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Masterlist of Fest Fics :)

Here is the Master List of the fics posted for the fest. Don't worry if you've missed the deadline, just post the fic when you've finished.

Readers, if you can't see the entries, remember you need to join the comm in order to read them, not just watch it :)

Take care,

Daddy's Good Boy by Eriador117, Snape/Harry

Come to my arms, you Beamish Boy! by Traintracks Sirius/Harry

Unbreakable Bond by Torino10154 Sirius/Harry, Teddy/Harry

Nipple Clamps and Cinammon Buns by Train Tracks Sirius/Harry

Sooner or Later, Delicate Death by Goddess47 SS/HP

A Very Special Gift from Santa by Vulpixer SS/HP

I Dream Myself Alive by Eriador117 SS/HP

eriador117 [userpic]
Holiday Fest posting start tomorrow :)

If your fic is too long to post on the community, please email at at annette_20_2000@yahoo.co.uk so we can arrange to host it elsewhere.

Posting starts tomorrow everyone, this is a self-posting fest, you can post your story or art anytime from tomorrow until Jan 1st.

Please remember to join the community, not just watch it, to read and post fic or art as everything should be f-locked.

Please use the following header for your submission:

Author/Artist Note:

In the subject header, please put the type (fic or art) name of your submission and any pairings, for example: Fic: Harry's Potions Lesson, SS/HP

All submissions should be cut-tagged. More info on how to do that Here

Have fun :)

Take care,

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Claims so far

1)Snape/Harry, Daddy!Kink - I don't care if Snape actually ~is~ Harry's father or not in the fic, just a generous usage of the word, "Daddy!" abrae had to pull out, but I will write this one, how could I resist ;) 1 fic claim, eriador117

2)Harry's imaginary "friend" during his stay in the cupboard under the stairs at the Dursley's. Said friend is always there for him when he needs them-- always makes him feel good when he's upset/sad/angry/scared.

3)Albus Severus has always wanted to meet the man his father named him after. He just didn't expect the man the to hijack his dreams every night (and act like it was Albus' fault that he was there to begin with!). Is it just his imagination going wild or is there something more to these... "dreams?"

4)Snape (or Lucius, Draco, Harry, twins) is temporarily de-aged into child (no older than 12 years old, please), and someone unexpected (Harry, Lucius, Ron, Charlie, Bill, Neville, Draco, etc.) is given the task to care for him for the duration of the spell/accident/potion/etc. The boy is... surprisingly over affectionate for his age (in an innocent way) as if to make up for the lack of attention he hadn't received the first time around.

5)Someone (Snape, Lucius, Charlie, Bill, Ron, Draco, Harry, etc.) gets stuck in his animagus!form or is accidentally transfigured into a cuddly animal of some sort. After trying desperately to change back (or catch the culprit) they are forced to seek help from someone else. Unfortunately, it's the Holiday's and their animal form is weak/small/young. Thankfully, a young student comes by and takes pity on them. Now if only they could get the boy to understand what happened or at least get them to Dumbledore!

6)Snarry: Upon his return (in book 4) ol' Voldy makes Snape drink a de-aging potion as a punishment for not staying loyal. What on earth are they going to do when young Severus is sorted into Gryffindor? And what on earth is Harry going to do with his budding feelings for Professor Snape, when the man is now little Sevvy?! (Oh, and what are they going to do about Voldy?)

7)Snarry: A fic for: http://asylums.insanejournal.com/severus_sighs/215128.html (Yes, that would be Mpreg!)

8) Draco is an alcoholic, 14 year old Albus Severus has got into the habit of bringing him home/to his quarters when he's drunk. Can be set outside or within Hogwarts (with Draco as professor). Drunk, Draco propositions to Albus. Take it from there.

9) Scorpius is the last of the Malfoys AND the Blacks - and as the head of the House of Black, Harry has no choice but to take the orphaned kid in. Twist this situation in ANY way that pleases you.

10) 14-year-old Slytherin child seduces their favorite Professor/Head of House.

11) Daddy!kink, punishment, strict 'training' to turn the child into a perfectly obedient fucktoy. Could include cross-dressing if the child is male.

12)Trusting, innocent child turns to pseudo-parent for love/comfort and is carefully coaxed into a sexual relationship.

13) Despoiling the child as a form of revenge against the child's parent(s).

14) Remus/Neville, Neville/Teddy. Neville takes Teddy under his wing at Hogwarts just as Remus had done for Neville.

15) Sirius/Harry/(Remus). Christmas at Grimmauld Place. 1 fic claim (traintracks777)

16) Draco/Teddy. Draco catches Teddy sneaking a drink at a family gathering and teaches him a lesson (dub-con OK but no non-con, please).

17) Charlie/Draco. Set during GOF, Charlie tames the one dragon in residence at Hogwarts.

