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Fic: Moonlight and Broomsticks (Hermione/Ginny NC-17)

Title:  Moonlight and Broomsticks
Author: redbeargrl
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4277
Summary:  On a hot summer night at the Burrow, Ginny tells Hermione about some fantasies that she's had.
Warnings: Ummm, girl on girl loving, rather a lot of wanking, dirty talk, broom sex, mutual wanking, mentions of boy wanking.  Oh let's face it.  There's a lot of sex and wanking.  Pretty much PWP if you must know.
Notes:  The gods have not seen fit to transform me into J.K. Rowling.  I'm simply abusing her creations because I'm shallow that way.

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Moonlight and Broomsticks

The air in the small bedroom was stifling, heavy with moisture as the rain fell listlessly outside in the darkness.  It did nothing however to break the unrelenting heat that had settled in over the Devon countryside and showed no inclination to move on. The oppressive heat and humidity made the simple act of breathing a chore, and sleep was almost impossible.

“Are you asleep?” whispered Hermione to the slim figure in the bed next to her.

“Who can sleep when it’s this bloody hot?” Ginny sighed rolling on her side to face her lover.  “I can’t remember a summer this hot and for this long, can you?”

Hermione merely grunted.  It was simply too hot in Ginny’s tiny bedroom to do more than that.  She had been looking forward to spending the summer with Ginny ever since they had become lovers not so very long ago at Hogwarts, but the reality was not living up to her expectations, or perhaps her fantasies.  Oh, the sex was good, fantastic even, but Hermione had never thought about how many Weasleys lived at the Burrow during the summer months.  Finding a moment alone together was a constant challenge; one that Ginny was more than willing to meet.  Her inventiveness surprised even Hermione.

Hermione wiped the sweat from her forehead and turned to Ginny. “I think your mum is on to us Gin.  She watches us like a dragon guarding her eggs.”

“Pffft!” laughed Ginny.  “Mum is suspicious of everybody my love.  I think it has something to do with just being a mother.  Don’t worry about it.  I’ve been dealing with her forever and she has yet to catch me at something.”

“Merlin!  What is that bloody noise I keep hearing?” Hermione whispered into the darkness.  “It’s driving me crazy!”

Ginny giggled.  “You mean that little thump, thump, thump?”

Hermione nodded.

“Here,” said Ginny softly while taking Hermione’s hand.  “Put your hand on the wall just ...here and you’ll feel it as well.”

Hermione let her hand rest on the wall above the bed as Ginny had instructed.  She could feel a slight shake in the wall that coincided with the thumping noise.  “Yes!  I feel it!  But what the bloody hell is it?  Do you have a ghost in the house?  Is it the ghoul in the attic beating on the pipes?”

Ginny snorted with laughter. “More like the ghoul on the fifth floor!”

“What?  What do you mean?  Isn’t Ron’s bedroom on the fifth floor?”

“Exactly!” laughed Ginny.  “Mione, I’ve listened to that sound every night of my life since Ron discovered what his willy is for.”

Hermione gasped and then started to laugh so loudly that Ginny had to throw an extra Silencing Charm on the room.  The thumping sound abruptly stopped due to the enhanced charm.  “Oh Merlin!” Hermione gasped wiping the tears and sweat from her eyes. “Please don’t tell me he’s...well...”

“Wanking!  Yes, I’m afraid so. Probably up there thinking about Lavender Brown and pulling on his willy,” laughed Ginny. “It’s so sad really.  That’s my git brother’s idea of a social life I’m afraid!”

Hermione tried to choke back her laughter and almost swallowed her tonsils.  “Oh Merlin!  You should tell him to move his bed further away from the wall Gin.  At least then the poor sod won’t be entertaining you all night.”

“Oh I’d never do that!” said Ginny in a very ernest voice; one that almost suggested a hint of shame.

“Why ever not?” Hermione asked, sitting up and pulling her damp hair off of her face.  “At least you’d have peace at night not having to listen to that.  Besides, do you really enjoy listening to your brother wanking all night?”

A little “EEP!” sound from Ginny was followed by her burying herself under the sweat dampened sheet.


When no answer came Hermione took up her wand from the small bed side table and called up a soft Lumos.  “Ginny?  What’s the matter?  Did I say something to offend you?  Why are you hiding?”

Slowly one eye peeked out from under the sodden sheet.  Hermione could tell by the way Ginny crinkled her eyes that she was either embarrassed or trying not to laugh.

