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Animes watched [Dec. 16th, 2018|10:30 pm]

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[Current Mood | blah]

gyakusatsu kikan:

Special intelligence force in usa was tasked to find John who had influenced less developed countries into civil wars. Agent had tried to get close to john' s mistress - Lucie. His identity was exposed and the target took Lucie and escaped. Agent and his team managed to track them down. But his friend killed Lucie and he exploded the building killing his friend in process. John asked the agent to shoot him. The agent returned in glory but exposed darkness of the politics.

Mushishi zoku shou - suzu no shizuku:

A girl was being born with weeds from her hair. When Mushishi found her brother who was looking for her, he explained that she was chosen as Lord of the mountain. Dur ing her short time in returning to her family, the balance of life in mountain was disrupted. It regained to normal after she returned to the mountain. When she was going to lose her ability as mountain Lord, she told the Mushishi that she would be replaced and she would be absorbed by the mountain. She offered to sacrifice herself when Mushishi tried to help her.

One Piece #863 - #865:

Luffy faced off katakuri in the mirror world while big mum evolved in new form on strawhats ship after brook saved carrot in time from enemy ship. Jimbei managed to punch big mum off the ship and brook caught her cloud. In mirror world, Luffy recalled his past training and began to get hints of how to fight katakuri. On bege's ship, Sanji stopped Bege from putting poison to the cake and told him his pride as cook to satisfy his customers first. Bege could assassinate big mum anytime later.

Paradox Central [Dec. 14th, 2018|11:21 pm]

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[Current Mood | annoyed]

I have a sudden case of Scriptophobia, which is the fear of writing. I know it's called that because I spent time Googling it.

To avoid writing.

I'm now pretty sure I hate myself.


I used to argue against representation in mass media for the very reasons Geek Dad outlines here.

Nothing ever changes on this front except for the part where, now, a terrified half-assed nod is considered worthy of All The Backpats and where is our rainbow medal?

Fuck no. I still say nothing is better, but that's a very old, very cranky opinion. Gee, Evil Gays to Dead Gays (which they still LOVE using, as it can be vaguely interpreted as 'how sad' now instead of 'they got what was coming') to Stereotype Queens to Random Background Gays to Epilogue Rando Gay Marriage.

WOW. Like the ad says, you've come a long way, baby. Except where that's total BS.

Also, the fact that lesbian storylines are marginally more acceptable to be fleshed out and goggled at is nothing new or groundbreaking and actually has roots in utter bullshit of a different kind, but sorry, that's none of my business.

As Kermit might say.


Have a recipe that's surprisingly delicious. No, it's really good for how weird it looks.

Strawberry Pretzel Dessert Squares

Cute red for Christmas too.
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Amazons Unite! [Dec. 13th, 2018|05:33 pm]

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I usually have no trouble with my Amazon orders arriving intact but one was 'delivered' late last night, as in just the ripped open envelope was thrown on my bottom stairs -- WITH NO EXPENSIVE CHOCOLATE CHRISTMAS GIFT COOKIES INSIDE.

Like Sherlock Holmes, I could see where the thief tore open a small corner, could hear their gasp of "PROFIT!", as they took out their envelope breaching weapon of choice before criminally absconding the cookies within.

The Sproglet discovered the crime scene while bringing out the trash, then handed the empty yellow envelope to me with a confused look and it wasn't long before the entire family dissolved into a fit of righteous outrage.

I mean, having the balls to see if my property was actually good enough for you to steal before you took it? Seriously?

And then STEALING MY CHOCOLATE COOKIES? Which, to be totally honest, I wasn't going to give to anyone because I was drunk!Amazoning the night before and thought I wanted some awesome cookies to eat and these looked pretty good, but still.

Amazon very quickly refunded me. (Protip, if you want to get a human being on the Amazon phone system in two seconds, yell "stolen package!" into the recording. It's the magic words.) A nice lady in India also gave me some sympathy which was above and beyond the call of duty as I did rant profusely about the situation, but all she could do was chargeback the credit card. So now I have my money and no cookies.

It's probably better this way.

Except for when that jackass comes back. Because I'm using that money for a Ring security system which I bought tonight.

Try that again, dumb cookie-stealing cockbag.


Janet Jackson is being installed in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame this year.

Janket Jackson should be in every Hall of Fame ever for creating "Rhythm Nation 1814", period. This is a hill I will die on and can hear no arguments to the contrary. Janet rocks quite hard enough, thank you.

Don't make me slap a punk with Sister Rosetta Tharpe's guitar please.


