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Hoozuki no reitetsu 2nd season #10 [Dec. 14th, 2017|12:26 am]

[Current Mood | blah]

Hoozuki no Reitetsu #10:

Mali and her friend went to human world to interview humans and ran into Hoozuki who was working in a human company as an undercover to check the high death rate. They went there and ran into the ceo who claimed he could see spirits recently. Hoozuki suspected the ceo was the cause of high death rate. The ceo was dragged off by Hoozuki when it was found he was already dead.

In the hell, king Enma told the minions how he tried to pair Maki up with Hoozuki to get Hoozuki would get a wife using the gods' love charm but failed.
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Animes watched [Dec. 11th, 2017|12:34 pm]

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[Current Mood | uncomfortable]

Fate Apocrypha #22:

Rider of Red tried to stop Archer of Red who had went out of control and let Ruler proceeded her way. Lancer of Red asked a master of Black to save all original masters of Red whose mana had been scrapped off by Shirou and he did. With help from Rider of Black who obtained a shield from Rider of Red, Sieg defeated Lancer of Red. Lancer of Red warned Sieg that Ruler could not stand a chance against Castor of Red and Sieg rushed off to find Ruler. Meanwhile, Archer of Red passed away peacefully with Rider of Red. In the hanging garden, Assassin of Red directed Ruler to Castor of Red.

No 6 #05:

A nurse from Safu's grandmother's care giving place was infected with the wasp and died immediately. The friend of Shion's mum met Shion in Dogkeeper's place and Shion learned the wasp was still active in winter and wanted to inform Nezumi. The friend took Shion to the theatre where Nezumi was acting in female role. Nezumi saw Shion and suddenly collapsed (same time Safu also collapsed in a museum at No.5). When Nezumi came to, he told Shion he heard a song and knowing fate of No. 6, pulled Shion to dance with him. Other place, Safu woke and was told her grandmother had passed away and that she had to return to No 6.

RE: Creator #07:

Selesia confronted Magane who had killed people using her ability. After pointed on the current situation, Selesia rushed off to stop the fights among other characters. Alice took Mamika who had wanted to stop the fight and left the scene with others. Later, Selesia and Meteora found Magane had killed her creator. Masaaki did investigation and found out source of the military girl's creation and gathered others. Meanwhile, Mamika met Sota (both of them were stalked by Magane) in a cafe and Sota told Mamika he knew of the military girl's identity.

One Piece #817:

Sanji tried to find Pudding via her balcony window as her main door refused his meeting with her. He was shocked to see his captured sister - Reiju in the room with Pudding. Pudding revealed her 3rd eye on her forehead and her true personality as she taunted how she had tricked Sanji of her feeling and she was going to shoot the Vinsmoke family including Sanji during the wedding. Sanji was heartbroken. Meanwhile, Luffy was trying hard to break out as Pudding had told him and Nami that she was going to kill Sanji, plus Luffy and Nami would not survive. Other place, Chopper and Carrot were trying to find the mirror that could lead to Sanji.
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Animes watched [Dec. 10th, 2017|08:03 am]

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[Current Mood | bouncy]

Black Clover#10:

Magna saw how Atas tried hard to fight back at the enemy and coordinated with Atas using his remaining energy and caught the enemy. One of them escaped while the leader with his captured subordinates committed suicide to avoid being interrogated of their motive. At the old man's grave, an anti bird turned up on Atas's head with the magic stone that the enemy had been searching. Other place, someone from a higher level guild was plotting to get the magic stone from the black bulls.

Code realise-Sousei no Himegimi #10:

Cardia and others invaded Twilight - Finnis's base to find Finis was actually a program merged with his father to control many of his physical clones. With help from a scientist, they caught Cardia and sent London into chaos. Lupin vowed to rescue Cardia.

Dies Irae #09:

Riza recalled how one of her two children grew rapidly when he left her womb. Back to present, she sent Leonhart to distract Ren and entered the hospital to face off the priest.

