are you going to sell it for? You’ll be filthy rich.”

“We’re already filthy rich,” Ron reminded her, “and we aren’t going to sell it, at least not until after the cup.”

“Frankly,” added Harry, “not many flyers will be able to handle this broom anyway.”

“’Struth,” said Ron, “it scares me sometimes, only Harry can really wring it out.”

“Oh really,” said Hermione with a raised eyebrow. She looked over at Ginny, and saw the light of combat in her eyes. “I assume you have some kind of test course?”

Harry grinned; he had known this was coming. “Of course,” he replied and waved his wand. A series of gates appeared in the air, and a large timer blinked into life on the scoreboard. “Okay, Gin, just fly through the gates as fast as you can, and obstacles will appear for you to avoid. This is the level 8 program, I know you can handle 10, but you ought to get to know the broom first.”

Ginny nodded and again kicked off. She flew her first lap at a moderate pace, getting the feel of the course and the broom. When she again approached the start, she flattened herself to the handle, and shot off like a rocket. The spectators could hear a whistling sound as she wove through the course, dodging, weaving, coming to abrupt halts, only to speed off again in an instant.

“Harry,” said a wide-eyed Ron, “she’s as good as you are.”

“No she isn’t,” Harry disagreed, “she’s better. Watch this.” He flicked his wand, and the gates tightened, and the obstacles grew larger. Ginny didn’t seem to notice. After a few laps that reduced Fleur and Hermione to nail-biting anxiety, she landed again. Instead of the wide grin they all expected, her brow was furrowed, something was obviously bothering her.

“You beat Harry’s best time by 3 seconds, Gin!” Ron crowed proudly. Ginny continued to frown at the broom.

“What’s wrong, Gin?” asked Harry. “Don’t you like it?”

“Harry, Ron, this is far and away the best broom I have ever sat on. But I think it can be just a little better.”

“What are you talking about Ginny? I can barely control the thing,” asked a bewildered Ron.

“I didn’t notice until you upped the level on me, but when you really push it, there is just a bit of a reluctant feel to it,” she turned her eyes to Harry, who looked thoughtful.

“Let me try,” said Harry and he sped off. He was not quite able to match Ginny’s record, although he did better his own best time. When he landed, he had the same sort of look as Ginny had had. “I see what you mean, Gin. But I don’t know what can be done about it, we’ve pretty much exhausted all of the tuning we can do, I think. Besides, who could use any more capability than this?”

“I could,” answered Ginny. “And if you noticed the same thing I did, you could too, Harry. How about you let Fleur, ‘Mione, and I have a look at your spell specifications, and see what we can do?”

Harry and Ron looked at each other; both of them were thinking of the magical ability the girls had shown when they trapped them in the guest room. “Great,” said Ron, “we’d appreciate it. Let’s just go to the house, that’s where we designed the thing.” The 5 of them disappeared with a crack.

“Here you are Gin,” said Harry as he handed her a sheaf of parchment, “these are the spells we used in their order of application, as well as the potions used in treating the tail twigs.”

“Right, we’ll go over them and see if we can come up with something. Where can we work?” asked Ginny.

“Take the study, there is plenty of table space, and books if you need them,” answered Harry; he was looking at Hermione as he said this. She smiled at him. “Just ring if you need anything, one of the elves will help you. And yes, Hermione, they are all paid, hospitalization, vacation, retirement, and the works. Mind you, it was hard to get most of them to take it.”

“Good for you, Harry. Just for that, we’ll work extra hard on your broom,” replied Hermione.

“I don’t suppose you have any Delacour wine in your cellar?” asked Fleur. Ginny and Hermione looked at each other and smiled, but remained silent.

“If you can name one we don’t have,” said Ron, “we’ll get it. But I will be surprised.”

“Such good brothers,’ cooed Fleur, and she kissed them on the cheek. “Now, darlings, let us go work some magic.” They went into the study, leaving Harry and Ron in the hallway. Ron leaned over and kissed Harry.

“We can never repay what they did for us, Ron. Never.”

“No, but we can try, Harry. I’ve got a few ideas, let’s go have a couple beers and talk. Guess we’ll go out to dinner another time. I’ll get Winky to start something for later.” Winky had responded to treatment for her depression and alcoholism, and now ran Harry and Ron’s kitchen with a tiny fist of steel.

