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Fic: "Love's Fire" Luna/Hermione R

Author: Lash_Larue
Title: "Love's Fire"
Pairing: Luna/Hermione
Rating: R for violence
Summary: Love hurts, but they deserve it
Warnings:Violence, some torture, if you look at it that way.
Word Count: 1600 or so
Disclaimer: These characters belong to JK Rowling

“Love’s Fire”

Hermione Granger was past anger, past fear, past self-recrimination. As she lay in a crumbling portion of the London underground, naked and bound helpless on a rough table, she was firmly in the grip of despair.
After surviving the war and its perils, she had been captured by no more sophisticated a means than the cosh of a common mugger. Of course, since then things had rather gone downhill.

“Delicious girl…” said a horribly familiar voice. ‘I was cheated of my taste of you at Malfoy Manor, but I don’t think we’ll be interrupted this time,” growled Fenrir Greyback. Hermione felt the heat of his foul breath on her cheek, followed by the rasp of his tongue. “Of course, my assistants here will have their turn at you first, an appetizer, so to speak, before the main course. The muggle who knocked you unconscious has of course been killed for his temerity in attacking you, even though we put him up to it.”

Hermione looked down past her feet at the two wizards standing there. She did not know them by sight, but the dark mark on their arms was enough information. They licked their lips as they gazed at her nude body.

Hermione had no wand, no weapon, and her head pounded from the blow that rendered her unconscious. But she was a Gryffindor, and she resolved not to show fear, not to admit to pain, no matter what was happening to her. Greyback’s tongue ran up the inside of her leg and lingered for a time on her sex, Hermione felt as if she were immersed in sewage.

“Lovely girl, tasty girl,” snarled Greyback, “so tender, so toothsome. Hurry up you two, and take your pay, I have waited long enough to taste this girl’s flesh. I will not wait much longer before I feed.”

“Well,” thought Hermione as she struggled for control, “it seems he means to kill me rather than make me into a werewolf, at least I will not be under his dominion after death. Still and all, the prospect is unappealing.” Hermione was drawing deeply on her reserves of courage, and they were deep indeed, but she nonetheless felt the pricking of dread, and of regret for things undone. “Most of all, I wish that I had told Luna how very much I love her. That I had given her my heart, before this monster ate it.”

“Hurry, I tell you,” snarled Greyback as saliva ran down his chin, “be quick or be gone!”

There came the loud “crack” of apparition.

“Luna!” cried Hermione.

“Hello Hermione,” said Luna calmly, “I am so glad that I have arrived in time.”

“Expeliarmus!” cried one of the Death-Eaters, and Luna’s wand soared from its usual place behind her ear. Hermione’s last faint hope vanished.

“Well boys, it looks like desert has arrived! Strip this one and let’s see what’s on the menu,” ordered Greyback. One of the Death-Eaters took a step towards Luna, but halted as she gazed at him.

“If it is your intention to remove my clothes, I will save you the trouble. I shouldn’t like them to be damaged.” Luna whisked her robes off over her head and stood calmly before them. There were several gasps audible, not the least from Hermione.
Naked, Luna Lovegood was not beautiful, as Hermione was. She was not enticing, as Hermione was. Luna Lovegood was perfect. There was neither flaw nor blemish on her, from the gold of her hair to the pink of her toes, it was as if the avatar of beauty had strode unabashed into the squalid little room, and stood glowing before them.

In a moment however, the ability of the Death-Eaters and the Werewolf to even vaguely comprehend that kind of glory had faded, and their lust surged to the fore.

Luna lifted her arms above her head, and said softly, “Flammae ex adyto cordis.” She burst into golden flame. The Death-Eaters cringed back from the heat, and when Luna gestured towards Hermione, a wall of golden flame surrounded her. She gestured at the Werewolf and the Death-eaters, and they too were ringed in golden fire.

“It must be a glamour!” snarled Greyback. “It isn’t burning her!” He put his hand into the flame, and drew it back with a cry. He looked hurriedly at his hand and found it undamaged. “I thought so,” he said, “it hurts, but does no damage.”

