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Holiday Wishes [15 Dec 2009|11:02pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]


This is my first time posting here. I found this through a random meme my friend was doing. I'm 27 and live in NY, USA. As with everyone this year was a small slice of hell but oh well. New year to look forward to and I love the holidays. Hopefully I did this right. I'll happily fix it if not.

My Ten Wish Items

1) An all expenses paid trip to Scotland-- When in doubt, start with something huge. LOL This is so not likely but I always wanted to go and so why the hell not stick it up here.

2) PS3 -- I really kind of want one of these but I can't bring myself to go and buy something this expensive for myself. I may get one next year but there are finally enough games on here for me to feel okay about buying one. Plus they fixed alot of the bug issues and the new design is sweet.

3) Kindle or other ebook reader -- I seriously need one of these. I plan on getting rid of all my books soon and I adore ebooks. Honestly I read most books on my laptop now but the Behemoth is really too huge to carry around easily.

4) Wrapped gift / Snail mail/ Holiday Card --
don't care too much what is inside I love getting packages, especially out-of-country mail. I also have a strange love of opening packages. I'm not even sure I care what is in them so much as the receiving and opening is fun. Somehow going to the post office or opening your mail box and finding something there is the bestest feeling ever.

5) Gift cards -- not picky about what kind. I'm sure I'll find a fun and interesting use for them .

6) Baking gear of reasonable quality --
I do commission work, most of the cakes around the house, and a significant portion of my friends birthday/celebration cakes. I can always use more gear.

7) a dollar-- I'm saving up for college and every little bit helps. A couple bucks here or there means I can take a few less hours at work while in school.

8) Surprise me!! I heart surprises and I'm a sucker for new and interesting things.

9 ) Donate to one of the wildlife programs-- I'm fond of big cats, little cats, pets of all shapes and sizes. Donate time or money, you don't even have to put it in my name. Pet your cat or animal for me. Make some animal somewhere a little bit happier. I'll thank you and so will they.

10) And of course, I have an amazon wishlist
anything off there would be swell. ^_^

Now I feel like the greediest person ever but I suppose that is okay. I think maybe I will go clean my room a bit more. Oh and if you need to get a hold of my for shipping address my email is seorgia at gmail dot com.

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[20 Dec 2009|02:45pm]

[ mood | cosy ]

a little late to the game, and in no particular order, but here goes!

1. Volunteer, donate or become a member of the Alice Fergusen Foundation, my neighborhood environmental education foundation, which does amazing work. Or, join your local organization that helps teach people to value and care for our earthly home.

2. I'd love paid Dreamwidth time, yay!

3. Icons for seasons, wildlife, pagan holidays, food and drink, weather, moods like blue, gloomy, pensive, mellow, festive, hopeful, pissed off... surprise me!

4. Prayers, good wishes, visualizations and real leads for new work!  (I need not to return to my toxic job in January when leave runs out.) Here's what I can do:

  • graphic design for high end print, catalog, magazine, book etc
  • illustration, drawing and painting, also diagrams, charts, tables, maps
  • small web sites designed and hosted
  • mac training and tech support for seniors and other noobies
  • marketing projects
  • copy editing, especially for marketing
  • cooking whole foods, ethnic, vegan and/or gluten-free  for small and large groups
  • organize group-house vacations, especially southern France and Italy but willing to go anywhere!
5. This seems weird but I want my car painted blue! Anyone have any experience or advice with getting old cars repainted? Or making art cars?

6. Eat locally if at all possible. Find local eggs, start a garden, join a CSA, share in locally raised or hunted meat, go fishing! Basically  think about what you eat, and the impact it has. Ven vows to take more of her own advice! I commit to only neighborhood chickens and eggs.

7. Buy my art! right now, I am having my first fanart sale on my journals. This work is in the Harry Potter fandom, much of it slash and NWS, but I do make gen and canon illustrations. Links to prints, all work-safe. Links to original art, much of it slash and NWS
Beyond fandom I am a landscape painter, and I am about to launch an eBay art venture. If you are interested in affordable original art, drop me a line and I will tell you more!

8. something from ye olde Amazon Wish List

9. send me a book, movie, or fic you loved and are ready to pass along. I love a sense of place, history, time, mystery, art, myth, magic, transgressing gender roles, animals, adventure, and of course humour. Reccs as welcome as actual objects.