Fate Apocrypha #21:

Sieg summoned the form of black saber to fight red lancer so black rider could break into the hanging garden. Red saber rushed in time to fight red assassin who was about to kill the exhausted black rider. Black archer faced off red rider and made him promise to pass his weapon to black rider before his death. Red rider fulfilled his promise.

Garo Vanishing Line #10:

Luke recalled how his father went astray to become stronger and ended up killing Luke's mother. He wandered around disaster scene to kill horrors while recovering his wounds and got his answer to become stronger to protect the weak. He asked meifang to punch him before setting off to support Sword.

Juuni Taisen #10:

Tora recalled how Ox had mistook her for a civilian in war zone and saved her life while answering her question of righteous. She had joined Juuni Taisen hoping to meet Ox again. At the venue, she was passed off Ox could not recognise her. Back to present, a part of Rabbit attacked Ox but Tora sacrificed herself and protected Ox. She asked Ox to kill her so she would not turn into zombie controlled by dead Rabbit.
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Animes watched [Dec. 9th, 2017|12:41 pm]

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[Current Mood | busy]

Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd season #09:

Hoozuki was forced to show the reporter cat to visit a hell king and his assistant who resembled Santa Claus and his reindeer. The cat was more interested in the helpers - a handsome cat and a sexy snake.

Hoozuki brought the 2 minions and hell animals to visit the cold hell. Hoozuki's fierceness in the game made the cold hell in charges decided not to turn against the hot hell king Enma.

Inuyashiki #09:

Hiro shot 100 people in Shinjuku via electronic screens despite Ando's warning through Ichiro's ability to all people in Shinjuku. Hiro declared Ando as his main enemy and vowed to kill 1000 people next day. Next day, Ando found a plane fell and crashed into the city.

Ousama game the animation #10:

Nobuaki and others had to go for next order to rush to a place. Every 8 hours, the one furthest from the destination would be punished. A student died from injuries and exhaustion while running with Nobuaki and Rinoa. Nobuaki almost wanted to die until spirits of his dead friends urged him to live. While continuing with Rinoa, he put himself intentionally behind her so she could live when 8 hours was up.

One Piece #816:

Someone had shot Reijin and Pudding found her struggling to move. Luffy was trying to break his arms to free himself but in vain. Brook faced off Big mom. Pedro recalled how his friend Kepo was killed by big mom when both of them were caught while trying to steal the stone. Back to present, Pedro fought Tamago Baron whose one eye was slashed by Pedro in the past. Pedro defeated Tamago Baron.
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Animes watched yesterday [Dec. 7th, 2017|09:21 am]

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[Current Mood | blah]

Boruto Naruto next Generation #36:

Boruto was able to score high marks for written exam even though he did not follow Shino's instruction to use ninja skills to check exam questions. Kakashi joined Shino, Anko and Konohamaru to test Boruto and others on physical skills. While others faced off the three teachers, Kakashi easily pinned Boruto down.

Evil or Live #09:

Hibiki managed to use tactics to defeat Hoku and student leader from class 4. Later, the student from class 4 tried to attack Hibiki in his dorm but the latter used tricks to weaken him and overpowered him. The original followers of the student leader vowed to follow Hibiki.
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Using the Ubuntu font in Vivaldi (Ubuntu 16.04) [Dec. 4th, 2017|12:38 pm]

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[Current Mood | creative]

Somehow I couldn't seem to make Vivaldi display the webpages in Ubuntu font, despite having changed the fonts to it. Asked in the Vivaldi forums and got a useful answer:

As I already have Stylish (the add-on), I created a new style and as text I put in the CSS this:

html, body { font-family: "Ubuntu" !important}

Tell the system to "beautify" it:

body {
font-family: "Ubuntu" !important

and give it the name "ubuntu" and save.

Restart the browser.

As I have next to no ideas about CSS this is perfect for me.

