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Animes watched [Jun. 21st, 2018|12:28 am]

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[Current Mood | dorky]

Basilisk ouka Ninpouchou #24 (Finale):

In the other world, Hachirou and Hibiki defeated jinjou and others. Thinking they were dead, Hibiki destroyed her eyes as Hachirou was planning to destroy his so he could stay with her without provoking the ouka technique. Jinrou turned out to be still alive due to tenzen's genes implanted into him. Hachirou was injured fastally and before he died, he used his eye technique to kill jinjou via tenzen's desire. In this world, the other noble who had earlier died was forced to commit suicide. Utsusu and others were still young and alive as the blind Hibiki was taken in to live with them. Jinjou reappeared again, plotting to rape Hibiki for powerful offspring but hachirou's spirit appeared and killed him.

The End

Devil Line #11:

The group set off to ccg's base and found it was a trap with uncontrolled devils. Yuuki managed to save Ishimaru who confessed his identity as Jason or thirteen in ccg but the traitor was someone in the group who went to confront two in ccg. But the latter overpowered him and shot yuuki. Taira rushed to find yuuki.

Juushinki Pandora #09:

Princess was shot but survived. While Leon and others tried to hunt Doug, princess regained conscious to inform others that Doug had tried to save her. The real culprit was an AI monster created by emilia - Doug's late girlfriend who had been used by her organisation to create an assassin. Doug, with support from others, shot down the AI who had killed emilia years ago. Later other day, princess set off to meet the mastermind - Mr gold.

Persona 5 the animation #11:

The student council helped Ren and others located the mastermind of blackmailer. When she was allowed to enter the alternate world, her persona awakened and she joined Ren and others. She told them her elder sister was a police who was after the phantom thieves.

Lucifer saved from cancellation hell by Netflix! [Jun. 16th, 2018|07:44 am]


That makes my second beloved-show-gone-too-soon brought back from the dead, the other being Brooklyn Nine-Nine, though if that had ended with Jake and Amy's wedding as it were, I'd have been okay with it. I'm not sure I'd have been more than just meh on Lucifer ending where it did.

I haven't been that enthused by a bunch of their original stuff, but if my subscription dollars help save a show this intriguing, I'm happy to keep sending them money. I guess it's like with all networks, hit or miss, and I do love all the Marvel stuff.

They just better follow up with more Rae-Rae now that they're renewed. I love her.

spoilers )

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Animes watched [Jun. 16th, 2018|05:12 pm]

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[Current Mood | blah]

Black Clover #35 - #36:

Yami and Asta defeated Licht and his follower, with help from the arriving Gauche through Finral. Licht recalled how gauche reminded him of one of his late friend as his attack was reflected by gauche's mirror magic. While waiting for finral's teleporting magic to recover, licht's three comrades - the third eye arrived. Yami was preparing to sacrifice himself protect his subordinates to sacrifice himself when three guild captains arrived to back him up.

Beatless #22:

Ryo and Methode ran into some human survivors in the restricted zone and taught them how to survive until the restriction was released. Learning snowdrop's latest status, ryo ordered Methode to destroy snowdrop whom she managed to rip off an arm until ryo called her again as Arato reunited with Lacia. Lacia managed to defeat Methode while destroying the system base that crippled snowdrop.

Grancrest Senki #23:

The imperial army approached the city where the mage academy was based. The higher up ordered release of an one eye giant which Lassic, his mage and followers managed to defeat. As the army invaded the city, the vampire king sent Theo and Siluca into illusion of forest of darkness.

Animes watched [Jun. 15th, 2018|01:10 am]

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[Current Mood | rushed]

Basilisk ouka Ninpouchou #23:

Namenba tried to take dowen the revived nonbuguna but was killed instead. Kujaku tried to turn back time and rinne tried to use his space jutsu to stop him. The castle went wild with mess up of time and space. After fighting rinne, Hachirou and Hibiki were led by their dead comrades to another present where the joujin ninja were all alive and had succeeded destroying Edo but did not know the two siblings.

Boruto Naruto next generation #62:

The enemy attacked konoha, especially Naruto who was their target. Naruto was forced to use all his strength to protect the gigantic attack.

Caligula #10:

After the go home team members related their situation in real life, they found the real culprit who trapped them was a friend outside - Marie. She threw bombs at them, plotting to kill them.

One Piece #840:

Big mom regained her sense and started attacking Bege's fortress, causing pain to him. Sanji severed ties with judge. Judge and sanji's siblings set off to fight big mom and her army to buy time for Caesar to take Bege along with others to safety.

Persona 5 the animation #10:

The school council president knew of ren and others secret as phantom thieves and wanted them to show her their sense of justice in return of her destroying the evidence. Ren and others were to change the heart of an unknown mafia who had been blackmailing school students in shibuya.