10. Take time to honor your creative self. listen to and encourage the creative side of your friends, family, children. Set up a group that shares creative work: write, knit, cook, make kites, and crow about it!! Let the world know that YOU are creative, and proud of it.

blessing to all for a splendid Yule and a magical year ahead!

get in touch at venturous1 [at] gmail
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My holiday wish list [14 Dec 2009|01:11pm]

Hello! Sort of a weird list, but here goes:

1) Anything from my gift list

2) PetsMart gift cards. I have a cat with bad skin allergies, and the only thing he doesn't react to is the expensive Science Diet food.

3) Queen sized sheets with that can go on mattresses with a pillowtop. It's also a Craftmatic bed, so normal sheets just pop right off at the corners as soon as I raise the head. :-p

4) Sewing stuff. I have recently learned how to use a sewing machine, yay! So now I need to keep practicing and learning how to make things. I'll take cheap cloth, ugly thread, your favorite sewing website, whatever!

Contact info below )
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It doesn't hurt to ask! Thanks in advance! [07 Dec 2009|01:05pm]

Hello! New here! My list:

1. Paid Livejournal account. At least a month. I'm Jurhael over there.

2. Star Ocean 2 fanfiction. There's just not enough of it. Gabriel/Lucifer fics are the most desired, but I also enjoy Claude/Ashton, Dias/Noel, Claude/Dias, Gabriel/Zadkiel, Lucifer/Zadkiel, Gabriel/Lucifer/Zadkiel and Claude/Dias/Ashton.

3. Weiss/Nero(Dirge of Cerberus) fanfiction. Not enough of that either.

4. Yu-Gi-Oh fanfic. This month is actually YGO's 10th anniversay, so it's fitting to have some more fanfic of this wonderful series. Favorite pairings are: Seto/Alister, Alister/Valon, and Yami/Yugi.

5. Amazon Gift Cards.

6. Kingdom Hearts fanfiction featuring Axel/Demyx or Axel/Demyx/Roxas.

7. Ebay Gift Certificates

8. I like candy, perfume(especially Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab), teas, coffee, video games, spices, and wax melts. So, any virtual gift card that carries these things would be very nice.

9. Star Ocean: First Departure/Fantastic Voyage fanfiction about Jie Revorse.

10. Anything on This list!

Email is here, if needed:

Read more... )
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[06 Dec 2009|12:43am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hi, all! This is my second year with Holiday Wishes, and I still think this is the coolest idea floating around the internet. ^__^

My wishes:

1. I really want to get my sweetie a Playstation 3, but money is tight. So I’m wishing for Amazon gift certificates (my account name is GuiltyRed) in the hopes that I can get a lot of small ones and those will add up to let me buy something amazing.

2. A dollar. Back to item #1, I’ve wondered if enough people might send me one humble dollar hidden in a card that I could have a stab at that game system. My sweetie’s been under so much stress with school (going to college for the first time at 36 – and taking on a double major and a minor – ain’t easy!), and that’s the one thing I really want to give as a surprise for staying on the dean’s list and getting into the Gold Key Honor Society.

3. Like many people this year, I’ve been laid off from a job I loved and haven’t had much luck finding anything else (I’m in Michigan, so, yeah…). If anyone knows of a real, honest-to-goodness work from home gig that might take me on as a proof reader or editor, that would be fantastic! (Actually, ANY job-finding leads or tips would be most appreciated.)

4. Aaaand…to help facilitate my ongoing job hunt, I’d love it if a kindly elf could give me some help with my resume.

5. Gift cards: Kohl’s and PetSmart. =^.^=

6. Chocolate! Whether candy bars, hot cocoa mixes, or bonbons, I love all things chocolate (and have no food allergies to worry about), and it’s one of my life goals to try chocolates from all over the world.

7. A Pampered Chef smooth-edge can opener.

8. An anime music video set to VNV Nation’s song “Joy” using Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core footage, sort of an homage to SOLDIER.

9. Donate your old towels to your local humane society, veterinarian, or no-kill shelter. If you can, donate some time too.