“Well, on first glance, this seems to be a fairly standard list of enchantments,” said Ginny. “Ron did come up with a new twist on the braking charm; I don’t think there is much point in messing with that one. It stops fast enough. It’s the turning at high speed that feels restricted.”

“Which spells affect that?” asked Hermione. Ginny showed Fleur and Hermione the relevant spells. “These incantations are very detailed, look at all the punctuation and accenting. They have obviously put a lot of work into this.”

“Yes,” agreed Ginny, “it’s a hell of a broom. Best I’ve ever sat, but when it gets to the edge, it gets – reluctant.” Ginny shrugged.

“Which of these spells makes it love to fly?” asked Fleur. Hermione and Ginny looked at each other, had anyone but Fleur said that, they would have laughed out loud.

“Ummm, none of them, Fleur, it’s a broom,” said Ginny.

“You have never been to the Veela Games, have you?” asked Fleur.

“No, I read about them in the book though,” replied Ginny.

“Nor have I,” put in Hermione.

“Ah, of course you have not. I always forget that we have not really been together forever,’” admitted Fleur. “But in the games, the winners of the flying contest are always the ones who love it most. My Grandmother was one of the greatest flyers ever, and my home flock, yours too, now, dominates the flying. Nothing flies like a Silverwyng Veela, because nothing else loves so much to fly.”

“How do you make a broom love to fly?” asked Ginny.

“You make it Veela,” replied Fleur.

“Fleur love, it’s a broom,” repeated Hermione. For an answer, Fleur reached out and plucked a hair from Hermione’s head. In an instant Ginny had pulled a strand of her own hair loose, and handed it to Fleur. Fleur added a silver strand from her own head, and braided them tightly together.

“We shall add this to the binding for the tail twigs,” said Fleur.

“And then we will redo all of the incantations together,” said Hermione smiling.

“I have an idea for the potions, too,” said Ginny, her eyes sparkling. Hermione and Fleur looked at each other, and comprehension arrived at the same moment.

“Grab the papers, and the broom, we’ll do the potions when we get back…..” said a grinning Hermione. The trio disappeared.

“So, Ron, what’s your idea?” said Harry as he settled into his leather armchair, a foaming mug of stout in his hand.

Ron blushed a little. “Well, I’ve gotten rather fond of “our” room at the girl’s house,” he began, “I propose we buy it from them, get them to seal it up and make us an apparition portal in there.”

“Well, I like the idea of having that room for us to get away in, but the girls might think it a bit odd. And even if we paid them, it would mean less space for them.”

“Not if we added on to their house,” said Ron smugly. “We can buy the surrounding houses, flatten them, and expand the girl’s house any way they want. I know they were planning on renovating, but had to postpone it when Gin quit the harpies.”

“I’d love to do it for them, but they will never accept that, you know how they are,” said Harry, shaking his head.

“Well, we don’t need to ask them to buy the surrounding houses, and then the land can mysteriously become available. But only to them,” explained Ron.

“They could never swing buying all that property there, the value is enormous,” protested Harry.

“They can if we underwrite the deal,” countered Ron. “And I don’t know about you, but that room is worth a LOT to me. And of course they are entitled to be compensated for the spell work; no one else can do it, that’s for sure,”

“I think you’re on to something Ron, we’ll get our solicitors on it first thing Monday.”

“Also, if they succeed in improving that broom, what else can they do? Those three could be richer than we are, if we give them a nudge, and a little help to start,” Ron said earnestly.

“Now that IS a thought, Ron…” said Harry speculatively. “We made that broom what it is by being very careful in its construction and in the magic that went into it. It took way too long to be mass produced, but who knows what they might come up with, or how their magic might be applied to lots of other things.”

“What IS going on with their magic? I’ve never seen anything like it, it feels different.”

“I think it’s them. Them, and their love, and the Veela slant on magic. I think their spells are as strong as their love,” mused Harry.

“Too bad they’re not as strong as Ginny,” quipped Ron.

“Why IS she so strong?” wondered Harry. “You’d think there would be a limit, she’s rather small, and I’ve never witnessed her using a spell or potion to enhance her strength.”

