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Animes watched [Oct. 25th, 2020|06:55 pm]

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Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru III Episode 3-4:

The adventure guild entrusted a mission to hestia familia. Bell read and knew mission was to take wiene to 20th floor of dungeon. Bell and others set off into dungeon while hestia went to meet the guild mqster from the sacred language on the mission letter. Bell and others reached 20th floor and heard strange song to move forward. They faced off humanoid monsters who turned out to be only testing them and could talk. The God patron - ouranos of guild master had wanted bell to return wiene back to her kins. They told bell and others they were known as xenos or intelligent monsters. Bell and his guild was labelled as hope to them. Hestia worried her familia would lost its place in the town of they co existed with xeons. Xeons was hoping to live on the surface. Wiene was convinced to stay with xeons so bell and others would not be troubled by other familias. Later, wiene and others were lured to trap by other familia who used a captured xeon.

Kami-tachi ni Hirowareta Otoko Episode 2-3:

The people were impressed ryoma could take big slimes and was recommended to register with tamer guild. Rinhart's daughter - elia asked ryoma on advise to tame a slime as they were from family of tamers. The girl set off to get a cleaner slime with ryoma's advise. The group asked ryoma to join them on their journey. He accepted their invitation and set off. The group was impressed with ryoma's ability. They reached gimurl. Ryoma saw the gods again when he checked his status in the church. He was told reinhart's ancestor was also from ryoma's previous world. Back to reality, romance took his status board. Reinhart and others sent ryoma to tamer guild then to adventurer guild. He passed all the test in adventurer guild and was registered to start from G rank. Ryoma started taking on jobs starting with cleaning work for a female beastkin.

100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatteiru 03-04:

Yotsuya received a call from game master to find on an assigned girl. He went to female toilet to see bullies on the assigned girl. He broke all bullies' mobile phones. The girl bullies ran off. He escorted the girl along the way. Few weeks later, yotsuya and the girl with two earlier girls were summoned to the other world by game master. Their next mission was to deliver goods. In battle against centipede monster, yotsuya succeeded eliminating it. One night, lu told yotsuya about an elder girl friend who had commit suicide and how it changed her ideas not to be bullied. She asked yotsuya to help in this world. They got information that the location destination was far and decided to join tournament to win horses for the journey. They got attacked by bandits and lu was abducted. Yotsuya went for tournament and left task to save lu to other girls. The girls got caught as well. Yotsuya was defeated by a girl knight in tournament. He negotiated to get horses in return to defeat bandits. The girl knight trained yotsuya on swordmanship. The girl knight kahvel and her men with yotsuya attacked the bandit base. The bandit released a berserk as they fled. Yotsuya helped kahvel so she could behead the beserker. They defeated the bandits and saved the three girls. Kahvel offered to escort yotsuya and the girls to their destination.

Jujutsu Kaisen (TV) Episode 3-4:

The two guys - yuji and megumi and the teacher met the 3rd student - Nobara. They went to a cursed site. Yuji and nobara were to exorcise the evil curse. They succeeded while saving a child. Nobara recalled her friend saori who had been driven out of her countryside by her villagers. She wanted to see saori again. They went celebration after that.

Yuji, megumi and nobara went on next mission to find survivors trapped due to the cursed womb. They ran into special grade curse. Yuji offered to fight the special grade while megumi looked for nobara. Megumi saved nobara in time. As megumi gave signal, yujji released sakuna. Nobara was sent to hospital while megumi waited outside for yuji. Sakuna eliminated the special grade after extracting his cursed finger.

Kings Raid Ishi wo Tsugumono tachi Episode 3-4:

The sage explained about kasel's past. 100 years when king Kyle was a prince. Illya - his elf half sister was close to him. Kasel's mother - arlette was forced to be separated from Kyle. Kyle inherited as king while in war with demons. While reunited with arlette, arlette was pregnant with Kyle's child. Illya tried to create another holy sword but was prosecuted along with other dark elves after the war. Kyle and demon king went missing after the battle. The holy sword was sealed. Arlette had been put to sleep for 100 years so kasel could revive the holy sword. Kasel was told to look for great sage Lorraine to unseal the sword. Cleo and roi were told to follow and assist kasel. Kasel and Frey told clause before departure. As the group reached the forest, they were attacked by demon army. A female archer - seleine aided them and led them to lorraine. The forest misled kasel, roi, Cleo and Frey out but a child tree offered to guide them to seleine. That night, they sensed strong violence from trees while resting and were attacked by intruding demon. The demon grabbed the child tree and kasel and others tried to save it. Kasel was saved by the child tree which sacrificed itself and was killed by the demon. Kasel was enraged and stabbed the demon even after it died. Lorraine appeared.

