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Fic: "Lunaism" Hermione/Luna "R"

Author: Lash_Larue
Title: "Lunaism"
Summary: It's short
Warnings:implied girlsex
Word Count: 233
Disclaimer: These characters belong to JK Rowling


Hermione was drifting on clouds. Her entire being was floating on ice cream confections that extended as far as she could see.

The ice cream was warm, and soft. Perhaps it was down? Yes. Down.

But was down ever sweet? Did down ever melt in her mouth and run thickly down her throat, spreading contentment and joy?

It must be chocolate then. She was floating in a sea of chocolate.

Chocolate sometimes made little sounds escape her mouth. It sometimes made her feel, just a bit, like she was melting along with it.

But never this much. Never so much that she became chocolate too, never to the point that her entire being melted and flowed in a thick, languid, heated trail that pooled between her legs.

Not chocolate after all.

Something else then. But what?

What melted her, and drew small cries from her, and carried her so far away from the world that it no longer mattered?


She stirred amongst the icecreamdownchocolate flood that was bearing her away, and raised her head.

Honey. It was honey and the honey was flowing over her thighs, and carrying her away.

“Luna, my love?” The honey flowed and rearranged, and sapphires looked into her eyes from between her thighs.

“Yes?” came a voice that set her blood singing.

“You cannot do this forever,” Hermione whispered.

“Why not?”

Hermione was drifting on clouds…


Squee! Oh I like this! Lucky Hermione! Lucky Luna for that matter...