“She’s been that way since she was six,” Ron answered, “Fred was tickling her and she tossed him across the room. It’s just her, somehow. Maybe Hermione can figure it out.”

“Now, Fleur, NOW!” screamed Ginny, and Fleur used her wand to direct the flood of Ginny-juice into a waiting bottle. “Gods, Hermione, you just keep getting better. How is that even possible?”

“Well,” said Hermione as she licked her fingers, “I suppose it’s because our bond is deepening, or because I just LOVE tasting you.”

“One of you had better taste me,” purred Fleur, “before I take matters into my own hands.” It turned out both Ginny and Hermione had a little taste of Fleur, and the level in the bottle rose…

“That ought to do it, don’t you think, Fleur?” asked Ginny as she examined the now full bottle.

“I should think so, there are three potions involved with the broom making. I believe that with Hermione’s contribution we have enough essence for all three.”

“I believe that I might be able to come up with a bit more,” purred Hermione from the depths of the curtain of hair covering her face.

“If you can, Hermione love, it will be for us,” said Fleur firmly.

“In that case, I’m sure I can,” promised Hermione, extending her arms. Of course Ginny got there first, but there was enough of all of them to go around. So they did.

Some time later…

Fleur, Hermione, and Ginny stood together before their mirror, their hair companionably draped around each other. “Mmmmmmm,” purred Fleur, “I believe that we are simply too good for our own good.”

“*Snort*,” went Ginny, “not possible.”

“Well then, shall we go spell a broomstick?” Hermione asked.

“I suppose we should,” said Ginny reluctantly. They retrieved their wands and assembled before the table where the broom was, the list of incantations spread out beside it. Wrapped in each other’s hair, they cast the spells silently, using their bond to synchronize their efforts. When they were done, the narrow braid of their hair shone like tri-colored metal around the tail twigs. Ginny lifted the broom.

“It’s definitely different, it feels lighter, somehow. I think this might work,” Ginny said hopefully.

“Well, we’d best get back and work on the potions,” sighed Hermione.

“Perhaps we will need more ingredients?” Fleur said smiling, laughing together, the three dressed and apparated back to Harry and Ron’s house, taking the broom and the bottle of essence with them.

Ginny rang the bell, and a House-elf appeared promptly. “Would you please tell Ron and Harry we’d like to see them?” she asked the elf.

“Of course, Mistress Ginny,” replied the elf, bowing, and he popped out. A few minutes later, Ron and Harry entered.

“Don’t tell me you are having trouble with the spells,” said Ron, with a puzzled look on his face.

“Oh no,” said Hermione, “we’ve redone those already. My compliments on them by the way, they were very well composed. Pity you never did work like that in school.”

“Same old Hermione,” said the grinning Harry. “But how did you do it so fast?” The girls looked at each other.

“Lots of practice,” answered Ginny.

“We need to work on the potions more now,” said Fleur, “where is your laboratory?”

“In the dungeon, where else?” replied Ron. He strode over to a bookcase, and spoke to a Phoenix-shaped bookend. “Threepeat,” he said, and the bookend burst into flame as the bookcase swung aside, revealing a well-lit staircase.

“There is a supply of the three potions already brewed and plainly labeled, if you can use them,” volunteered Harry.

“If the potions are as good as the spells, I’m sure we can,” Hermione responded, “we’ll see you in a while.”

“Remember,” said Ron, “dinner in two hours. If you’re not done, take a break, okay?”

“Yes, Dad,” said Ginny, and she punched Ron lightly on the arm on her way down the stairs. Ron staggered a little, and shook his head in wonder.

“Hermione, do you have any idea why Ginny is so strong?” asked Harry.

“Well, of course it’s magic,” began Hermione, “but Ginny is the only person I know who can do it like she does, without spells or potions. Simply put, she is as strong as she decides that she needs to be, I can’t explain it any better than that. I suppose it is in the same category as Metamorphmagi, it is simply a rare occurrence.”

“Blasted Fred,” muttered Ron, rubbing his shoulder.

“See you later, dears,” said Fleur as she and Hermione disappeared down the stairs, the bookcase swung closed behind them.

“I need another beer,” said Ron.

“Here are the potions; there is plenty of all of them I guess. Should we use these or brew new ones?” asked Ginny.