Animes watched [Oct. 24th, 2020|11:36 pm]

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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (2020) Episode 3-4:

Keiichi and others went for the festival. Next day, a police went to talk to keiichi, asking him of a photographer and a woman whom he saw during festival. Hr told keiichi of a murder 4 years ago leading to a series of subsequent curse deaths. Each death happened on day of festival every year. The photographer and the woman had went missing after the festival. The police - kura told keiichi not to let other people of their meeting. Rena questioned keiichi of the police and refused to tell him of what she knew. Later, the police told keiichi of rena. He was shocked to learn rena had went to his house when he was on the phone with the police. Later, keiichi returned to school. Rika went to talk to keiichi and he confessed on strangeness of rena. She told him not to doubt rena. Rena visited keiichi and tried to stab him. He acted in self defence and hit her back. Keiichi was later saved by hospital but rena was pronounced dead. Mion visited keiichi and told him that day after his incident, the two other girls were also found stabbed to death. After mion left, a nurse asked keiichi if he felt his neck itch and he did the same act as rena did before she had tried to stab him.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 2-3:

Someone was collecting some samples. Meanwhile, there was news of corpses with blood drained. The students discussed during break and learned it also happened in America. Two agents tried to handle the culprit but failed. Lena shielded for them. A student - leo fought the culprit but the latter escaped. Other students visited Leo in hospital and suspected details of the culprit's motive. School council suspected the criminal was hunting magicians. Tatsuya checked with shizuku on similar incidents in America. Lena got into fight with erika while miki went after the culprit. Tatsuya saved miki in time and lena left. Tatsuya accepted student council request to investigate the matters. He had a run in with lena.

Hanyou no Yashahime - Sengoku 03-4:

Towa used her demon power to strengthen her broken sword to stab the demon centipede. Setsuna could not remember towa. Setuna and moroha got back their pearls. Moroha got both idea that both the girls were daughters of sesshoumaru. Kaeda told kohaku that sesshoumaru had entrusted her with his daughters 14 years ago. Other place, a demon possessed towa to attack other people. Kagome's mother found moroha resembled kagome. Setsuna fought towa. The demon left towa to possess mei. Towa tried to shield mei. Setsuna forced the demon out of mei. In kaeda 's place, kohaku found the previous demon root head attached on the sacred tree that had sent setsuna and moroha through time. In Tokyo, Sota took in setsuna and moroha. Moroha guessed right that setsuna had her memory devoured by dream butterfly. Moroha managed to get information to return to feudal time. Later, sota told towa about kagome. After that, moroha, towa and setsuna prepared to return to the past to regain setsuna's memory. In feudal time, the sacred tree started to glow. In present time, the three girls went through the time corridor and met age of tree who was in form of kikyou. She asked them to slay kirinmaru and defeat sesshoumaru. Towa and setsuna rejected so tree of age got root head to attack the girls. They defeated the root head and were sent to kaeda and kohaku's side.

Animes watched [Oct. 24th, 2020|12:14 am]

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[mood | depressed]

Otome Game no Hametsu Episode 1 - 12 (finale):