“Oh hell,” laughed Ginny throwing off the damp sheet.  “It’s too sodding hot for this.”  She sat up and wiped the sweat from her face, half turning in the bed to face Hermione.  “To be perfectly truthful Mione, Ron is very well aware that I can hear him.  It’s kind of become a little...erm...game with us.”

Hermione squinted in the dim light at Ginny’s face. “Ginny! You’re blushing!  And what do you mean by game?” she asked, although she was half afraid of what the answer might be.

“Well...,” she started with her little imp grin tugging at her mouth.  “Can you keep a secret?”

Hermione almost huffed.  “Of course Gin.  Don’t you know by now that you can tell me anything?”

Ginny squirmed a bit before answering.  “Well, even for me you might find this a bit...odd, but very well, I’ll let you in on our secret. But you must promise that what I say never leaves this room except between us!”

Hermione nodded vigorously.  “Unless you’re going to tell me you’ve shagged your own brother!” she laughed nervously. “I don’t believe I could handle that idea.”

Ginny made an Ewwwww!  face and shook her head.  “NO!  Oh gods No!  It’s nothing like that Mione.”  She looked up at her lover with a devilish grin.  “It’s much more insidious than that!  But, perhaps almost as perverted...”

Hermione’s eyes widened and she scooted closer to the younger girl.  “All right, you have my complete but ever so slightly revolted attention.  Tell me everything!  My curiosity is killing me!”

Ginny slid down resting her head on her hand and Hermione did the same so that their faces were only scant inches apart.  “Oh Merlin!” Ginny giggled.  “This is a bit embarrassing, but what the hell.  Okay, now I’ve been listening to Ron wanking for years; way before he went off to Hogwarts.  Later on I reckoned that Fred and George used to give him their copies of Play Witch or some such thing.  Anyway, it took me a bit until I figured out what he was doing to make that noise, but eventually I did.  One day when I was helping Mum put the laundry away I noticed how the headboard of Ron’s bed was right up against the wall.  When I threw the clean sheets on his bed, it moved slightly and I heard that thumping sound. That’s when I figured out what the noise was.”

Hermione didn’t say anything but her face looked a bit surprised. She just made a little “go on” motion with her head.

“Then, for years I used to hear that sound every night as I went to sleep, sometimes five or six times a night.  But...for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what he was doing in bed to cause that noise.  I guess I was a bit young then,” she laughed. Ginny looked up from underneath her eyelashes at Hermione. “And then...I met you!”

Hermione reached out and softly stroked Ginny’s cheek despite the temperature in the room and their sweaty condition.  She loved the way Gin would always move into the touch, almost purring like Crookshanks when she petted him.

“Perhaps that’s not entirely accurate,” sighed Ginny. “I discovered how to pleasure myself not too long before we met for the first time. It was on a warm night such as this when I lay here listening to Ron.  There was something about the rhythm that got to me and before I really knew what I was doing I found myself wanking in time with him.  Don’t ask me why, I really don’t know, but for some reason I moved my bed closer to the wall so my headboard would make the same noise as his.  It became a game with us. One of us would go first, then the other and finally we got to where we could time it and both climax together.  We’ve never spoken about it, or even acknowledged it.  It’s just one of those little secret brother sister things I suppose.”

“There are times,” Hermione said wistfully, “that I regret being an only child. It almost sounds like fun. A bit twisted and perverted perhaps, but still fun.”

Ginny nodded and gave a little shrug.  “It all changed after I met you though.  I spent so much time with my hands in my knickers that Ron could never keep up with me after that!  I suppose I was just fulfilling a little fantasy I’ve always had.”

“About your brother?” Hermione asked looking a bit shocked.

“Oh no!  Not about Ron.  It’s just that ever since I met you I’ve always fantasized about...we... well, you know...,” she finished lamely.

“No, I don’t know!  Tell me!”  She could see the red flush starting from Ginny’s neck and rising to cover her face.

Ginny almost hid her face once again, but she took a deep breath as if she were working up her courage.  “Ever since Ron and I started our little game...I would sometimes pretend that...Oh!  I can’t go on!  It’s just too embarrassing!  I just know you’ll think me some kind of a pervert!”

Hermione was too engrossed in Ginny’s tale to let her get out of it this easily.  “No I won’t Gin!  Fantasies are perfectly normal outlets for the imagination.  Everybody has them.  Now do go on before I split something from curiosity!”