“I think this time that we should use their potions, and just add our ‘special’ ingredient,” said Fleur, “that way we will know how much effect it has,” she turned to Hermione and looked the question.

“I think so too, Fleur, but perhaps we should run a few tests on the potions first; to be sure they are still at full potency.”

The girls fell to work, checking the instructions for the brewing, testing for proper ingredient percentages, and studying the effects the potions were designed to have on the broom. Then they compared that to the intent of the spells.

“Ron really did an outstanding job on this braking charm,” announced Hermione. “I knew he was goofing off in school!”

“Yeah,” said Ginny, just think, if he’d studied hard, he might have amounted to something!” This proclamation set them all to laughing, but they were soon back at it, and the time passed swiftly.

“Should we go get them for supper?” asked Harry.

“Let Winky fetch them, Hermione will be thrilled to see her all happy and sober,” answered Ron. “Winky!” he called.

Winky popped into the lounge, “Dinner is ready, Master Ronald, you knows I is always on time,” said Winky proudly.

“Yes, I do Winky, and please call me Ron.” Winky blushed and nodded, but they all knew it would be a long time before she could bring herself to do it, if indeed she ever could. “Our sisters are in the lab, would you like to let them know that dinner is ready?” Winky’s eyes sparkled, for though she had been incensed at the time, she remembered Hermione trying to help her during her dark times at Hogwarts. She nodded eagerly and disappeared with a louder than normal crack. A moment later, Harry and Ron fancied they could hear far-off squeals of delight.

“Dinner is ready, Mistresses,” announced Winky.

“WINKY!” screamed Hermione, and she rushed to embrace her. “It’s so good to see you! How have you been? You look wonderful!”

“Thank you Mistress Hermione, I is glad to see you too,” Winky responded, then she looked down at her feet. “Winky is sorry for how she behaved towards you at Hogwarts, Mistress Hermione. I knows you was only trying to help Winky and the other elves.”

“That’s all right Winky, you were upset, and I suppose I did push rather hard. Are you happy here?”

“Oh yes, Mistress! Winky is very happy. I has my own kitchen to run now,” said the grinning house-elf.

“That’s marvelous,” exclaimed Hermione, “Winky, why do you and the other house-elves call me and Fleur and Ginny, ‘Mistress’?” Winky looked at her as if she had lost her mind.

“Because you is married,” Winky explained slowly. “Mistresses Hermione, Fleur, and Ginny is married to each other.”

“But,” protested Ginny, “we aren’t married, Winky.”

Winky smiled, and said, “You is not needing a preacher to be married Mistress Ginerva, you is just needing to be in love and caring more for each other than for yourself.” Not even Hermione found anything to say to that, but Fleur kissed Winky soundly on each cheek. Winky blushed, but she smiled all the same. “Shall I tell the Masters you is coming to dinner soon?”

“Yes, Winky,” answered Fleur, “we will be there in a moment.” Winky popped out.

“How do you suppose she figured that out?” asked Ginny.

“Well, some House-elves from Hogwarts have helped us several times,” speculated Hermione, “I suppose they just pay attention.”

“She seems pretty smart, I wonder if we are still under-rating House-elves?” mused Ginny.

“Perhaps it is time we researched House-elf magic, as well as Veela?” queried Fleur.

“A good idea,” agreed Hermione, “but dinner first, and then we finish this broom.” They joined hands and disapparated, reappearing outside the dining room.

“About time,” said Ron, “I’m starving.”

“Just like the old days,” sighed Ginny.

The meal was excellent, and Winky beamed with pleasure at the compliments lavished on her by the diners. She watched as her helpers cleared the table, and then left to get the dessert personally. The lights dimmed, and from the doorway into the kitchen Winky appeared pushing a cart consumed in flame. Everyone whipped out their wands, but as Winky was smiling happily, they did nothing more than remain at the ready.
Soon enough they saw that the flames were coming from pans, and that the dessert was going to be Cherries Jubilee, and Crepes Suzette. Cleary Fleur’s reputation in the kitchen had inspired Winky. The dessert was as tasty as it was impressive, and soon the diners were replete.

“Are you going to call it a night then?” asked Ron.