A spoilt noble girl Catarina was betrothed to a prince when she was a child. While going for a walk with the prince, she hit the ground on her head and recalled her past life as a Japanese girl who was an otome who loved tree climbing and playing an online game - fortune lover which resembled the world she was in and she was now the villainess who would meet bad ends in each turn of game. The girl had returned as the villainess character after she was killed in accident. In order to avoid the bad ending, she became caring to people who could have ended her in a bad end including the main female character- maria. As a result, all characters became drawn to her. Sophia - a friend of catarina turned out to be her previous life classmate and best friend. After catarina was wrongly accused of bullying Maria, Maria saw suspicious darkness and went after it. She disappeared after that. Catarina and others tried to find her but in vain. Catarina disclosed the council president as the culprit. The president enveloped her into darkness and she woke back to her previous life. Back to reality, catarina was in coma for two days with no sign of waking up. Her friends were worried. Through her previous life - acchan, sophie tried to call catarina back. Catarina decided to find Maria and told others of the real culprit. They set off to the president's hidden place and found Maria. They went to find the president who was covered by dark magic. Catarina tried to talk to him again. The president recalled his past when he witnessed the murder of his mother by a woman who tried to acquire dark magic to revive her sick son. Catarina was able to know the president's real name and made him realise his mother real wish. With that, the dark magic dispersed. The president's adopted family clan was put to justice. Catarina faced the final challenge in the graduation party. The ending turned out to be completely different from all game ending as Maria confessed her feeling to catarina. Others joined in the confession. Catarina was delighted not to meet any doom ending. The president rejoined them as his real name.

Kabukichou Sherlock OVA Episode 1

Short stories of the individual detectives going on their matters.

Keishichou Tokumubu OVA Episode 1

While packing office after solving the dragon incident, the agents of seven talked about a past case.

I can't tell if things are better? [Oct. 18th, 2020|05:40 pm]


I last posted beginning of September and things weren't good then and while overall things are better I feel like I haven't improved. I feel like I'm stuck in that state a computer gets right before it blue screens.

I have done updates on communities I'm running fests on AND I did some scheduled entries so I don't miss those (i.e. I'm not scrambling a few days after OH SHIT I FORGOT TO POST THE SIGN UPS). For some reason I feel like dreamwidth isn't as streamlined on scheduled posts as livejournal is? Because I can be on dreamwidth and say 'schedule this post' via changing the dates, but then it takes me to the community where it's posted. No good. I've set up the scheduled posts on livejournal and have just set up my phone to remind me to do them on dreamwidth and that's that.

And I had a vague chuckle remembering that I'd started [info]newyearcntdown in response to the other daily December prompt community here on LJ -- that no one was minding it, but then out of the blue the mod challenged me on it so off I went to a new place and I haven't heard from that community since. Strange that. Ha.

I'm half on the fence for signing up for 25 Days of Draco and Harry. I should be able to write them, but also maybe not? I've a few days to decide I suppose.

A lot of it hinges on work, the same as moving does.

deetshere )

So. Yeah. That's the state of things.

I took Thursday off because of an ovarian cyst and then Friday I'd taken off because dad wanted to work on the car so I've been off for four days. Which has been good for me overall, but I'm dreading going in to work tomorrow. Because of the case upswing, because my quirks are being dismissed, because I'm just. I'm tired. There's just too much going on. I just want to hide away for the winter and sleep. Like a bear. A nice soft reset.
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Animes watched [Oct. 18th, 2020|06:06 pm]

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Ikebukuro West Gate Park Episode 1 - 2:

Takashi and makoto arrested a junkie. Next day, takashi brought a girl - mion related to the junkie to makoto. Mion had tried to burn a building with drugs as her mother had been hit by a drug user. Makoto and mion went to visit a police chief - reichiirou. Mion insisted wanting to see the people who had hurt her mother. Makoto and mion ended up running as mion crushed a high quality drug. They ran into an old policeman who knew makoto and he gave makoto information. Makoto and takashi moved on to check on the drug owner. Mion distracted owner of the drug room so makoto and takashi were not discovered. The drug owner was arrested. Mion and her mother thanked them later.

Takashi and makoto were investigating a curry shop that had harsh working condition and it was one of shops run by red angel group headed by ozaki. Masaru- makoto's friend was attacked for standing up for his friend- mitsuki. They found that ok holdings had been using g boys and red Angel's groups in checks. They pissed off the holding in media press to lure the attackers out. Both g boys and red angels gang members taking on the attackers. The holding's staffs were arrested.