Ginny slid over a bit until her mouth was only an inch from Hermione’s ear.  “Well, until I met you I used to fantasize that Ron could see me masturbating...and then after I met you I would fantasize that it was you watching me!” she giggled nervously.  “And lately I’ve had wicked ideas about both of us...watching each other!”

Hermione felt a bolt of scalding hot wetness flowing between her thighs.  “Oh my!” she gushed.  She could feel the heat between her legs rising and just knew that her face was getting as red as Ginny’s hair.  Her reaction did not go unnoticed by Ginny who was now squirming as much as she. “I suppose I should...erm..make a little confession as it were,” she said in a throaty whisper.  “I’ve had the same fantasy.  About you.  Not about Ron!”

Ginny’s eyes were the size of dinner plates. “Really?  You’re not just saying that to make me feel less of a pervert are you?”

Hermione shook her head slowly.  She ran her hand over Ginny’s sweat slicked hip from her slim waist down to her firm bum and back.  “Sometimes..in my bed at school...I erm...while I’m thinking of you and...well...while I’m doing...it.  I often wish that you would walk in and catch me with my hands between my...well, you know!”

“Say it,” pleaded Ginny as she quickly wiped the sweat from her brow.  “Let me hear you say it!”

Hermione looked as though she might die from embarrassment, however Ginny’s confession had lit a fire within her that wouldn’t be quenched.  “When I’m pleasuring myself...you know what I mean!”

“No, I don’t Miss Granger!” said Ginny in a very Professor sort of voice.  She raked her short nails over Hermione’s breast and felt her body jerk from the touch as Hermione uttered a low moan.  “Tell me exactly what you do in you bed at night when you’re thinking of me!”

As if the hot still air didn’t make breathing difficult enough, having Ginny tweaking her nipple made it almost impossible.  Her eyes rolled wildly for a second as she fought to gain some semblance of control.  “When,” she whispered, “I’m laying in my bed, and I’m all...naked with my legs spread as wide open as they’ll go...and my fingers are inside of me and...I’m pretending that they’re yours, or even better...your tongue doing those insanely wonderful things you do to me!”

Ginny’s squirming was getting more noticeable and her breath was coming in short quick pants.  “Mione!  You’re as big a perv as I am!  We must so do this.  Tonight!  Now!”

Hermione’s deep brown eyes widened until she looked like a wild animal caught in the beam of a torch, but she nodded, chewing on her bottom lip as she did so.  Ginny groaned as he watched.  Every time Hermione did that, Ginny would feel a flood between her thighs and a fire in her belly would leap up to engulf her.  She often wondered if Hermione knew about her reaction and did it on purpose.  “I just wish it wasn’t so damn hot,” Hermione whispered.  “I’m damn near there anyway after all of this talk!”

Ginny nodded in agreement and flopped on her back wiping away the sweat.  The tiniest puff of breeze from the open window caught her attention and she slipped from the bed; leaning over her desk and observing the night.  “It’s stopped raining Mione.  And the full moon is coming out.”

Hermione joined her at the window trying to feel a temperature change.  She couldn’t feel any difference in the room, however the air outside did feel a degree or two cooler, but only just. “Not a breath of wind,” she muttered with a pout. “At least the humidity is dropping.  I reckon that should help...eventually.”

Ginny let out the smallest little yelp and started climbing out of the window.  “Stay here Mione! I’ll be right back.  I’ve just had the most delicious idea!”

“Ginny!” Hermione yelled as softly as she could as Ginny’s head disappeared below the window sill.  “Where are you going? You know your mum has been watching us like a hawk lately!”  She jumped slightly as Ginny’s head reappeared for just a moment.  “Don’t worry about mum! By now even she’s sound asleep.  I’ve been climbing up and down this trellis for years and she hasn’t caught me yet.  Stay there!  I’ll be right back!”

“Gin you’re stark naked!” she called into the night.  “Don’t you want your dressing gown at least?”

“Won’t need it!” came the disembodied voice from below the window.  “And don’t think about putting yours on either.  It will just get in the way!”

Hermione leaned to look out of the window but she saw nothing and all she heard was the sound of running feet on the rain dampened earth which quickly faded.  “What in the name of Merlin does she think she’s doing now?” asked Hermione of the darkness.  The night seemed disinclined to answer. 

She stood by the open window fretting for what seemed an eternity but in reality was only a couple of minutes before Ginny’s return.  Hermione jumped slightly as Ginny appeared from the waist up just outside of the window. She was straddling a broom.

“Flying Gin? At this time of night?”