18) Severus/various Slytherin students. One of the perks of being the Head of Slytherin House dates to the time of the founders. Severus finds he quite enjoys deflowering each of his little snakes. 1 fic claim by SDK

19) Bill has a thing for teaching his younger siblings the ins and outs of sex.

20) Someone feels like an ugly duckling and runs to one of their siblings (one or more of them) for advice or reassurance.

21) When the Weasley siblings are left alone at the Burrow, things can be... Interesting. 1 art claim (hamimi_fk)

22) AU - Pureblood families have a higher tendency for soulbonding. Run with it!

23) Younger sibling(s) seduces older sibling(s).

24) Sirius/Harry, Harry/Teddy - Sirius teaches Harry that godfathers and godsons have a special bond. 1 fic claim (torino)

25) Draco/Scorpius - Scorpius won't take no for an answer. (Would love lots of "Daddy" talk.)

26) Harry/de-aged!Draco - potions accident/spell gone awry sends Draco back to his teenaged years. Harry's ashamed at how much he can't resist his newly-younger partner. OR non-established H/D and Harry when is suddenly very hot for young!Draco and Draco uses this to his advantage.

27) Harry/Draco/Scorpius, Harry/Draco/James, Harry/Draco/Albus Severus - I'd love to see the younger character manipulate/seduce an established Harry/Draco.

28) Eight-year-old Harry is given as a gift to Snape.

29) Eleven-year-old Harry finds out more than just being a wizard; he discovers that he is actually a sex slave to his professor, Severus Snape. Professor Snape doesn't mind sharing him with Dumbledore or whomever he pleases.

30) Harry was caught by Death Eaters and held at the Malfoy Manor. The Order attempted to save him, however during the battle an accidental magic occurred that caused both Order members and DEs to be trapped inside the manor. Furthermore, all adults seemed to have become cursed with extreme sexual urges, but they could only satisfy those urges with those who are not cursed. It so happened that the only ones that have not been cursed are Harry and Draco. It is up to the author/artist which adults are trapped in the manor.

31) Scorpius and Harry are soul-bonded mates, a naturally occurring, yet extremely rare thing even in the magical world. This bond became obvious shortly after Scorpius' birth, and ever since then Draco had the hard job of balancing between ensuring his son had as normal childhood as possible, while satisfying the child's need for his bondmate. I'd like to see Draco as a kindly and loving father, torn between wishing to protect his child and yet forced to keep them together since Scorpius is not doing well without regular doses of proximity to his bondmate. All the while Draco must monitor carefully that everything is “proper” between Harry and Scorpius (chaperoning, keeping a stern eye on them, etc).

32) De-aged or young Snape + adult Harry

33) Set in HBP, Bill might be engaged to a part Veela but she ca't fufull all his needs. Pretty, little (and Bill likes that Dennis is little) Dennis will do just fine for that however.

34) GOF, Charlie spots the kid who fell into the lake and didn't blink an eye. Small (probably tight) cute and up for anything. Charlie's type and he'll see how much Dennis can really take

35) Harry finds a Time Turner and for whatever reason goes back to summer before OOTP or HBP and befriend the Creeveys. Dennis in cutoffs and barefeet get to Harry, and Harry's never been good at resisting impulses. (Note, would not mind if someone was gracious enough to fill, then Harry in present time found Dennis and ao forth, or a hint of that)

36) I'd like to see a fifth year fic where Harry doesn't really forgive his friends for the summer and gets closer to Sirius, who he feels is the only one to understand.

37) Scorpius was never friends with Harry's kids and that helps the guilt when Harry is having an affair with him to escape his loveless marriage.

38) Harry is not as innocent as people think, and has had a few lovers, when Cedric stumbles across him in the Prefects bathroom.

39) Harry is sick of having things hidden from him, and there is nothing he won't do to get the truth out of his godfather. Every single detail.

40) In his body, Harry is just 14, but his eyes tell a different story that leads Charlie to making him a man all over, before anyone else can.

41) A true Santa's Lap story, complete with naughty Father Christmas and a Harry who's never sat on his lap before. Points for candy canes. (Remus/Harry) 1 fic claim (vulpixer)

42) After the Dementor scare in the DADA classroom, Remus keeps Harry after class and feeds him something even better than chocolate.

43) Harry's been wanking and Remus can smell it on his hands. Pre-transformation (like PMS, only sexier!) lust ensues.

44) Fifth year. After viewing Snape's worst memory and being pulled out of the pensieve, Harry accidentally casts Legilimency on Snape and discovers other memories in the professor's mind. Images of Snape and Harry doing things that Harry had never considered until now and Harry is suddenly hot for Snape.