10. Something to remind me that magic is real. It’s been a very hard year for my household, and I’ve been fighting depression and despair along with the sense of Just Getting Older; I need as many reminders as I can get. Whether it’s a token (a stone, a shell, a feather, a photograph) or a personal story about something extraordinary (paranormal, spiritual, uncategorizable, just plain amazing) that made you sit up and go “Whoa! It’s real!” – that’s what I’m looking for.

My addy:
P.O. Box 264
Davison MI 48423

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Seasons Greetings! [02 Dec 2009|11:37pm]

Happy Holidays!

A few wishes that would just make my whole year if someone would grant them.

So, the simple stuff:

1. Unique, Silly, Bizarre Candy - barring any that contain bugs, you know... trying weirdo candies is awesome. bugs, okay?

2. Mint Tea - Om Nom Nom! The mintier, the better!

3. Kitty toys and treats (especially Friskies treats) - our cats just lost one of their kitty playmates this year due to heart failure so we have been using toys to help them through the grieving process. It also helps the humans in the house when their playing makes us smile.

4. Dentyne Ice Arctic Chill Gum - BIG gum chewer. Gum in the stocking = HAPPY!

5. McDonald's Gift cards - Sounds silly, but the best fast food meal in the world is just a simple McD's cheeseburger and fries.

6. Good Kanji Dictionary

7. Books in Japanese or books about Japan - The books can be about anything - manga, history, culture, travel brochures....

8. Amazon List - Would happily and gratefully take anything from here. Have no issues with used books, dvds, or cds - so if you have something you don't want that is on the list, please send it along.

9. IJ friends - most of the friends that were here have moved on to Dreamwidth or gone back to LJ. So this journal reading this is a little slow moving. Only one requirement for friendship - must have an open mind. Most of the journal is unlocked, so feel free to take a look at the profile and read a few entries.

The long shot:

10. Used Wii games

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[02 Dec 2009|12:09am]

Hi everyone! :D I'm Manda, and this is my first year here at holiday wishes on IJ. I recently migrated from LJ to IJ in an effort to have a journal that can be public for people who DON'T have a journal, but I don't have to worry about people I don't like (I've had a few fallings out over my blogging life) checking the journal. I'm looking forward to granting as many wishes as I'm able. Now before I get to my list, how about a little about myself.

I'm a 24 year old lady-type who lives in a part of Pennsylvania known as the Lehigh Valley. I live with my girlfriend in an apartment with our 4 1/2 year old Doxie named Oscar. I'm a HUGE Philadelphia sports fan, and am glad that not only did I get to go to the Phillies 10,000th loss on my birthday, but just over a year later was one of many at their World Champions Parade. Other than that, I fangirl over lots of things (including athletes!), roleplay (table top and here on IJ) and am a kind of animal activist. On to my list!

1. Snail mail / post cards / holiday cards / whatever you'd like to send Make my mailbox happy this holiday season. It's rare that my girlfriend and I get anything that isn't bills or junk, so even if you just want to send a little doodle you've drawn, it would make us smile.

2. Friends! I'd love some friends here on IJ, I don't update A LOT, because I feel like my life is pretty boring. But I would love to know there are some people here to read it when I actually do. You don't even need to comment much.

3. PenPal In these days of electronic... everything, I think it would be nice to sit down and handwrite someone a letter.

4. Stuff for my fur!kid Times are tight for the GF and I because neither of us are working, and our poor pup is lacking in the treat/toys department because of it. He'll eat anything (at least, I haven't found anything he DOESN'T eat) but he particularly likes things with peanut butter. And prefers fuzzy stuffed animals as toys. He could also use a nice warm sweater if you're a sewer/knitter/crocheter because Doxie's are funny shaped, and normal doggie clothes don't fit them.

5. Donate time or money to an animal shelter Preferably one that's no-kill. Go and offer to be a dog walker, or clean the cat pans, if you don't have the money to donate. Or lots of places will take your old blankets and sheets to use as bedding for the animals. Every little bit helps.

6. Office supplies! I'm trying to write my first book (Zombie novel FTW!) and would love it if I could get some pens (the Sharpie ones in black are my favorite) pencils, paper, binders... whatever you have, I'll take!