Ginny held out a slim arm and made a ‘come on’ gesture.  “Come on Hermione.  Come fly with me.  It’s a bit cooler out here.  AND we can do that little thing we were just discussing!”

Hermione put on her best pout.  “Ginny you know how I feel about flying!  And there’s no way I’m getting on that thing and...well...you know what with you.”

Ginny simply smiled and slowly put her forefinger in her mouth while making a great show of sucking on it and licking it with her tongue.

Hermione moaned and wiped away more sweat.

“Really Mione?” Ginny asked seductively as she took the wet finger and slowly placed it between her thighs, her eyes locked on her lover’s.

“Damn you!” cried Hermione as she scampered over the desk and almost fell out of the window before Ginny steadied her and seated her on the broom.  She muttered a dark oath as she rubbed her shin where she skinned it during her dive for the window.

“Thought so,” laughed Ginny as she maneuvered the broom away from the house and gained some altitude.  Ginny brought the broom to a hover and put her hands on Hermione’s waist.  “Turn around love and face me,” she said while holding Hermione firmly lest she slip and fall.  Although fearful, Hermione did as Ginny instructed and soon sat facing her lover as the broom stayed stationary in the air.

Ginny looked at the fear in Hermione’s eyes and patted her on the thigh.  “Don’t worry love.  I won’t let you fall off,” she said as she uttered a spell that Hermione didn’t recognize.  As soon as Ginny completed her words Hermione felt quite well supported, almost as if she were in her favorite armchair in the library instead of on a slender broomstick hovering fifty feet off of the ground on a moonlit night.  “Cushioning Charm,” said Ginny softly.  “Go ahead, lean back Mione.  You can’t fall now!”

Ever cautious, Hermione slowly squirmed a bit this way and then that, testing the limits of Ginny’s charm until she realized just how well she was supported.  Her frown was replaced by a grin as Ginny set the broom in a slow circle around the Burrow.  Hermione was admiring the view of the full moon partially covered by the scudding clouds when she felt Ginny pull her slightly forward. “Now we start the fun bits!” laughed Ginny.  She reached out and cupped Hermione’s face in her tiny hands and kissed her soundly.

“Now, no more touching until one of us orgasms eh?” asked Ginny.

Hermione raised one eyebrow.  “OH!  So now we’re making this a competition are we?”

Ginny nodded enthusiastically.  “Thought it would add some spice.  Extra points for dirty talking though!”

Hermione grinned wryly.  “As if wanking on a broom wasn’t crazy enough for you?”

Ginny shrugged which did wonderful things to her breasts. Hermione groaned and retaliated with a lower lip chew.

“You bitch!” cried Ginny breathing wildly.  “You knew all along what that does to me don’t you!”

Hermione grinned slyly as she ran her hands over her sweaty breasts, balancing the fullness of them in her palms before lightly rolling the taut nipples between her fingers.  Ginny’s breathing quickened considerably and more sweat, although probably not weather related, poured from her.  A low feral growl escaped her lips as she watched Hermione pulling on her nipples; a half crooked smile playing on her lips as she slowly nodded. 

“Bugger me blind,” muttered Ginny as she pinched her own nipples, sending cascading waves of pleasure throughout her petite frame. 

Hermione started to shake a bit at the sight but quickly recovered as she slowly inserted a finger in her mouth sucking on it noisily; her eyes fixed on Ginny’s tiny hands.  “Ummmm,” sighed Hermione, “so wet!  And you know where this is going...don’t you?”

Ginny whimpered.  She’s beating me at my own game, she thought.  Bugger if she isn’t the most beautiful woman on this earth!  She raked her short nails across her own breasts and down over her flat stomach.  Even by the light of the full moon Hermione could see the faint red trails they left on the pale freckled skin. 

There was more groaning from Hermione. A lot more!

During the school year Hermione usually kept her nails as short as Ginny’s; more out of fear of damaging old books than anything to do with personal taste.  However, during the summer she had been letting them grow and, on a whim, had lacquered them a deep blood red a few nights ago.  She drew them now across her breasts and down to the sparse patch of brown curls between her thighs.  The trials they left jumped out from her milk white skin causing Ginny a great deal of discomfort judging by her now wildly irregular breathing and small cries. Hermione grinned evilly when she realized that Ginny had almost completely stopped any form of voluntary muscle movement.