“Not at all,” said Fleur, “we have a broomstick to deal with here. Sleep can wait!” Ron looked impressed, and the ladies returned to the lab.

“Do you think they can improve it?” Harry asked.

“I wouldn’t bet against it, not with those three working on it. I just hope I’ll be able to stay on the thing when they’re done.”

“Well, I suppose we could use a permanent sticking charm,” speculated Harry. A stray cherry hit him between the eyes. “Now my face is all sticky, thanks, Ron.”

“I guess it’s up to me to clean you up a bit then, isn’t it?” said Ron as he rose from his chair.

“How much “Secret Ingredient” do you think we should add?” said Ginny as she opened the bottle. Their eyes met as a familiar scent wafted to their noses.

“Pay attention to business, girls,” said Hermione sternly, though she was a bit flushed herself.

“I think only a few drops in each potion should suffice,” offered Fleur, “after all, it is potent stuff.”

“Damn sure is,” agreed Ginny, breathing deeply, “I think we are going to have to do something about the smell though. I know I couldn’t fly a broom that smelled like this.”

“Hmmm, fair point,” agreed Hermione, “let’s see how it goes after we mix it with the potions.” They poured the three potions into separate containers, added three drops of essence to each, and mixed them thoroughly. They each sniffed a container.

“It still gets to me,” said Fleur flatly.

“Me as well,” agreed Ginny as she hungrily eyed Fleur. “Let’s try a little citrus scent for masking.” They did, and it seemed to help, but…

“I can’t tell if the smell is coming from the potion, or us, anymore,” stated Hermione, “and I’m so horny I can’t think anyway.”

“Race you,” said Ginny as she disapparated. There was never a point in racing Ginny, so Fleur and Hermione looked at each other and smiled; then stepped into a deep kiss.

“I want you right now,” said Fleur as she dropped to her knees.

“But Ginny is waiting for us,” Hermione protested half-heartedly.

“We’ll make it up to her,” promised Fleur as she lifted Hermione’s robe and slipped beneath it. Hermione was all out of protests, and she leaned against the table and spread her legs wide. She felt Fleur pull her panties aside, she felt the warm breath of her lover on her most tender place, she felt…

“Ooooooooh, yes! Gods Fleur my love, that feels sooo gooood….” The chortle that rolled from Fleur’s throat, down her tongue into Hermione’s center felt good too. As did the fingernails that were digging lightly into her bum. Hermione placed her hands on Fleur’s head and pulled Fleur firmly against her, and was rewarded with the throaty, although well-muffled laugh. She ground herself against Fleur’s face, her hips pumping desperately, and the harder she pulled Fleur against her, the better it felt, until… FLEUR, OH FLEUR! Oh ma belle, belle Fleur…” Hermione’s legs were trembling as Fleur appeared from beneath her robes, her face glistening and her eyes dancing.

“Now we can go see Ginny,” said Fleur, and she embraced Hermione and took them to their special place.

Ginny was waiting for them. She was propped up against the wall, reclining on several pillows. No clothes were in evidence, but she was hugging a large pillow that covered her from just above her knees to just below her chin. Her hair was fanned out around her like a fireball. “Took you long enough,” she said pleasantly. “I’m glad to see you weren’t working on the broom,” this last was said as she looked at Fleur’s still glistening face. “I’ve been a little busy myself,” she said with an impish grin.

“Oh?” said Hermione.

“Uh-huh,” replied Ginny.

“Well?” said Fleur.

Ginny’s legs spread wide beneath the pillow, she grinned at Fleur and Hermione once again, and threw the pillow aside. It took them a moment, but they saw Ginny’s project at about the same time, and both sets of eyes went round. The familiar patch of red curls was gone; there was nothing between her legs but soft, smooth, freckled skin. “You like?” asked Ginny a bit tentatively.

Fleur got there first, but only just. Hermione’s legs were still a bit wobbly. Ginny leaned back into the pillows as Fleur explored the newly uncovered skin with her lips and tongue. “I like,” mumbled Fleur as her tongue parted Ginny’s smooth outer lips.

“Me too,” moaned Ginny, sliding her fingers into the silver silk covering Fleur’s head.

“What spell did you use?” asked Hermione as she watched entranced, while Fleur’s tongue probed deep into Ginny.