7. Hair things! I am growing my hair out for Locks of Love after having a short, spiky pixie for almost 8 years. It's now down to my shoulders but is so thin and fine I'm having a hard time with it. I'd love anything I could put in my hair. Previously worn is fine by me. Even things you don't think of as normal hair accessories! Ribbon, yarn, or if you use/make hair extensions, those few inches you cut off the ends would be perfect for me to make a braided hair tie!

8. Visit your elderly family I've lost two grandparents over the last two years, and this time of year I miss them the most. Visit your elderly family if you can, and if you can't, take some time and go volunteer at a local nursing home. The elderly have some of the most amazing stories you'll ever hear if you just take the time to listen.

9. Thoughts and prayers Both my girlfriend and I are out of work, so it'd be awesome if you could think of us, even if it's just once. It would be especially awesome if you could think of my little brother. He has ADHD and Depression and my parents are too ignorant (even after all my documented research and explaining) to realize that theses are medical conditions that need to be treated. I've recently had a falling out with my dad over it, because I am the only one who goes to bat for my little brother when his ADHD gets him in trouble.

10. Cosmetics I love to do my hair and makeup, but am finding that I'm hitting pan (meaning running out) of all my good cosmetics. I'll take whatever you'd like to send me. I'm not a designer whore, so brand name doesn't matter. I especially like lots of different colored eye shadows and eye liners. The biggest thing I'd like would be more of the E.L.F. brushes that they sell for $1 and $3 dollars. I don't expect anyone to buy them for me, but if you got them and decided you did not like them, send 'em my way!

As for contact information, you can email me at simplyamazing[11] {at} gmail {dot} com, and if you DO comment, please leave a link to your list so I can hopefully return the favor!
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Happy Holidays! [02 Dec 2009|07:22pm]

1. My Amazon Wishlist - books mostly.

2. Bird things - I am especially fond of owls, corvids and penguins. Anything bird themed you have lying around, even used postage stamps, would be awesome.

3. Teas - Loose or bagged, any kind but green.

4. Vegan friendly sweets/snacks

5. Be kind to yourself and to others.

6. More sunshine - less gloomy, wintery darkness.

7. Surprise me! Maybe based on my LJ interests? :3

Contact )

*toddles off to grant wishes*
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My wishlist. [25 Nov 2009|11:00pm]

1. The world's thinnest wallet, because every other wallet I've owned has taken up too much space.

2. This pocket watch, because it is sexy.

3. Noodler's Heart of Darkness fountain pen ink. It is pretty much the blackest black fountain pen ink there is, and it is also one of Noodler's "bulletproof" inks. What that means is that there is no known technique that will remove this ink from paper once it's been applied and dried - not even acetone or bleach.

4. Candy that is difficult or impossible to come by in the United States. And because that's probably not very specific, I like chocolate and will eat pretty almost any kind there is, including white chocolate. Aside from that my favorite flavors for things are strawberry, butterscotch, caramel, or cherry, and almost any kind of nut but especially hazelnuts and almonds. The only things I can think of that I don't like are really dark bitter chocolate (more than 70% cocoa) and coconut.

5. Cash or gift cards (I prefer Target or Macy's, but I'll take anything I can use.)

6. Any of the items from my Amazon wishlist, especially the books.

7. The album Absinthe - La Folie Vert. I've heard a few tracks from this album and really want to hear the rest or them, except it's very hard to find.

8. The Absolute Sandman Volume 2.

9. The ioSafe 1 TB hard drive. This is like one of those indestructible safes, only it stores data. Seriously, you can set this thing on fire, let it burn for about half an hour, then put out the fire by throwing it in a swimming pool, and it will still work.

10. A MacBook. I am in the market for a new laptop, and after doing some research (and having the opportunity to molest ogle use my roommate's), I have become convinced that they are superior to similarly-priced PC laptops. I'd also accept a refurbished one, or even a used one as long as it was reliable and in good working order.

If you need my contact information, leave me your e-mail address in a PM or at my contact post.
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A wishlist! A wishlist! :o [23 Nov 2009|08:49pm]

Hello. guys! My name is Jordi I am twenty-three years old, and am still in Ohio Hell. Which is much more pleasant than Actual Hell, but anyway! I am back again for more! :3

For stuff that requires my mailing address, that information is available upon request, via email at

Have some Happy Holidays, y'all!

