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User: [info]hobbits_n_orli (posted by [info]hermit9)
Date: 2008-02-10 00:16
Subject: Reparations 5?
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This was my remix last year.  This was extremely fun to write.  Kinda like writing with a partner only they didn't know about it.

Title: Pretty Babies

Orig. Author: Geniusartist

Orig. Link: Pretty Babies

Remix: Hermit9

Pair: OB/EW

Rating: R-ish for a couple bad words and some clothed undulations

Warnings: none

Disc: Made up.  Not only is this not true, I didn't even make up the lies!

Changes: No longer an AU except in as much as it is still totally made up.  Starts a bit before the original story.  Gave some of the other guys something to do, filled it out a bit here and there with trivial stuff, a ball of lint that crawled in my ear while reading the rules for the challenge itself.  Changed it to present tense because I can't write in past tense anymore for some reason, and I made Orlando kind of a twat. Kept the dialog almost exactly the same because it was really the meat of the original story.   Orig. Word Count: 1600  Remix Word Count: 3900

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User: [info]hobbits_n_orli (posted by [info]hermit9)
Date: 2008-02-10 00:38
Subject: Last one
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This was my first ever fic.  There is actually a lot more to it than what I'm posting here, but I never finished it, so this is the stand-alone portion.  It's also the most popular thing I ever wrote I think.  I mean...I think maybe a DOZEN people actually may have read this! lol.

Title: Vintage
author: hermit9
Pair: DM/EW
rating: super nc-17
disc: so not real, just for fun

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