“Uh, ummm, yessssssss,” hissed Ginny, “damn this feels good. De- de- oh GOD!” Ginny’s chest heaved and her back arched as Fleur found a particularly good spot.

“Ginny darling,” cooed Fleur, “this is such a lovely surprise. How soft you are…how warm… how smooth…how utterly delicious!”

“I’ll ask about the spell later,” Hermione muttered to herself, and then she sat on the bed with her back against the wall and watched Fleur and Ginny while she caressed herself. A thick rope of her hair stroked Fleur’s bottom while Hermione pulled and pinched her own nipples. Ginny’s body arched like a bow, partially lifting Fleur off of the bed, Fleur’s response was to try and get her tongue farther into Ginny, and to dig her nails harder into Ginny’s bottom. Hermione’s response was to roughly thrust three fingers into her throbbing sex. She did a bit of arching as well.

“Fancy a swim?” Harry asked Ron.

“With the girls here?” Ron queried.

“Well, they’re busy, and besides, they know enough not to burst in unannounced.”

“You’re right Harry, I’m still getting used to being up front about us,” Ron answered.

“Yeah, it does feel a bit odd, but I don’t think we ought to come out to the team, at least not until after the Cup Match. Somehow I don’t think Pattershaw will look kindly on our relationship,” said Harry.

“Fuck Pattershaw!” Ron swore.

“I’d just as soon not,” laughed Harry.

“Point,” conceded Ron, “last one in is a rotten egg!” Ron dashed off towards the pool. Harry shook his head and apparated there.

“Hello, egg,” he said as Ron dashed into the room where the pool was. Harry was floating on his back, grinning.

“Shit, I forgot,” said Ron sheepishly.

“I’ve been playing submarine,” Harry explained, “see my periscope?”

“That’s really lame, Harry,” said Ron as he stripped off his clothes.

“Maybe so,” agreed Harry, “but I bet you are just dying to go ‘down scope’, aren’t you?” In fact he was.

“Even though no time will pass back at the boys house, I feel a little guilty about leaving them for so long,” said Hermione from beneath the tri-colored silk.

“I’m sure they will find something to do,” said Ginny.

“And we did manage to secure more potion ingredients,” added Fleur.

“True, but we still need to treat the broom, and I think we had best clean up thoroughly first, so that there is no, ummm… olfactory confusion,” Hermione declared.

One of the things their special room lacked was a proper bath, so they apparated to their house and cleaned up, then apparated back to Ron and Harry’s.

“How did you three get out there,” asked a clearly puzzled Ron as he opened the door.

“We needed to get something from home, but we couldn’t apparate back to your lab because of your security spells,” explained Fleur, “we will be through with the broom soon, though.”

The girls trooped back into the study, opened the staircase, and returned to the laboratory. Ginny went and unstoppered one of the potions. She gave an experimental sniff…

“Well, it’s really nice, but I think it’s safe now,” she said. Fleur and Hermione each took a sniff of the potion and agreed that it was very nice, but it drove neither of them over the edge either. Hermione decanted the potions into three atomizers, and sprayed the tail of the broom with each in the original order of treatment.

“It remains to be seen how the effects might be different starting with an untreated broom,” Hermione said, “but this should tell us whether we have made any improvement.”

“Let’s go!” exclaimed Fleur, and they climbed the stairs back to the study, where Hermione rang the bell. Winky appeared promptly.

“Yes, Mistress Hermione?” inquired Winky.

“Would you tell Ron and Harry that we are finished with the broom, please?” Hermione requested.

“Of course, Mistress,” Winky said as she disappeared. It was several minutes before Ron and Harry appeared, and they were both rather damp.

“Here you go, boys,” said Ginny as she handed the broom to Harry. His eyes lit up at the feel of it.

“Amazing,” he said, “I can feel the difference just holding it. Shall we go give it a try?”

“It’s a bit late, Harr,” protested Ron.

“True enough,” agreed Harry, “but I can’t sleep without trying it, and I bet Ginny can’t either.”

“That’s for sure,” Ginny stated. “Let’s go.” They went.

“You first, Ginny,” said Ron.

“But it’s your broom,” protested Ginny.