1) Anything from My wishlist. Specifically SSX3 for the Gamecube, since I've been looking for it for a very long time.

2) Gift cards! Specifically, from Best Buy, Wal-Mart, or Borders.

3) Rainbow anything. Even rainbow toe socks.

4) If you go out to dinner this holiday season, please tip the waitstaff. My sister is a waitress, so I know the joy that the extra tips bring.

5) Surprise me!

6) This netbook. It's really, really farfetched, I know. But it's something that I would really like this year.

7) Chocolate! Specifically, milk chocolate!

8) Spam (the canned meat, not the annoying email clutter)! I love the stuff.

9) Coockbooks.

10) And finally! If anyone is familiar with both Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy 8, I would like some Kairi/Rinoa art. Kairi/Olette art is fine, too. Any and all ratings are welcome. :3
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Thank you! [06 Jan 2009|04:15pm]

[info]venturous, thank you! I just got your package. The teas look delicious, and I am totally looking forward to listening to the music. I haven't heard anything by Thomas Newman before, and the U2/Eno collaboration intrigues me quite a bit. ^____^
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Thank you! [10 Jan 2009|07:18am]

[info]mercurychaos, thank you for your lovely letter! Awesome bunny drawing skills! :D
Also, thank you [info]venturous for your offer :)
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[26 Dec 2008|09:16pm]

Many, many thanks to [info]thesewarmstars for granting one of my wishes. I will cherish the needle gauge. There is a nice necklace it is going on to make sure I have it with me when needed.
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What a wonderful surprise! [18 Dec 2008|11:29am]

Thank you so much, [info]deborak!! *big hugs!*

The paper will certainly get me through next term...I didn't expect so much! The Japanese book will be a great study aid. I can already read a few massages and once I start learning more kanji I will be devouring the pages! The monkey will be gracing some area near my computer - just have to clean my desk first. ^^;; He is so cute!!

And you have officially won my cats over. They knew what was in the box before I opened it. All that box rubbing, I am surprised they didn't little balls of static. Needless to say: they approved and are thrilled.

Thank you so much! You have made my Christmas a little bit brighter!
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One wish [17 Dec 2008|09:26pm]

It seems that many of the friends that graced ye olde flist have taken the tumble back to LJ and have left this journal sadly unloved.

So the one wish for Christmas is to have non-judgmental, very open-minded people to get to add and get to know. Journal is very friendly, open-minded, positive thinking (for the most part) and incredible into just being and being happy.

If interested, please view profile and feel free to add.

Thank you. :)
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Happy Holidays [17 Dec 2008|12:33am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hi! My name is Kristi. I’m 24 and in grad school studying to be a librarian. I’ve got a bit of a break between semesters, so I’m certainly in a festive mood and happy to get a bit of a break!

My Holiday Wish List

1. Letters or postcards in the mail. I like getting mail. ^__^

2. Gemstones. I do healing work (Reiki) and could always use more.

3. Anime. I’m still on dial-up. ^^;; Feel free to email me, to find out what I have already.

4. Bookmarks! (new, handmade, whatever!) I work in a library…I take out a lot of books...I intend to do A LOT of reading on my 'break'

5. Knee high socks…my ankles and calves get cold (it’s also a long walk from the parking lot to the university campus).

6. Anything that has to do with waterfalls.

7. Pouches for my tarot/oracle cards.

8. Random cosplay wigs. I like dressing up.

9. A more accurate Kapitel Yohji jacket for cosplay. I can dream, lol

10. Amazon wish list

Contact Info

Mailing Address )

Email: shadowgirl824 (at) aol (dot) com

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Happy Holidays from Paradise... [13 Dec 2008|02:32am]

I love this community. I have been apart of this community for 3 years now. I love being able to give to as many people as possible and I hope by some miracle some of you can some of mine.

Used/Second hand/Homemade is more than fine.

1.) Anything from my Amazon Wish lists - It's pretty huge! I broke it down with other sub-lists!

Used/Beat up/ is more than fine. If you have any of these laying around in your home and you don't want it anymore. Send it my way :)

2.) Anything Wiccan/Pagan related: please don't let the fact I am Wiccan scare you :P

I am hoping anyone can help me out with this wish. I loss my Pagan/Wiccan things well because of a personal family happenings. Anything would be awesome!