Munou na Nana Episode 2 - 3:

Flashback, Nana was tasked by non ability human organisation to eliminate ability users in the academy. Back to present, nana was wary of a transfer student - kyouya who was suspecting her for nakajima's disappearance. She plotted on killing of a student who had ability to go back time. The student was missing from class the next day.

Kyouya told nana his suspicion on death of nakajima and showed her nakajima's watch. Nana tried to kill kyouya in an explosion but failed as kyouya was immortal.

one piece #945-946:

Big mom started hunting for red bean soup after defeating queen. Kid and his subordinate got out of water during the commotion. Meanwhile, raizo and others intruded into the prison and took control of communication snail network. After finding the red bean pot empty, big mom got depressed. Luffy accidentally revealed himself being the one finished the red bean soup. Big mom attacked luffy who realised big mom could not remember him. Luffy got both his and old man's collars off out of desperation. Old man ordered luffy to fight big mom to train himself. Luffy challenged big mom. The old man told luffy to believe his strength. Big mom went after luffy. Queen had a plan to deal with big mom and hit her with his head. Big mom remembered her identity and her past.

Kimi to Boku no Saigo no Senjou Episode 1 - 2:

1 year earlier. A saint disciple - iska saved a girl witch from a prison. He was demoted and ordered to take down a purebred ice calamity witch in present time. Iska asked for three people on his team. Iska had hoped for end of war. The ice calamity witch - alice showed her power as she saved her subordinates and fought iska. After Alice accidentally fell into iska's arms, she stepped back and left with her subordinate. In a theater of a neutral city to watch show, Alice ran into iska again. They met again in a restaurant. They found themselves having many common interest. Later, Alice's mother the queen warned and planned to investigate on iska. After that, Alice ran into iska again.

Animes watched [Oct. 17th, 2020|02:50 pm]

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[mood | annoyed]

Majo no Tabitabi Episode 2 - 3:

Elaina went to the city of witches. A girl accidentally bumped into her and broke some tiles. Elaina helped her to fix the damage and left. Elaina was rejected from many hotels and ended up in the inn manned by the girl who bumped into her earlier. Elaina then found her witch brooch missing. The girl saya asked elaina to teach her magic. Elaina agreed. After some day, elaina found that saya had taken her brooch. She questioned her and saya confessed she had felt lonely. Elaina gave her her hat. Saya wept. 6 months later, elaina found news of saya passing her exam.

Elaina met a girl among the field of flowers. She asked elaina give some flowers to anyone in the city she was visiting. The city guard took the flowers from her and reluctantly returned her. The guard superior told elaina that the flowers was poisonous and destroyed the flowers. Elaina returned to the field to find the guard reunited with his dead lost sister and covered by plant roots.

Elaina went on a journey and met a man who claimed holding bottle with happiness. He told her he was bottling happiness for his depressed girlfriend. He invited her for lunch with his girlfriend. She had a talk with the man's father who had bought the girl- nino who was a slave. The man gave nino his present bottle with happiness. Nino wept. Later, elaina bidded farewell to them and left.

Golden Kamuy 3rd Season Episode 1- 2:

Sugimoto and others went on journey to look for asirpa. They found an ainu girl who had info of asirpa but they were attacked by a wolverine. They put up in the ainu girl's place. They went to the Russian village nearby. They got involved in a fighting tournament involving a man with body tattoos. A man made his appearance when sugimoto and his team won the match. They fought the man with tattoos in the next match. Sugimoto got out of control and revealed his goal to get the tattoo from the man. They had to help the tattoo man who was attacked by wolverine. The two ainu kids stalked the Russian who took their dogs and succeeded. The kids ran into sugimoto who was out of hid mind. Sugimoto fought the wolverine that attacked the kids. While the kid shot the animal, sugimoto fought the tattoo man. Sugimoto returned to his mind after he fell into cold water and got out. The tattoo man told sugimoto of what he overheard asirpa had mentioned about him.

Akudama Drive Episode 2

All people involved in saving cutthroat got the money. They were ordered to attack shinkansen. They took over a bus as a start. When cut throat hit the emergency button, the bus crashed into a hotel. They were attacked by police. After the police was eliminated, the cat continued to explain the plan. Just then, two executioners stormed in. The criminals managed to escape.

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