--- Crossposted from Dreamwidth ---
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Animes watched yesterday [Dec. 3rd, 2017|11:12 am]

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[Current Mood | accomplished]

Black Clover #09:

Atas, Noelle and their senior caught some boars and brought to the village where the old man lived. Along the way, their senior told them how the old man had inspired him to turn from gangster to go for proper knight exam even though the old man was powerful enough and the senior used to cause many trouble. When they reached the village, they found the old man had fallen after defending his village and the invaders planned to kill the lower magical villagers. Angered, the senior and Atas tried to protect the villagers. Noelle's new defense magic emerged to shield all people.

Code Realize: Sousei no Himegimi #09:

Count Saint told Cardia he was a member of Idea who tried to correct things that would foul humanity and that she was considered a hinder to humanity. She insisted taking the poison from him though Saint hesitated in killing her. Later, with Lupin recovering, all of them joined the Queen's soldiers to invade Twilight's base.

Dies Irae #08:

Shirou's girlfriend kidnapped Kazumi so they could protect her while Ren and Marie checked the school which was a potential target for the Orden. However, the Orden member attacked a disco place. Ren and his girlfriend rushed over but was defeated.

Garo Vanishing Line #09:

Sword took Sophie to the west to find Dark Knight. Along the way, Sophie vented her feeling for the dead sister after saving a little deer and seeing the little deer reunited with its mother. Next day, she felt better to continue on the way.

Inuyashiki #08:

The police injured the girl and her grandmother. After saving their lives, Hiro took off and later attacked the police station, killing almost all police. Mira witnessed Ando walking with her father and was shocked to learn her father had special ability and had been healing people in hospital.

Juuni Taisen #09:

Rabbit, with help from dead Monkey and head of dead Snake, killed Dragon. He sent dead Dragon and dead Snake to attack Ox and Tiger. Tiger recalled how she resorted to needless violence and alcohol after experiencing horrors of fighting in war. Back to present, she used the liquid hydrogen from dead Dragon's back to freeze dead Dragon and Snake. Ox and Tiger then slashed Rabbit into pieces before confronting each other for a duel.

Ousama game the Animation #09:

Tanuaki demanded return of his and Nobuaki's phone from Natsuko and gave her 4 negative points. Natsuko managed to persuade Aimi to give her 4 plus points to save her own live. Later, she had Tanuaki killed as she had blocked his phone from receiving King's order. Ryo who arrived to the scene, went insane.
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Animes watched yesterday [Dec. 1st, 2017|10:42 am]

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[Current Mood | bored]

Boruto Naruto next Generation #35:

Boruto met a journalist who wanted to interview all students of their future thoughts after their parent child meeting with their teacher. The journalist turned out to be Kakashi in disguise.

Evil or Live #08:

Hibiki was released from his confinement and was determined to make himself recognised again.
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Animes watched [Nov. 30th, 2017|02:32 pm]

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[Current Mood | blah]

Berserk 2017 #04:

Farnese tried to do her daily tasks after she and Serpico were allowed to travel with Guts but found herself being clumsy and useless. While on the trip, they ran into an old soldier from Holy See who was looking for a witch who could help them deal with some evil trouble. They crossed path with Silke who was a student of the witch.

Kekkai Sensen Beyond #05:

Gilbert - Klaus's butler was having bone inuries and a young butler was sent to aid Gilert's job scope. While capable, he was upset when Gilbert could not trust him to handle some matters. The young butler was being manipulated by some aliens to get info from Libra as his brain was held hostage by them. Gilbert discovered the matter and got help from Zapp and Leonardo to save the young butler successfully.

No 6 #04:

Dogkeeper found Nezumi had been soften by presence of Shion and she challenged Nezumi who was annoyed. Nezumi received letter from Shion's mother to get Shion to seek help from her old friend who was staying in the district. After seeing how his mother's friend was like, Shion left in anger with Nezumi.

One Piece #815:

Pudding left a message before leaving Luffy and Nami. Luffy was desperate to get out of his prison. Sanji learned of the imprisonment of Luffy and Nami but was confident he could free them after marrying Pudding. Brook managed to get to the blocks but Big Mom stomped into the treasure room. Chopper and Carrot overcame their enemy to take over the travelling mirrors. Pedro was forced into a garden area where he faced off his arch enemy - Baron Tamago.
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