Not sure that I mentioned my old ginger cat passed on a year ago and I foster-failed with two kittens I was fostering. They are nowhere near as mellow as the senior cats I've always adopted

I wanted to keep their mother but the kid on the house saw a pair of kittens and that was the end of that. They are a real pair of idiots, these two brothers and today when I hung a cat toy 'mistletoe' for them to play with, they took turns biting each other underneath it.

Biting each other hard. Until there was rolling and howling and hissing and they got a time out.

They are honestly worse than any child I've raised/helped raise. I'm not looking forward to the tree this year, that's all I can say.
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The Fannish Refugee Trail [Dec. 12th, 2018|03:28 pm]

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[Current Mood | cold]

A snarky nonnie on [community profile] fail_fandomanon referred to Pillowfort as "Dumblr".

Yep. I lol'd.

I set up an account there, but I honestly can't use the site. It's far too unstable, as are the rules. When it settles down, we'll see. Their timing for imploding like this is impeccable though, as in impeccably bad.

But this isn't my first rodeo on the fannish refugee trail. Even if I never did use Tumblr that much.


I'm also in Twitter here: the place where all my drunken shit-posting goes to die.

Now to go fill some [community profile] fandom_stockings if it kills me. Which, at this late period of life, it probably will. (</i>"They're gifts!" I chant. "You won't be judged that hard. THEY'RE GIFTS, DAMN YOU WRITING BLOCK."</i>
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Also Comes In Sober [Dec. 11th, 2018|10:12 am]

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[Current Mood |devious]

Drunken shit-posting on Twitter is more fun than I thought, especially when I dig up stuff like this to show off.

The only Etheria princess for me, I say.


Hey, some [community profile] fandom_stocking stockings are up. I already see some promising stuffs. Now to figure out where the Ao3 collection might be or if there is one. I'm not good at reading entire FAQs at once, which is why I have no idea.

Actually, I usually don't read them until it's too late but we won't talk about that.


BTW, I'm here on Pillowfort. I'm the one with the swirling circle and nothing else.

I don't want to be a Debbie Downer but I have a bad feeling about this place and the poor folks who run it. I don't think they have any idea what they are potentially in for as this long, contentious but ultimately informative thread on [community profile] fail_fandomanon reveals.

But, stranger sites have triumphed over adversity in the past, so who knows?
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Pillowfort Tips [Dec. 10th, 2018|02:06 pm]

[Current Mood | curious]

REALLY important Pillowfort tips in this post:

"Hiding NSFW posts is default. Go to Filters & Blacklist to change it.

Your posts not showing up on your feed is default. Go to Filters & Blacklist to change it.

The search function on the Community page doesn’t work well yet. Just type, do not hit enter.

Put some effort into finding an existing community before you create one. I’m already seeing a lot of unnecessary duplicates and those will do nothing but hurt the site at the moment.

Using the Search function for tags works well, but using it to search for communities and users currently does not.

#1 is key. When you first log in and subscribe to a few friends and communities, your Home Feed will be blank until you turn off NSFW. Most seem to be set to NSFW."

I'm going to be honest, the current sluggishness and instability of the site does not give me a lot of confidence that I'll be using it, even though it's a few miles better than Tumblr (threaded replies!) I'm not heartened when I go to change the two simple defaults mentioned here and the site crashes on me ... again.

That being said, I'm known for my relative patience. Relatively .
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The Things I Forget to Remember [Dec. 10th, 2018|10:37 am]

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[Current Mood | busy]
[Current Music |Christmas music]

I know I've been off the grid, but good gravy, how did I forget to talk about the awesome ...

Miss Sherlock

It's amazing and gets super amazing at the end of the season where even this, the prickliest of Sherlocks, Sara "Sherlock" Shelly Futaba, love their Watson, Dr. Wato Tachibana, more than life, literally.

I only wish I had an easier streaming access link but I had to cobble together each from here and there, although maybe HBO Now has it? Not sure.

Has anyone else seen this yet?


Scorpia/Catra eating my brain, like two good Horde ladies should. Also, Mermista actually loving crazy-ass Sea Hawk but pretending to be annoyed by him is the joke, folks. She could fling him out to sea with a flick of her finger but ... doesn't.


Christmas crochet is failing this year. Today would be a good day to at least finish one scarf. Maybe?

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Inspiration [Dec. 9th, 2018|01:15 pm]

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[Current Mood | awake]

Dear Cat,

Biting the soft underside of my arm, which hurts like nothing has hurt before, does not inspire me to pet you more.

Just saying.


Going to see a local band later today, but only after learning they go on a 4pm, which is Old Lady Rock and Roll time! My days of staying up all night with the band are long gone.