“Good enough for me,” snarled one of the men, “a body like that is worth a bit of pain!” He leaped at the wall of fire, briefly incandesced, and crumbled to ashes.

“It won’t kill a werewolf,” acknowledged Luna, “but it is quite fatal to humans.”

“Then I will take you myself,” snarled Greyback, and he tensed to spring.

“I thought it might come to this,” said Luna serenely, “Manus ferrea adumbbro flamae.” A huge hand of fire and shadow appeared, and as Luna closed her hand it seized Greyback and dangled him in the air. He raged and struggled, but the hand simply held him aloft. Luna looked at the remaining wizard as he trembled within the fire. “You I will spare to spread the word amongst your fellows, NO ONE, is to threaten this woman again, or the fire will bite you, and them, whoever they may be. Do you believe me?” The trembling man nodded his head. “Then be silent and watch, that you may bear true witness.” She moved to Hermione and with her fingers burned through the ropes binding her, to Hermione the flames felt comfortingly warm. “Take my robes, Hermione, I will conjure more for me after I am finished here.” She turned to face the cursing werewolf.

“You have had more than your fair portion of chances. I will no longer allow you to share this world; I wish you luck in the next one.” Luna turned her hand and the shadow fist set him upright on the table where Hermione had been bound. Real fear showed in the eyes of the Werewolf, for a moment. “Coniugere argenteus flammae,” she hissed. Greyback howled in agony, from his feet and his hands a silver fire burned towards his body. The progress was slow. Luna looked at him for a moment, and then turned her gaze on the captive wizard. “Watch it all, and learn the price.” She turned to Hermione and smiled.

For Hermione, it was like the sun rising in that dank and fetid place and the agonized screaming of Greyback as he slowly burned did nothing to take away from it. “How did you find me?” she asked.

“I told you that my mother was an extraordinary witch. While we were still in Hogwarts, I cast on you a spell that she invented, “Congruere erus demoi.” It allows me to go to my true love when they are in peril, no matter where they are.”

“But you never appeared like this during the war, and I was in danger many times, then,” asked Hermione to the backdrop of screams from Greyback, and the sound of retching from the captive Death-Eater.

“Then, you had not declared your love for me, not even to yourself. Only once that was done could the spell be fulfilled. You do love me, do you not?”

“With every fiber of my being,” whispered Hermione.

“And I you, isn’t this just the loveliest thing?” Hermione looked at the pile of ashes on the floor, at the vomiting Death-Eater, and the werewolf that was now little more than a torso with a screaming head on it.

“It is indeed,” said Hermione as she stepped forward and embraced Luna. “What are these spells you used, and why does the fire not burn me?”

“It does not burn you because it is the fire of my heart, the fire of my love for you. It can never harm you, only warm you. This was the spell that killed my mother. She got it wrong, but she left very complete notes, and I worked it out eventually.” Luna glanced at Greyback, his howls had ceased, and the silver fire slowly met itself in what had been the center of his body, there was a puff of oily smoke, and a foul smell, and then the fire was gone. There were no ashes left of Greyback. “That spell turned his blood to molten silver; I made up that spell after he threatened you in Malfoy Manor. This was the first chance I have had to actually use it. It works on humans of course, but on Werewolves it is particularly slow and painful. I made it just for him,” Luna said brightly. A choked cry of terror came from the remaining abductor and would-be rapist. Luna turned to face him, and waved her hand, the fire subsided. The man showed no inclination to move.

“Go to your fellows, and tell them what has happened here. If you lie, or do not tell every one of your cronies what happened here, and why, the same spell that killed Greyback will strike you. I would hurry if I were you. Oh, take this with you, for even thinking of raping my beloved. She gestured, and two wet, pink, globules hit the floor. The man did not even think to yell, but he did run. Luna retrieved her wand, and conjured robes for herself. Hermione tried to hide her disappointment.

“Shall we go home, my love?” asked Luna.

“I am already home,” answered Hermione, “I am with you.”


I love how, even in the midst of a story like this, you manage to protray Luna in all her usual odd and airy ways.