May 8th, 2008

05:09 pm
[info]beholder_mod: ART: 'Stolen Moment' for venturous

Recipient: [info]venturous
Artist: [info]tripperfunster
Title: Stolen Moment
Rating: PG-13?
Pairings: Pince and McGonagall
Warnings: Nekkid Chicks
Artist's Notes: My husband walked by me while I was drawing this and almost had a heart attack. "Ooooh yeeaaahh" he purred, "Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!" :D Poor guy, he's so used to seeing me draw men shagging each other that he probably didn't think I knew what a woman looked like. :D

Stolen Moments )

05:13 pm
[info]beholder_mod: ART: 'The Jealous One' for eeyore9990

Recipient: [info]eeyore9990
Artist: [info]julian_black
Title: The Jealous One
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Snape/Filch
Warnings: Nudity/implied genitalia.
Summary: Argus Filch was amazed that anyone would have him at all. He wasn't prepared for this sort of thing...
Artist's Notes: I've always wanted to do this pairing, but never got around to it. Thanks for giving me a likely excuse; hope you enjoy it!

The Jealous One )

05:20 pm
[info]beholder_mod: FIC: 'Breaking the Seal' for djinnj

(Note to the Mystery Author: [info]djinnj is currently out of the country and may be unable to comment for a day or so, but she wanted you to know that she's very excited about this story and will be reading it just as soon as she can!)

Recipient: [info]djinnj
Author: [info]florahart
Title: Breaking the Seal
Rating: NC-17 in the end, though most of the fic is not about sex
Pairings: Petunia/Percy (previous Petunia/Vernon)
Word Count: nearly 30,000
Warnings: Vernon is a violent bastard; this probably isn't news but Petunia reflects on it and we see some new violent, and sexually-violent, behavior.
Summary: Petunia didn't know why she'd kept the box under Lily's bed, but it turned out, it might be useful.
Author's Notes: I'm sorry I couldn't make Pince and Binns have a love affair. Ironically, I kept trying to think about it and going...but I don't think I can do that without it turning into a novella; I really should do something I can do right in 10,000 words. *looks at wordcount* Yes, that went well. Thanks to the folks who listened to me bitch and moan about the extent to which this was exceeding my plans (one of whom correctly smote me for canon failure; thank you), and to my beta for catching roughly a million typos and comma failures.

Breaking the Seal )

And with this wonderfully long story (our third post for today!), we've come to the end of the first [info]hp_beholder fic and art exchange. Thanks to everybody for participating as authors and artists and readers and viewers! Remember there's still time to catch up - and comment - before the reveals on Monday, May 12th.