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Animes watched [Sep. 23rd, 2018|10:03 pm]

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[Current Mood | bouncy]

Angolmois genkou kassenki #11:

Kuchii and others were forced to abandon the castle after the mongolians broke into it. While protecting the princess and the others, many of kuchii's allies were killed. While trying to secure escape route for the princess and others, kuchii got caught into an explosion and fell into the sea.

Boruto Naruto next generation #73 - #74:

Boruto and sarada found orochimaru who pointed out direction to white snake sage who could point out the meanings of mitsuki's hint. Cho cho and her team were sent to stop Boruto and sarada. After seeing mitsuki's snake, they decided to join Boruto.

Juushinki Pandora #21:

Leon and others withdrew from their mission as Doug was not being his right condition. Fiona foresaw the world destruction. When Leon and others retried again, Doug saw illusion of his late lover - emilia and got caught in an explosion.

One Piece #854:

Luffy was at an advantage when fighting katakuri but he promised to meet Nami and others in cocoa island. Brulee overheard and told her other ally. Nami and others destroyed all mirrors on ship in time to avoid brulee's attack.

Phantom in the twilight #11:

Ton and others reached the London tower where vlad and others were forced to leave ton as they fought opponents. Ton faced off the brainwashed shinyao. Helsing arrived to help ton but got injured when he shielded his former subordinate from shinyao's attacks.

Animes watched [Sep. 22nd, 2018|02:07 am]

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[Current Mood | blah]

Aguu tensai ningyou #10:

The tailor organisation leader easily defeated the old saviour who arrived and tried to hold him back so ai and men could escape. Two tailors cornered ai and men but men's father went to their aid and told ai to leave so she could get help. Even with tailor ou's support, they only managed to defeat the two tailors but the leader confronted them. Meanwhile, ai was confronted by machi.

One Piece #853:

With fire from mirrors and big mama's wave attack, jimbei created green room within wave so sunny ship could escape. Luffy used a broken mirror and ordered Nami to destroy all mirrors on the ship so he could concentrate fighting katakuri. She complied after the ship escaped big mama's pursue. Other place, pudding was overwhelmed by sanji's talent in handling ingredients.

Overlord III #11:

The Prince led his army to attack enri's village but she managed to use the horn to summon high level goblins. Ains who was looking at the monitoring mirror, was surprised. He sent his maid to kill the prince and his remaining soldiers who had fled from enri's victorious goblins.

Persona 5 the animation #24:

The detective told Ren and others to change inspector sae's heart and they entered her world. Back to present in interrogation room, sae told Ren that he had been betrayed.

Satsuriku no tenshi #11:

Rachel managed to get out of the priest's illusion drug and finally got the medicine from him to heal Zack. When they reached next level, Rachel recalled something and dared Zack to see behind the door of a room.

Shichisei no Subaru #12:

With elicia's help, clive got away from enemy's attack. Haruto awakened his power and defeated the enemy. Ashahi recalled real past event when Haruto had confronted her with his pointed sword but was actually saving her from an attacking monster behind her. She got control of her exploding power and regained her normal conscious. Back to real world, tananoki found nozomi in a cafe and brought her back to her home. Haruto's sister noticed he had become more cheerful. Haruto began to look forward going to game world as Subaru was reunited.

SG-1 Rewatch: Broca Divide [Sep. 19th, 2018|08:31 pm]

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JANET!!! Incoming, anyway, right now it’s Sarcasm Central, what with Daniel and Jack and Colonel Makepeace of SG-3 snarking their way through everything.

Hammond even snarks: “Let me guess, Doctor. This is the science versus military discussion again?”

But remember when everyone wore their dress uniforms for their initial briefings? I had forgotten, but there you go.

Also this was back when they didn’t just pull random ‘gate addresses out of their asses weekly and they had to work for them, and when they showed the wormhole animation to imply travel.

A new culture every episode! This week it’s Minoan! A new planet that looks just like Vancouver, like every single other planet! Oh, Stargate: SG-1, I love you so.

Still more Science Twins. Even though Sam’s specialty is SO FAR from this sort of thing.

Broca Divide, also known as “that episode that had a whole lot of sex pollen fic written about it.” So, so much. (I appreciate this about SG-1 writers. Thank you, wonderful sex pollen SG-1 fic writers, for all your gloried sex pollen fic about any and all pairings related to Broca Divide.)

