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Date: 2008-06-30 21:55
Subject: Between the Sheets
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Between the Sheets
Summ: AU.  Dom is a bit of a goody-two shoes with a galloping case of rotten luck. He has a summer job to help pay for Uni, but he hates it.  Orlando is the reason.  Action!  Adventure!  Dermititis!
Rating: ADULT
Warnings:  Orlando is a bit weird in this one.  I'm not sure who this Orlando is or where he came from, just popped out of my head and splattered all over the keyboard, sorta.  My apologies for my poor approximation of Britspeak, and as for the German, it was pastede together using a German-English dictionary, and Google translator.  Also, this didn't want to end.  I had trouble cutting it off where I did, seem abrupt to me,
Prompted by </a></b></a>[info]msilverstar.  Probably not what she had in mind, but I can't account for the behavior of my brain.

Between the Sheets

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