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Animes watched yesterday [Feb. 21st, 2018|10:19 am]

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[Current Mood | indescribable]

Basilisk Ouka Ninpouchou #07:

Namenbo was concerned of the rumors that the current shogun was involved in the assassination of the five treasures of Kouga and five flowers of Iga, she sneaked into the castle to check and found the shogun had no idea of the matter and he was innocent of the incident. Before she could escape, she ran into a ninja and failed to return home. Meanwhile, Hachirou went to meet the exiled noble - brother of the shogun and rejected the latter's request to kill his enemy. The noble tried to kill Hachirou but with help from Saizou, Hachirou killed his attackers with his eye technique and left. Other place, Utsutsu and Rui could not contain their curiosity of the strange castle and decided to check despite warning from Habiki.

Beatless #06:

A flashback of past few episodes.

Black Clover #19 - #20:

Mimosa rushed to save Asta who was injured by Mars. Mars recovered from Asta's earlier attack and was going to attack Asta and Mimosa. Anxious for Asta, Yuno broke off his bound and his newly obtained magic from the dungeon was activated to freeze time and a fairy from the magic defeated Mars. Asta's sword sunk back into Asta's book and the dungeon begun to collapsed. Luck led the way for Yuno to take all out of the place. Mars who was saved by his fellow mage from Diamond country, recalled his past when his only friend was forced to attack him in the final match and she had died after healing his injuries. After getting into safety, Klaus confessed his aknowledgement of Yuno and Asta's abilities despite them not from royalty clans.

Asta slept for one week before resuming normal activities. He, Noelle, Yuno, Klaus and Mimosa were called upon to submit their reports to the wizard king. The wizard king left them to a buffet with the royal clan members who had just received their stars award and went off for an urgent matter. The royal members taunted Noelle, Asta, Yuno as well as Mimosa who had been injured in early part of dungeon mission. Angered by Noelle being humilated by her siblings, Asta exploded his temper at them.

Boruto Naruto Next Generation #45:

The less well off people in Konoha were influenced by the noble thieves and started rebelling against the richer companies. Ryogi recalled how years ago he had witnessed his parents being murdered by a man and his father's good friend had killed the man and took him in as part of the noble thieve group. Later evening, he had a game of shogi with Shikadai who revealed his knowledge that Ryogi was one of the thieves and tried to persuade Ryogi to leave the group. Ryogi refused and ran off to rejoin his father's friend who was currently his adopted father.
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Animes watched [Feb. 18th, 2018|09:27 pm]

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[Current Mood | complacent]

Death March kara hajimeru isekai kyousoukyoku #05 - #06:

Satou took in 2 more slaves - Arisa and Lulu and realised Arisa understood Japanese and was a reincarnation of a Japanese from real to game world. She had became a slave after her failure to strengthen her country as princess using knowledge from real world. Zena visited Satou and accompanied him to find an accommodation for him and his slaves while Satou sent Liza and others to buy themselves decent clothing. In an odd job place, Satou met a manager who was an elf. Later, the city was attacked by giant ants but Satou and others managed to eliminate them. That night, Satou saved a wererat knight and a child elf to the odd job manager's place.

Gin no guardian s2 #06:

Some high rank players from totem team went to Shuigin's aid when a monkey like player sought trouble to him as the former wanted to level up by defeating shuigin. With others support, shuigin blocked his attack. The monkey for stopped pestering when he was promised to fight temujin later. Shuigin and others proceeded to find temujin so he could save riku rei.

Kokkoku #05 - #06:

Shoko told others how her family turned into Herald when they were accidentally trapped in still time few years ago. Shoko 's parents and brother became mentally weak and turned into Herald. Back to present, Shoko was hoping to get Juri's help to turn her family back to human so she could take back their bodies. Tsubasa almost turned into a Herald when he killed a man who attacked him and Makoto.

Juri and her grandfather who managed to snatch Juri's father back in time found him and Juri forced the jelly like thing from tsubasa, saving him from being a Herald. Shoko found them and got them to cooperate. Juri's father lured appearance of shoko's family and Juri expelled the jelly from them, revealing their human corpses.

One Piece #825 - #826:

Sanji found Luffy and after being punched in the face, he confessed that he wanted to return to strawhats but he needed to save his biological family. Luffy offered to help and communicated with chopper and others. While big mama's 2nd and 3rd sons arrived to attend her tea party, jimbei suggested Luffy to join force with big mama's security force who had intention to kill big mama.

Overlord II #06:

Butler Sebas saved a dying woman from a slave driver rrmployed by eight fingers organisation and arranged to help her back to health. Meanwhile, a warrior who was saved by the army commander was feeling depressed. An organisation burned down a back manipulator organisation - eight fingers' drug plantation.
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Animes watched [Feb. 17th, 2018|03:52 pm]

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[Current Mood | bored]

Basilisk Ouka Ninpouchou #06:

4 years passed. The noble who was brother of shogun was being stripped off power after he was involved in a massacre. Hachirou left his clan as he could not forget how his jutsu was useless against the enemy leader. The rest of the children from kouga and iga clan also grew up and were running a teahouse while training to obtain information.

Garo Vanishing Line #16 - #18:

While finding chocolate to compensate Sophie, Sword ran into a young man - pedro who got into trouble after trying to avenge for his dead lover - Monica. Sword recalled his past when he learned of his younger sister- Lizzy's death when the lab next to her school exploded. Pedro went ahead to challenge the gang boss and sword saved him in time. Pedro gave up his revenge when the bracelet Monica gave him broke. Sword returned to Gina and made up with Sophie.

