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Changing Journal's Browser Title [Jul. 23rd, 2003|11:13 am]
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To change the title that is displayed in the browser window's title bar, use the following override:

<title>My Customized InsaneJournal!</title>

You can customize the actual wording of the title to say whatever you like.

NOTE: This override will not work for the system styles Default, Punquin Elegant with Sidebar, and Webley Boxes on White because of how these styles are put together. If you would like to customize the browser window's title bar for these styles, you will need to create a custom style, a benefit of a "Self-committed" [paid] account.

Variable Reference:
Additional References:

  • Merging GLOBAL_HEAD Overrides

  • What are overrides and how do they work?

  • Only one override is permitted for each specific override block.
    If you are currently using a GLOBAL_HEAD override to accomplish other customizations,
    this would need to be combined with your existing override.

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