Mione tossed her caution out of the window and threw her legs over Ginny’s, leaning back until her spine was almost flat on the broomstick. Reaching down between her sodden thighs, she parted the swollen outer lips and gently teased her engorged clit out from it’s hiding place.  She heard Gin’s sharp intake of breath as she plunged her hands between her own slim thighs, her fingers pumping wildly inside of her.  Hermione shifted her position until she could feel the back of Ginny’s hands against the back of her own.

“Those are my fingers,” Hermione whispered.  “Those are my fingers you feel inside of you Gin!  Can’t you feel them stretching you, exploring you?”  The only answer was a series of low gutturals from her lover as she inserted another and then another finger within her own heat.  Hermione sat up slightly, just enough so that she could watch Ginny’s wide eyes fixated on Hermione’s own fingers as she slipped them slowly into her own pussy.  She could feel her own pleasure building as she fingered herself, but she bore down, willing herself to be calm. Ginny may be the athlete, she thought, but this is one competition that I want to win!

As she worked her fingers within herself, she glanced up at Ginny’s face, now contorted with pleasure.  Just a bit more, Hermione thought. “Can you feel my tongue on you Gin?” she whispered in her most seductive voice.  “Can you feel it deep inside of you?  Slowly, oh so slowly lapping at you, tasting you?”

Ginny’s eyes rolled wildly and then slammed shut as she threw her head back and howled like a wild animal baying at the full moon above them; her body rigid and unmoving, her hands finally stilled. 

Hermione grinned in the moonlight.  Got you, she thought. 

Slowly Ginny’s breathing returned to a more normal pace as her slim body relaxed and her eyes could once again focus.  “You win!” she breathed.  “Bugger me if you didn’t!”

Hermione tried to look innocent but she could feel her own orgasm building.  “And to the victor,” she gasped, "usually go the spoils!”  Leaning forward she placed her hands on the redheads shoulders, pulling her down to her core.  She wasn’t surprised when Ginny offered no resistance but did exhibit a certain enthusiasm.

She felt her lover’s tongue replacing her fingers as the younger girl slowly lapped at the buried treasures between Hermione’s thighs.  She leaned back, trusting to Ginny’s Cushioning Charm to support her, her hands entwined in the sodden mop of Ginny’s red hair, now so wet that it glowed black in the moonlight.  “Yes!” she cried to her lover.  “Oh gods Gin! Yes!”

Every nerve in Hermione’s body was fixed on her clit as Ginny’s tongue danced around it, lapping around it in a lovers dance, and then drawing it between her lips, suckling on it as a baby at it’s mothers teat.  She gasped as she felt strong slim fingers probe her opening, slowly slipping into the pulsing wet heat, stretching, exploring.  A new sensation gripped her as Ginny’s finger worked between her bum cheeks, seeking her most private of openings. She cried out as the finger gained entrance, involuntarily clamping down on the new invader as her orgasm built.

She could feel both fingers working within her now, one familiar and one foreign, foreign perhaps, but oh so right!  Part of her heard Ginny’s whispered command to relax, but as she tried she found that it was impossible.  The sensation of those probing fingers, so close and yet so separated by just a thin wall of flesh combined with Ginny’s flicking tongue, brought her to her release.  It boiled out of her from her toes to the top of her head and finally out from between her lips, drawn back into an animal like snarl. It was something visceral, primitive, and altogether so unlike Hermione that she couldn’t believe that such a sound could come from her own lips.

She yelled out, screaming into the night, as tears of joy mingled with the sweat that poured off of her in great torrents.  She ground her hips into Ginny’s face feeling like a wanton harlot in a Muggle Victorian romance until, finally, slowly, she relaxed as her orgasm flowed through her leaving her limp and spent in her lover’s arms.

A soft voice sounded in her ear as soothing hands stroked her back and shoulders.  “I believe,” the voice whispered, “that we both just won!”


Ron stirred in his bed at the faint sound coming through his open window.  Sweat poured off of him as he staggered to the window wishing for a breeze. He stood in the darkened room staring out into the night.  “Too hot even to bloody wank,” he mumbled aloud. Something at the very edge of his vision caught his attention and he squinted his sleepy eyes trying to make out the shape that drifted across the full moon.  It was there just for a second and then it was gone and try as he might he couldn’t see anything more in the still, hot darkness.

He shook his head as he returned to his narrow bed.  “That’s it then,” he announced to the empty room.  “No more wanking for you, Ronald old sod. When you start thinking you see naked witches on broomsticks flying in the night, it’s time to quit!”

“Bloody hell,” he muttered.  “I wonder how Ginny and Hermione sleep through all of this?”



The End


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