Saredo Tsumibito wa ryuu to odoru #10:

The viscount had eaten his lover who had committed suicidr in return for his promise to regain her clan. Using live of his rescuers, the viscount created weapon to destroy the island. Back to present, Gayus, gigina and others tried their best to destroy the weapon but in vain. However, an unknown jushiki helped to destroy the last weapon, saving the island. Gayus reunited with his lover - jiv.

Sword art online alternate gun gale online #09:

Pito and her team easily eliminated the 6 opposing teams. Other place, LLeann and her partner also cleared their opponents. An enemy shielded LLeann from attacks after she gave her her bullets.

Animes watched [Jun. 13th, 2018|07:11 pm]

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[Current Mood | blank]

Ginga eiyuu densetsu die neue these kaikou #10:

While the alliance plotted on invasion of the empire, the tactician chief warned of yang of the main team member who wanted to make himself look better than yang in the project. The chief advised a failure with minimum casualty so as to warn the politicians from getting into more wars. In the empire, Reinhard was plotting to bring down as many alliance army as possible for the invasion.

Golden Kamuy #09 - #10:

Asirpa found the victim of the murderer in the toilet bowl. The murderer lured Sugimoto outside, hoping to kill him when alone but ran into the 7th division troop. After they ran into Shiraishi who identified the murderer, the murderer tried to stab Sugimoto but was injured by asirpa's arrow. Sugimoto overcame him but a killer whale got the murderer instead. Sugimoto managed to retrieve the murderer for his tattoo skin before he died. That evening, Hijikata met Sugimoto, Shiraishi and Asirpa. Sugimoto did not identify Hijikata but Shiraishi did, Hijikata took interest in Asirpa.

Ogata and another soldier from 7th division left and plotted to betray their lieutenant. They tried to kill Tanigaki who sought refuge in the ainu village and had learned of their betrayal. Tanigaki tricked ogata's comrade into trap and the latter was caught by the 7th division. Sugimoto, Shiraishi and Asirpa ran into asirpa's father's friend - kiroranke who told them a shocking truth. Asirpa's father was the robber of the gold and was currently in prison. He had left a lead that he had left the gold in his daughter's trust. Only Asirpa and kiroranke knew asirpa's Japanese name. Knowing more information, Sugimoto, Shiraishi, kiroranke and Asirpa decided to go on journey for their mission.

Grancrest Senki #22:

The order of crest plotted to attack the imperial army led by Theo who wanted to stop the disturbance caused by the mage academy. Priscilla went against theo's opposition to persuade the pope. She allowed herself to be assassinated so Theo could absorb her holy grail crest. The order of crest went under theo's control while the pope was held to be interrogate for linkage between mage academy and the chaos.

Hitori no shita the outcast s2 #22:

Rinron's comrade related how they were defeated by a zensei member. While jo San was told of possible elimination of part timer system due to an assassination of a top management, tenshi and soran were told of an assassination of another elderly by leader of the zensei organisation who had appearance of a child.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd season sono ni #10:

Hoozuki saw mustard's fighting ability and put up battle matches to promote open position in animal he'll minions. Mustard won all except a cat who slept before his battle.

Mustard was persuaded and accompanied by Hoozuki to a temple operated by a tanuki and a fox who always argued between themselves.

Juushinki pandora #08:

There were cases of indiscrimated sniper shooting. After Leon investigated, all his team members found their fellow member -Doug to be the culprit. After failing to stop him from firing his shoot at the princess, Leon tried to shield her but in vain.

Animes watched [Jun. 10th, 2018|07:15 pm]

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[Current Mood | relaxed]

Dorei-kun the animation #09:

Gekkou who idolized internet idol - Marie assisted her to lure Ryuurou so the personality of Kiyo who was zero's late mother could duel him so as to release zero. 'She' failed and escaped with Marie and gekkou.

Devil's Line #10:

Yuuki evolved under provocation of taira's ex professor but continued to maintain control. Later in his base, his new superior - Ishimaru tried to train him to maintain control over his blood lust. After the team met seven and nine to know the CCC anti devil organisation, they went on break. Yuuki recalled he had met the division nine officer more than 10 years ago and tge latter knew of his father's murdering acts. The said officer contacted Ishimaru who turned out to be thirteen aka Jason in ccc.

Tokyo Ghoul RE #06:

Mina went to aid Sasaki who used to be her ex friend - kaneki. Sasaki regained strength to defeat the opponent ghoul. Urie evolved to phrase 4 but was unable to defeat mama. Juzo and others stepped in and defeated her. Saiko and others also defeated nutcracker.

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