Also, I'm guaranteed a seat. For my bad back.

Don't laugh. I didn't think it would happen to me either.

That being said ... LET'S ROCK! *makes secret devil sign*


If anyone has any She-Ra, Scorpia recs, hand them over. Gen or otherwise, I'm into anything.
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Lex Luthor and the Princess of Gay-Ra [Dec. 8th, 2018|02:33 pm]

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[Current Mood | cheerful]
[Current Music |golf game]

Just remembered that I'm also on Twitter here:

While on there, I discovered how adorable Michael Rosenbaum still is ( No really, he's just so cute. Is that Smallville nostalgia hitting me? God, I hope not, lol.

Recommending once again, She-Ra and The Princesses of Power. Highly entertaining, surprising depth and a nearly all-female cast. Give it a shot, you won't regret it.

Here on Netflix:

There's a Scorpia prompt I wouldn't mind writing on [community profile] thehonorofgrayskull but it's under another writer's offers, so ... I'm hoping they might put up a promptfic post instead of having writers offer and people ask underneath. That way I wouldn't feel as though I'm trespassing. But it's all good, I might butt in anyway if they don't take it up.

And hey, [community profile] fandom_stocking, where is muh stockings to fill? I hear people go through the requests and start filling already but I'm not proactive and organized enough for that. Come on, I wanna write! Slap those babies up there, please.
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Animes watched [Dec. 8th, 2018|11:18 pm]

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[Current Mood | bouncy]

Black Clover jump fests special:

All guild captains, asta, tec were called together for quiz contest. In the end, the sister won and got masks as prize.

Boruto Naruto next generation #83 - #84:

Boruto and others were shocked to learn that the previous stone kage was the mastermind. In the confusion, Boruto ran off with the previous kage and got trapped in a stone village training ground while shikadai was caught by ku who headed the enemy team.

Golden Kamuy 2nd season #08 - #09:

The lady fortune teller was confronted by aspira who wanted to know of her father whom according to fortune teller was killed by asirpa's uncle. Meanwhile, Sugimoto and others got into embarrassed situation due to influence of otter's meat. Later in an inn, they were attacked by the blind bandits led by a former prisoner. Hijikata went to their aid. A 7th squad soldier intruded into prison to find the man who knew location of the gold but was forced to escape as his identity was revealed.

Gyakuten Saiban sono shinji tsuigi ari season 2 #08 - #09:

Naruhodo investigated and found that the fake him who was actually a loan shark was the real murderer. Suzuki was declared not guilty.

Karakuri circus #06 - #09:

Narumi found himself lost past memory asnd was saved by two shirogane using the last drop of life water. They were trying to work with hospital which was finding cure to the disease earlier bothered by narumi. According to the shirogane, it was caused by midnight circus. Other place, murasa and shirogane befriended an assassin who was initially after murasa's life. The assassin ended up joining their circus as knife thrower. While on flight, narumi and others who planned to go China to investigate the midnight circus were pursued by automated puppets sent by midnight circus. The plane crashed near murasa's camp. Murasa and shirogane caught brief glance of narumi before he ran off.

Shirogane reunited with her former teacher who was injured in the plane battle. After recalling narumi's sacrifice last night, murasa decided to leave on his own. In China, narumi and others found narumi's martial arts teacher who also contacted the diseases and he told them the origin of two Bai surname brothers who went France 200 years ago to learn alchemy. They got to know a girl and the younger brother overcame with rage after she accepted the elder brother's proposal.

Tenrou Sirius the jaeger #11 - #12 (final):

Mikhail was controlled by yuv to attack yuri for the ark. Bishop who wanted to avenge his dead comrades tried to snatch the ark back but was killed by yuv. Yuuri and Mikhail went after yuv who swallowed the ark but lost control. After destroying yuv, Mikhail died in yuuri 's arms. Yuuri left with the ark, hoping to use it so all races will coexist in harmony.

Zombieland saga #09 - #10:

Saki saw her old friend's daughter who tried to continue with the former bike gang despite her old friend desire for normal life. Saki intervened when her old friend's daughter tried to go for death contest with other gang. Saki went in her place and returned but not after her old friend gave her a big scolding.

The group would be having concert in a venue that meant a lot to sakura. After a mountain camp and seeing how she had not been syncing with other members, she apologised. Next day, while going out hogging, sakura was knocked. After realising she was losing memory, she passed out.