Sword, Gina and Sophie ran into enemies and Luke aided them in time but zaruba sacrificed himself to protect sophie from Luke's father.

Luke, sophie and sword finally sneaked into el Doral and found it to be a sparkling city which was populated by horrors. They saved a researcher who had sent out help through network to Sophie and he gave them information of his finding of the city. They aided him escape from the city. Sophie was shocked to know his missing brother was a head researcher in the city.

Hitori no shita the outcast s2 #05:

Soran's opponent did not turn up so soran won the match. Two elder tried to force him to give them his clan technique but he convinced them his grandfather did not teach him. Houhou and others got him away from them in time.

Ito Junji collection #06 - #07:

A small family moved to a new home and the son was scared of his middle age lady mysterious neighbour who pestered him every night till her window stretched out to his.

A lady was married to a big family clan that had technique to create after images of their dead lover ones. She was shocked to know her younger sister in law was already dead 10 years ago. After having nightmares of her father dying, she begged her in laws to create after images of her father if he passed away one day but was rejected. One day after she confronted her husband who was seeing another woman, she was shocked to know she was already seas before her wedding. Knowing this, she went to visit her father to bid last farewell before she faded away.

A woman killed her friend accidentally to get a rare edition of a song disk. While getting it played in a cafe, she was told it was recorded after the singer died. The other people tried to snatch the song disk from her. While escaping, the woman tripped and died from her fall.

A girl was being proposed by her classmate in her dream but a killer turned up and killed him. When she woke, she found the ring box but the ring was gone. Later, she learned her classmate was found murdered on the street. The girl was upset by lack of privacy as her family was always peeking on her through holes. Unable to take it, she went to look for her aunty and found her living in an extreme environment where people intruded everyone's home and wearing masks. She escaped and ran into a man who had led her earlier to her aunt's home but he turned out to be the serial killer who had killed her classmate. Her aunt turned up in time and saved her.

Violet Evergarden #06:

Violet and other ghostwriters were tasked to partner with officers to rewrite scripts from weathering books. Violet was paired with Leon who was abandoned by his parents when he was young. They got along well and Leon wanted to go on travelling job so he could meet violet again.
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Animes watched [Feb. 14th, 2018|05:56 pm]

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[Current Mood | indifferent]

Basilisk Ouka Ninpouchou #05:

The Joujin ninjas attacked the children ninjas but Hachirou's interference saved the children ninjas. The leader of Joujin was impressed with Hachirou and Hibiki's ability and decided to let them live for a while.

Boruto Naruto next Generation #44:

Boruto was hesitating of going after the bandits. Metal got injured when he shielded his team member after Iwabe went after the bandits despite warning from the ninja police. Boruto ran into Shikadai who was playing chess with his new friend who turned out to be one of the bandits who later diverted their attention so his allies could escape.

Gin no Guardian S2 #05:

Shuigin was being directed to stage zero where his lost memory was retrieved. He recalled how his grandfather had shown him Rei the first time when her full power was absorbed by a red tree after her parents'death and his memory of being his grandfather's grandson was removed so his identity would be protected.
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Animes watched [Feb. 11th, 2018|10:20 pm]

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[Current Mood | bitchy]

Beatless #04 - #05:

Arato's friend - Kengo was dragged by Kouka into antihiE mission to invade a government building to destroy a political hiE - Mikoto. Kengo's sister told Yuya who got Arato and Lacia to investigate. Knowing Kengo's situation, Arato and Lacia set off to save Kengo. Arato was in time to save Kengo after the latter rejected Kouka to be her owner and was being thrown over a wall by another hiE which was manipulated by Kouka and lacia's other sister. Kouka shot Mikoto and left. Kengo returned home where his worried sister was waiting for him.

Fate extra last encore #02:

Saber and Hakuno were led to a virtual city where they were told other masters had sold their servants to the mayor. They were led to the mayor who turned out to be shinji. When Hakuno refused, he was stabbed and saber was attacked.

Grancrest Senki #06:

A Lord criticised and dueles Theo during the flame mage's birthday party. Later that Lord eliminated other lords in the union who refused to submit their crest to him. Meanwhile, Theo and Siluca accompanied their Lord to visit the alliance.

killing Bites #04 - #05:

Hitomi and other brutes were sent to an island for battle royalty tournament while Nomoto and other players were to direct instruction to players from the cruise. Three other teams attacked taiga- eruza's elder brother who was the strongest. Two members from a team attacked eruza to distract taiga's player's move. Nomoto sent Hitomi to aid eruza.

Violet evergarden #05:

Violet was tasked to act as a ghostwriter for a princess to a prince of other country but the princess felt she could not know the prince's real feeling. After relating her first meeting with the prince 4 years ago to violet, violet decided to get the princess and prince to write personally to each other to convert their true thoughts. Their thoughts got through and the princebproposed to the princess. Violet returned with success but encountered a naval captain who identified as a former soldier who had slayed his many subordinates.
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I bought new stationery. Want a letter? [Feb. 10th, 2018|11:30 am]


I bought fancy new stationery! If you're one of the first 15 people to drop a (screened) comment on Dreamwidth (or PM me on Facebook or Tumblr) with your address, I would be happy to mail you a handwritten letter about whatever subject is on my mind at the time I sit down to write it.

ETA: If you would rather (or also) like a drabble based on either an original piece I'm working on or a fandom you know I am or have been in, please let me know in the comment you leave.

I will send letters internationally. No worries about postage! Sorry not to have made that clear earlier.

This entry has been cross-posted to Dreamwidth (comment count unavailable comments). Comments are welcome on either post.
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