(Books on and related to the topic, scrying mirror, runes, mortar & pestle, herbs, herb chest, crystal ball, crystals, jewelry, stones, ritual and altar items, wand, travel altar kit, cauldron, loose tea leaves [for tea reading] etc etc)

I have a Wicca list on Amazon! Used/Beat up/Homemade would be awesome!

3.) Hardware: Yes this seems like a weird wish but I am in need of a Set of four Two brass or non-brass binding pins (aka Chicago Screws) and 4 elegant decorative hinges. Door hinges would be perfect. USED IS MORE THAN FINE!

4. TV on DVD : It does not matter what it is! I'll take what you don't want anymore. My family is TV on DVD Fanatics!

My favorites : Extras , True blood, Poltergeist, Charmed, Doctor Who (new/old), Veronica Mars S3, Hex, Sex and the City, Heroes, Smallville S2-current dvd, Wonderfalls, Point Pleasant, Tru Calling S2, Bones, How I met your mother, Dresden Files, Degrassi (new/old), X-files, Queer as folk, Friends, The worst witch, Family guy Vol 3 & 4, House, Grey's anatomy s2-current dvd, Seinfield, Freaks and Geeks, and any of the Masterpiece Theatre movies.

I have a TV on DVD list at amazon. USED IS MORE THAN FINE!

5. Harry Potter: Anything and everything Harry Potter related. Does not matter what it is. I am obsessed with the books, movies, jewelry, clothing, uniforms, scarves, chess set, action figures, Old card games (Sorcerer's Stone Quidditch Card Game), (actual) audiobooks, (actual) books and HP related books.

You name it I love it. Store bought, homemade, used, beat up it does not matter!

6. Jossverse (Buffy/Angel/Firefly/Doctor Horrible) related. (Actions figures, dvds, books, jewelry etc etc) It does not matter what it is. I would love anything connected to these series.

7. DVDS: It does not matter what it is! Used is fine! My family are movie Fanatics!

My favorites: Dr. Horrible's sing along blog, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, December Boys, Ballet Shoes, Driving Lessons, The Thirst, Suburban Girl, That Night, Student Bodies, Show Me Love , The Bandits, Ladies And Gentlemen The Fabulous Stains, The Commitments, New Best Friend, Teeth, Ironman, American Beauty, Pulp Fiction, Donnie Darko, Little Miss Sunshine, Muriel's Wedding, Stargate, Tin Man, Across the Universe, The Hole, Born Innocent, Shadow Puppets, Waitress, The Worst Witch, Sex and Breakfast, The Alphabet Killer, Soul Survivors (The Killer Cut), Anne of Green Gables, Indiana Jones, Hot Fuzz and I love horror films.

I have a DVD list on Amazon. USED IS MORE THAN FINE!

8. T-Shirt Iron-on Transfer Paper: The kind where you use your printer to make your own graphics with blank T-shirts. I love making my own T-shirts and they come out really well and it's a lot cheaper than store bought T-shirts. (I have a HP printer)

9. Wii Fit - I know this is impossible. But I want this for not only for myself but for my parents. Maybe they will work out with it.

10. Knitting/Quilting Supplies: (needles, fabric, circle needles, books, yarn, pattern books etc etc ) used is more than fine!

Commet me your wish list. I cannot promise you anything but I will try my best to do what I can.

And please if I don't respond to you right away does not mean I am ignoring you. I live in Hawaii so you all are way ahead of me time wise.

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Hi! [12 Dec 2008|04:18pm]

Hi there! My name is Jordi! I am 22 years old. I am stuck in Ohio Hell.

Where in Ohio Hell? You'll find out! :3

The List )

Please send any emails to

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Thank you! :D [13 Dec 2008|01:37am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

[info]zombieallomorph for the lovely postcard from Japan. ♥

[info]alchemia & [info]alasandalack for the shiny card and teas! ♥

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Thank you, [info]snapesgirl! [06 Dec 2008|05:04pm]

[ mood | happy ]

I came home last night to find a box full of pretty yarn, a beautiful burgundy needle roll, several pair of knitting needles and a set of DPNs (which I can't even FIND here, so double yay!), some patterns, and a holiday card! I'm going to have so much fun with this; thank you! (And the wash cloths are awesome!)

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