“Not anymore,” said Harry, “it’s our broom. And anyway, I’d kind of like to make sure it’s safe before I climb onto it.” Ginny knew he was kidding, but she stuck her tongue out at him anyway as she mounted the broom and kicked off. She was surprisingly careful for a time, not going very fast, or turning very sharp, or stopping very suddenly, and the observers were beginning to wonder if something was wrong, when Gin flattened herself to the broom and streaked onto the test course. Four jaws dropped in wonder, and when Ginny landed beside them her grin nearly split her head in two.

“I think it worked,” she said.

“Too bloody right it worked,” said Ron, “you lopped 18 seconds off of your record. I’ll never be able to fly that thing!”

“I think you will,” Ginny said, “it is very controllable, almost like it tries to keep you on it. But it does seem to purely love to fly. Here, Harry.” With a huge grin of his own, Harry took off and began his own assault on the test course. Once again, he could not quite match Ginny’s time, but it was close.

“Merlin!” exclaimed Harry as he landed. “You three are marvelous! Not only is it improved, it’s actually easier to fly fast. How can that be, do you suppose?”

“I think it is because the broom cares for you,” Fleur offered. Everyone knew better than to scoff, but they all looked a bit puzzled, even Hermione. “We put a good bit of ourselves into the spells and potions,” explained Fleur. “I think the broom can sense when someone we love is on it,” she gave a first-class Fleur shrug.

“Well, we’ll have to save that test for later,” said Ron as he reached for the broom, “no one not standing on this pitch right now is getting near this thing,” and he took off. He landed a while later with a broad smile on his face too. “I know I didn’t come close to you two, but it is easier to control than before, and I think I did better.”

“Lopped 10 seconds off your best time, Ron,” Harry informed him. Ron’s eyes bugged out a bit.

“Bloody Hell!” exclaimed Ron.

“Well, it is rather late,” said Harry. “Would you like to stay with us tonight, girls?”

“It would be lovely,” said Hermione, “but we’d better go home, I have an early day tomorrow. I have to finish up a test for Monday.”

“Have fun with the broom, Harry,” said Ginny.

"All right if we drop round Wednesday evening?” asked Ron. “There is something we want to talk with you three about, but the details need a bit of work yet.”

“Of course,” said Fleur instantly, “you are always welcome.” Ginny and Hermione nodded.

They exchanged hugs and goodnights, and then they all went to their homes. They all went straight to sleep too; it had been a very eventful evening.

Harry and Ron arrived at the girls’ home Wednesday evening after dinner, Ginny let them in and escorted them into the parlor where Hermione and Fleur were waiting on one of the couches. Harry and Ron had a long parcel and a briefcase with them.

“Good evening dear brothers,” said Fleur warmly, “and are you going to tell us why you both look like the cat that got the cream?”

“Well of course we are,” began Harry, “but I have to tell you that it is going to take a little time.” Ron grinned hugely. “We have a few things for your consideration, ladies.”

“Then you’d better sit down,” said Hermione.

”We will,” promised Ron, “Gin, why don’t you sit with them on the couch, it will be easier if you are all together.” Ginny complied, and Harry and Ron moved a couple of chairs up to the opposite side of the coffee table. Harry extracted a fairly thick document from his briefcase. “Now then,” began Ron, “we want to thank you again for what you did for us, for me and Harry. I’m not sure we’d ever have gotten up the nerve on our own.” The girls smiled in delight, pleased that their plot had worked out so well.

“Also,” said Harry, “I’m not sure if you can understand this exactly, but that room, your guest room, well, our room means an awful lot to Ron and me.”

“Oh,” said Ginny, “we understand, Harry. It’s where your love blossomed; of course it’s special to you.”

“And you can stay there anytime you like,” promised Fleur.

“Thanks,” replied Ron, “but we had something a little more, ummm, permanent in mind.”

“We want to buy it,” said Harry. “Here, look this over.” He handed over a sheaf of paper, which Hermione took. The girls poured over it together.

“In exchange for this room and the specified modifications, Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley agree to pay the sum of…. Merlin’s Balls!” exclaimed Hermione.

“Well, they might be a bit hard to come up with,” Ron demurred, “we were hoping that you would accept galleons.”

“This is ridiculous, you two,” sputtered Ginny, “this is more than we paid for the whole house!”