45) From the first day Harry started Hogwarts, Snape knows he's been physically and mentally abused. Snape decides to offer protection and friendship in return for something else - Harry's virginity, and thus Harry will be bound to him and will not be able to be manipulated by either Voldemort or Dumbledore. 1 fic claim (goddess)

46) In third year, Remus, on a day near the full moon has mistaken Harry for James and rapes Harry in the DADA classroom. Snape discovers the memory during Occlumency, but Harry had no memory of the incident. What does Snape do about it?

47) Harry's been dosed with some sort of aphrodisiac due to a potions mishap/spell/deliberate sabotage and fortunately Snape is on-hand to help him work through the effects.

48) During GOF, Harry sees Snape kiss Karkaroff in the Forbidden Forest and is surprised by the jealousy. He sets out to steal Snape for himself. Much angsting by Snape over his attraction to Harry, but eventually he gives in.

49) The Dark Lord is gaining power and Rodolphus and Rabastan's parents send their two young sons to him to be "trained". The boys may be initially wary of the Dark Lord, but he has very convincing ways of gaining their loyalty.

50) In the WIzarding World virginity could be used for ritualistic sex magic, even when taken forcefully. For that reason all young wizards and witches must lose their virginity by the age of 14. If they don't lose it naturally (though teenage curiosity), then there's a catalogue of people who are willing to offer sexual guidance in exchange for the magical bonus they get from the act. While those who went through the catalogue are magically forbidden from discussing things, there are still rumours among the Hogwarts populace about #XX and how good they are. 1 fic claim (eriador)

60) The Erastes/Eromenos relationship is an old tradition in Wizarding World. 1 fic claim (unbroken_halo)

61) Due to his/their creature blood X and Y (and Z?) can’t resist each other. Dub-con is fine, please no non-con

62) On a bet a Hogwarts student tries to seduce his teacher, but what about love or integrity?

63) Spell/potion gone wrong and a fuck or die scenario. Dub-con is fine, please no non-con

Please keep claiming on the prompts post and I will update this list as needed. No comments are enabled for this particular post, it's just for me to keep things straight (slashy, LOL!) in my head.

Take care,

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Prompt Claiming

The posting of prompts is now closed, time for claiming :)

Each prompt can have two claims per prompt for either art or fic, so it can be 2 fics and 2 art, 4 claims altogether.

To claim your prompt, please reply underneath the person whose prompt you are claiming, which prompt of theirs you are claiming, for example, abrae's prompt number 5, fic and whether it will be for fic or art. I will try and keep up with striking out the ones who have 4 claims, so hopefully everyone will get to claim the one they want to write/draw :)

Take care,

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HP Chan Slash Holiday Fest

HP Chanslash Fest Coming Soon!

General Rules

•You must be at least 18 years old in order to be a participant in the fest. When the prompt claims post goes up, participants will be asked to include an age statement as well as their prompt choice.

•This is a chan slash fest; therefore, your submission must contain slash related content and it must feature chan in some way. For the purposes of this fest, I'm defining chan as a relationship between an adult and a minor under the age of 16 (current age of consent in Britain). How young you make the minor beyond that is completely up to your comfort level. Mixed gender threesomes are okay so long as the threesome combination is male/male/female and the male characters are interacting with each other as well as the female.

•All ratings are accepted. Please use MPAA rating guidelines (G through NC-17) when posting.

•Fics must be at least 1000 words; art must be, more than a sketch. There is no upper word limit.


The call for prompts post will go up on August 31st and run until September 18th

Anyone can submit a prompt, you don't have to be a member to submit a prompt, but you will need to become a member to read the submissions, as they will be f-locked.

The prompts should be situations, scenes, or words that you think would be an interesting jumping off point for a participant. They can include your preferred pairings, or a selection of characters for the artist/writer to choose.

Each prompter may post up to 3-5 different scenearios.

Prompt Claimimg:

Prompt claiming will open on September 15 and until September 30.

Two claims per prompt will be allowed in fic and art, so 4 altogether, 2 for fic and 2 for art.


This is a self-posting fest. All writers/artists are encouraged to post their fic and art on the community starting on November 30th and finish posting on 1st January.

Having your fic beta-read is encouraged.

Masterlist of fic and art will be posted sometime in mid January.

If your fic is too long to post on the community, please email at at annette_20_2000@yahoo.co.uk so we can arrange to host it elsewhere.

Please use the following header for your submission:

Author/Artist Note:

In the subject header, please put the type (fic or art) name of your submission and any pairings, for example: Fic: Harry's Potions Lesson, SS/HP

All submissions should be cut-tagged. More info on how to do that Here

General Timeline:

August 31-18 September call for prompts.
September 19-30 prompt claiming.
November 30 - Jan 1 posting of entries
Mid Jan - Masterlist posted.

Any other questions, please email me at annette_20_2000@yahoo.co.uk or ask in the comments

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