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June 25th, 2008

HP Dark!Fic Recs -- Wednesday, 25 June 2008 [Jun. 25th, 2008|06:47 pm]
Fresh Blood:
• FIC [info]sdk wrote The Blessed Curse of the Inca Rose Stone. Blaise's mother may have fled the country with all the family's gold, but she left Blaise a treasure far greater than galleons. (Blaise/Luna, Blaise/Zacharias, NC-17, *dub-con*)

• ART insane-chick drew Going Batty (Dobby, PG-13, *blood, self-injury*)
• ART loonyl drew The Carrows (Amycus, Alecto, PG) and Regulus and Kreacher (Regulus, Kreacher, PG)
• ART [info]coerciveconsent drew Pretty When You're Mine (Snape/Hermione, NC-17, *non/dub-con*)

Seasoned Killers:
• FIC [info]linw wrote Family Trees. Lucius is escorting his grandchild – Draco's kid – onto Platform 9-3/4. When he is doing so, he spots Harry with two children. They're clearly twins… and they're also clearly Malfoys. How did Harry end up with Malfoy looking children? Are they his…or someone else's? And why is Harry raising them himself? (Lucius/Harry, R, *non-con, slavery, mpreg*)
• FIC [info]starrysummer wrote Hollow. He closes his eyes and imagines for himself: his father. He's reading the Quidditch scores out loud and it will always be Holyhead 250, Puddlemere 110. And Lily Potter feeds her son porridge, blown cool between pressed-red lips, out of a tiny silver spoon that, though tarnished, glimmers softly in the torchlight in his mind. Harry goes to Godric's Hollow, looking for something. (Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lily, James, PG-13, *inferi*)
• FIC [info]hphaeton wrote Some Peace Inside. Voldemort takes Harry to a Christmas Fair. (Voldemort/Harry, R, *very dub-con, references to torture*)

• ART [info]vikingcarrot drew Taste (Fenrir, OC, R, *character death, gore*)
• ART amberpalette drew Noctigagus (Draco, PG, *blood*)
• ART [info]scarah2 drew Horcrux (Snape/Harry, PG, *blood, character death*)

We are always looking for recs, old and new. If you have any, please comment to this post.
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