“Yes, you cannot expect us to take advantage of you, simply because you are rich,” protested Fleur.

“First you aren’t taking advantage of us, we came to you. Next, why are we rich?” asked Harry.

“Because you’re great Quidditch players,” answered Hermione.

“Because we can do things other people cannot do,” corrected Ron, “and so can you.”

“No one else could have trapped Ron and me in that room. No one. That room, and your magic will give us a place of absolute privacy and security. No one else in the world can give us that, and you should be compensated for it. And it will be depriving you of the use of a fair part of your home. If anything we under bid. Ron, make a note to increase the price by 20%,”said Harry.

“Noted,” said a grinning Ron. “Assuming they agree to sell it to us.” Three stunned women looked at each other.

“Take your time,” said Harry generously. “Meanwhile, I’ll move on to the next thing.” He reached for the long package, and unwrapped it on the table. The girls gasped as the contents were revealed.

“This,” said Ron, fairly squirming with delight, “is the first fully finished broom from the Phoenix Broomworks. That is, it’s finished except for your special touches. It’s yours, Gin.” Ginny gazed in wonder at the broom before her, the handle was slim, and formed from a dense crimson wood, while the tail was crafted finely from select twigs of a figured dark brown and very pale white wood. “The handle is Kingwood,” explained Ron, “and the tail twigs are Bubinga. We thought it would make a nice broom for you.”

Ginny leapt over the table and swept them both into a bone-crushing hug, tears of joy streaming down her face. “Easy Gin,” choked Harry, “we’re only mortal!” Ginny eased her grip a little, and planted a resounding kiss on both of them.

“It’s BEAUTIFUL! How can I ever thank you?”

“Well, you could persuade your partners to accept this,” said Harry, as he handed Ginny a check.

“TEN THOUSAND GALLEONS! For “consulting”, what the hell is this?” yelled Ginny.

“Do you have any idea what we will sell this broom for, eventually?” Ron asked.

“It wouldn’t exist without you three, and I am going to kick Krums’ ASS with the first one,” assured Harry. “Ten thousand galleons is no more than fair. Our accountant is a beast, and he came up with that amount. And that brings us to the next item on the agenda…” Harry handed a thick sheaf of papers to Hermione.

“Universal Solutions”, read Hermione, “what on earth is that?”

“That’s you three,” said Ron. “We set you up with a consulting firm. Harry and I will provide the startup capital, retain a small interest in the firm, and use our solicitors and contacts to secure your first clients and do the negotiating. You girls are far too modest for your own good.”

“What’s this about research facilities and the like?” asked Hermione.

“That’s another thing, you might find there is additional space available in the neighborhood, should you want to expand, or anything…” answered Harry.

“You know we cannot accept this much from you,” began Fleur.

“Accept, nothing,” said Ron. “You girls are going to make us a ton of galleons. The difference is, you are going to make yourselves several tons in the process.”

“You can do things that no one else can. You should be appropriately rewarded for it. It is just good business, and Ron and I can’t play Quidditch forever,” said Harry flatly.

“It’s all there,” added Ron, “read it at your leisure. But read it all. Harry and I will gain a lot from that, it’s not a gift. It’s a partnership. And it will be good for all of us.”

“Yeah, it will,” promised Harry. “Give us a call when that broom is done, will you?”

“By the way, when it goes into production, as limited as that will be, it will be called the “Phoenix Silverwyng”, if that’s okay with you. We thought that was appropriate. We’ll let ourselves out,” said Ron as he rose from the chair. Ron and Harry left the stunned women sitting on the couch.

“We can’t let them do this,” said Fleur.

“We’ll be costing them a lot of galleons if we don’t,” answered Hermione as she thumbed through the pages. “We might be getting more than someone else would have offered us, but if these figures are even close to right, the boys will be doing just fine here. And we will be up to our sweet bits in galleons.”

“I rather like the sound of that,” said Ginny as she cradled her new broom.

“Well then, we should get some rest,” declared Fleur, “we have a broom to spell, coming up!”

“Do you suppose we’ll need a bit more of our special ingredient?” asked Hermione.

“Well, if we do, I’m ready to do my part,” said Ginny, “this broom is making me hot!”