You could really ship basically any pairing for this epsiode. ANYTHING. Which is perfectly enjoyable. OTP anything you want! They’re all correct, every single one of them! The show’s been off the air long enough that there are no ship wars left to ship. (I hate ship wars. I will not participate in them.)

Possibly this is the only episode of a tv show that I’ve ever, ever seen where antihistamines are an actual plot point.

I still love Teal’c and how uptight he is. I’d forgotten how stiff he was at the start. But he has such a huge heart and you can totally tell that no matter how stiff he is. (Can you say “defense mechanism?”)

Janet! Seriously I really do love her.

(Boy, am I glad they stopped the wormhole animation all the time. That got old fast.)

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Stargate: SG-1 Rewatch [Sep. 15th, 2018|08:41 pm]

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After the kidlet watched his way through Voltron and enjoyed it, we thought he might enjoy Stargate: SG-1.

Last night was Children of the Gods.

Tonight it’s The Enemy Within. (Kowalski! Man, that poor guy.) Sam and Daniel are already the science twins. Jack is putting himself on the line for Teal’c and being the semi-respectful pain in the ass he is. Teal’c is even more staid than he normally is.

I had honestly forgotten there was a day long ago when there was no Janet on Stargate.

Also I’d forgotten that they used to refer to the plural form of Goa’uld as “Goa’ulds.”

We have begun the long tradition of Colonels from Washington, D.C. who are sleazy and doing their best to come up with the absolute worst, least moral plan ever. This one is Kennedy. I don’t think he showed back up, but I don’t remember.

Next up: Angry Mongolian Outfit Sam. But also I believe that’s Cary Tokugawa’s episode.

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Animes watched [Sep. 15th, 2018|09:41 pm]

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[Current Mood | bouncy]

Aguu tensai ningyou #09:

With communication breakdown of ou and men's mother, men came up with a proposal so they would not end up killing each other. Men would become the old man's disciple so he could learn a technique to turn himself into normal child. Men's mother would remarry someone so ou would not fear her trying to get back her husband. With ou's demand met, she gave the old man instruction to free the Aguu in his possession. Meanwhile, ai was released from prison with help from her new friend. When she tried to reunite with the old man, the tailor association head found her.

Angolmois genkou kassenki #09 - #10:

The Mongolian army failed to take down the castle and traitor Shiraishi allowed kuchii to behead him. The Mongolian army came again to surround the castle. The reinforcement from other part of Japan failed to arrive as the general's father objected sending troops.

Lord of Vermilion guren no ou #10:

Kark prepared a concert to active the second great collapse. Chihiro and others tried to stop him but jun arrived to attack chihiro as he wanted to avenge for his old friend. The power of guren no ou awakened in chihiro as he blocked jun's attack. Seeing chihiro's potential, kark killed jun, haru with akira who had tried to shield haru. Chihiro destroyed the monster created from thousands of kark's fans' souls. Other place, yuri's father told his experiment creation of his failure to create the second collapse.

Overlord III #10:

The royal kingdom decided to go against Ains and the empire. Both sides decided to go on wars.

Persona 5 the animation #23:

Akechi accepted the school's invitation as guest in school festival. He met Ren and others and told them his knowing that they were the phantom thieves and that he saw the real murderer. He needed their help to change inspector sae's heart and to aid him solve the hidden crimes.

Phantom in the twilight #09 - #10:

Ton and others tried to fix up a place to meet shinyao and Chris but the midnight sun caught up to them. Chris was shot and shinyao was kidnapped to train her on her ability to eliminate the umbra. Ton and others decided to have a good afternoon tea together before going for next battle that night.

Shichisei no Subaru #10 - #11:

Haruto and others were shocked to see nozomi being brainwashed by enemy. Before leaving, nozomi sent a snake to bite ashahi on her neck that gave her nightmare, recalling haruto's betrayal to her in the past. Later in real life, an enemy confronted haruto and others with his sense ability before vanishing. Back to reunion world, tananoki managed to convert his feeling to nozomi and turned her back to normal. Meanwhile, ashahi who was engrossed in her nightmare, shot haruto in his chest.

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