Tatort Stuttgart FF: Heizungsausfall [Dec. 8th, 2018|02:01 pm]


Titel: Heizungsausfall
Beta: thots-tochter
Fandom: Tatort Stuttgart
Charaktere: Sebastian Bootz, Thorsten Lanner
Pairing: Thorsten Lannert/Sebastian Bootz
Kategorie: Slash, Fluff
Rating: PG
Warnung: None
Spoiler: None
Prompts: Adventskalender: Heizungsausfall, de_bingo: Im Schlaf sprechen
Sprache: deutsch
Disclaimer: Mir gehört nichts, außer der Fehler.

Read more... )

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She-Ra Community [Dec. 7th, 2018|05:47 pm]

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[Current Mood | nostalgic]

Binge watched She-Ra today, decided that Scorpia is my fave.

Joined [community profile] thehonorofgrayskull because that's the fun thing to do. And I do like me some princesses!
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I have the most boring, PG-rated Tumblr ever. [Dec. 5th, 2018|01:39 pm]

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I'm something like 100 of 179 pages back (I don't infinite scroll) in my quest to see if I've ever been adult-flagged, and so far, nope, not even the mermaids and their female-presenting nipples are not adult-flagged. I guess they're artistic or something.

However, I've discovered that sometimes I've saved things to watch or refer to later, and then have not done so. Whoops.

So. A selection of the world's most boring Tumblr posts, to...refer to later.

Realistic Travel Speeds: On Foot, On Horseback, At Sea, By Pigeon

I really need to just copy this image into my Seventh Moon Rising reference Scrivener file.

Knife Fighting Techniques, especially hand grips

Look, you never know when you're going to want to write someone needing to stab someone with a knife. Realistically. I have a novel where that happens. It might happen again. I write vampires! They're murdery! It could transfer to proper staking technique!

I'm way too defensive about this. (It's for fiction, I'm a writer, we all know the drill.)

How to make a flower crown. Clearly I need to make blood red flower crowns and tie in some glossed-up pomegranates to that shit so I can cosplay as Persephone.

For tonight, we tag this one on Pinterest!

When life gives you lemons, add some whiskey to that shit and THEN make lemonade.


Like a Prayer. The 1940s swing cover that I saved "to listen to later" and never did.

The Epic of Gilgamesh in Sumerian. Which I also did not "listen to later."

Sweet Child of Mine. The soul version. By a woman of color.

Last, but not least, because I forgot about it:

100 legal sites for free books on the internet.

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Tumblerpocalype all the way [Dec. 5th, 2018|07:49 am]


My autocorrect says "tumpblerpocalypse" should be "impermissible." Hah.

Quote from Lim in the above link:

"our network, fandom, is itself a huge resource that we have, because networks themselves have power in distributed systems!Right! This is exactly it. I have a foot in both worlds b/c of RL (meshnet stuff) and it’s honestly whiplash to go from distributed computing and decentralised web stuff where they are wading through tools and software and approaches and ideas but don’t have the networks (the largest p2p search engine has like, 600 peer operators, approximately the size of an abandoned tumblr about the sock choices of Bucky Barnes) and fandom where the #1 concern is how to cope with the avalanche of content and people and sheer BYTES and ACTIVITY we produce. It’s like, fandom is constantly making these posts going ‘but what are we going to do with all this GOLD? We just can’t DEAL with this amount of GOLD. THIS GOLD IS A GODDAMN ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARD.’

I need another computer-based icon.

Also interesting: State of the Migration: On fannish archival catastrophes, and what happens next by [personal profile] greywash.

Plus this chain on [ profile] limblogs our network, fandom, is itself a huge resource that we have, because networks themselves have power in distributed systems! (Which is part of the other discussion that I've linked above.)

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I bask in the warm glow of nostalgia [Dec. 4th, 2018|09:16 am]

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Someone dug this Google Cache of the talk below up and posted it around and I remember having lived through the dissolution of Delicious and fandom running to Pinboard. (Remember when it was Oh boy, back in the day.)

As I also remember Strikethrough. (I haven't used my strikethrough tag in forever.) Plus the slow death of Geocities. MySpace. Usenet. Etc. Fuck, I'm old.

This presentation below explains why, no matter how much of a trash fire fandom can be or how terrible my life is, or how busy or not-actively fandomy about things I am, I will always work to be a part of fandom and will occasionally dig a post about a show out of my brain or throw out a drabble or something. I love fandom.

Fan is A Tool-Using Animal

(It's my busy season, I haaaaaaate my busy season.)

Relatedly: If You See Something, Save Something – 6 Ways to Save Pages In the Wayback Machine

ETA: Also, apparently Dreamwidth has Mobility as a style option for mobile browsing. I'm going to set it up later this week and see how it works. (I can always go back to my current style if I want to.)

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