Saturday, December 5th, 2009

fic rec: Our Station by genteelrebel

Okay, upfront warning, this is Methos/Richie.

Who hasn't run away? *looks about*

Normally this isn't the pairing that I gravitate toward...normally this isn't a pairing I even want to think much about, really. But this is a short little story that does a really good job of making it sound like it could work. The attraction is originally coming from Richie, and we see his observations of the evening, with a good Richie-voice, and a Methos who is dealing with the heaviness of all those years of living.

If you can allow the Methos/Richie, then the tone of the story is definitely worth enjoying.

It can be found over at, which is still a very good resource for Highlander stories.

This story is listed as being Mature Content.

Link: Our Station by genteeelrebel
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Saturday, September 26th, 2009

rec: Owe You One by Helens

I was rereading this one and thought others might enjoy being reminded of it.

Title: Owe You One
Author: Helens
Link: Owe You One
Warnings: adult themes, but mostly gen
(From the author's summary) Summary: Nick Wolfe's having a bad day. Waking up blindfolded and chained to a wall is never a good thing. But when a guy named Adam comes into the picture, there's a little hope after all.

Why I like it: It's on the short side, so it is a fast read, but the characerizations are marvelous, and the banter is witty and smart-edged. A lot is alluded to, so the well-versed reader will grin to herself/himself, but the hints don't detract from the overall story itself for the general reader.
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Sunday, March 15th, 2009

rec: A Lesson Learned by jinxed_wood

If you haven't seen this gem of a story yet, you need to go pronto over here: A Lesson Learned to read it. jinxed_wood creates a truly believable little lesson that definitely highlights the difficulties of teaching a new Immortal, and of being one. Beautifully done. And it has some great Joe insight, and a smirky Methos.
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Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

red: Nolo Contendere by Chris

I know you've probably all read this, since it is such a great story, but I thought a little Sunday night reminder might be in order. It's such a clever mix of wry and amusing, stark competitiveness, and a lot of hotness. Very slashy. DM/M. Of course, it also has quite a bit of Amanda in it, being the gorgeous schemer that she is. Plus, it has gorgeous visuals since it is set at a black & white ball (for charity of course) and everyone is dressed to the nines.

There's also a gorgeous little piece of manip artwork right at the end of the story.

Title: Nolo Contendere
Author: [info]sidhe_woman
Link: Nolo Contendere
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Saturday, February 14th, 2009

rec: Romance in Seacouver by pat_t

One more Valentine's Day rec: this one's got a nice patina on it, and it well worth going back for another read.

It's a nice Methos-gets-kidnapped story. Gina and Robert de Valicourt plot and are quite dense and make big trouble, and there is a seriously Determined!Duncan. And some hot, hot slash.

So, go and read it already! Romance in Seacouver by [info]pat_t
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rec: Waiting on a Friend by adabsolutely

For this year's Valentine's Day rec it's a bit of a reminder of the past -- just a year ago, when this delightful story made its debut.

It's not that long, but it's sweet, and just the tiniest hint of bittersweet, and with some great banter, and a nice DM/M romance and then some delectable slash.

Just step back a little bit, and enjoy the story: Waiting on a Friend by [info]adabsolutely
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Saturday, January 24th, 2009

rec: Baudelaire, Le Vampire by the_obscure

Title: Baudelaire, Le Vampire

Author: [info]the_obscure


Why? Because it's Methos and Dracula! Because it's darkly funny, very edgy, tainted with death, and you sort of think they're friends, but there's certainly an undercurrent between them that isn't exactly friendly. And there's a little twisty bit at the end that is so Methos, and gives you just one more tidbit look into his past.
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Monday, January 12th, 2009

rec: A Place to Stand

I think almost everyone has already read this, because it is fantastic, but just in case you missed it, take a moment and go read.

This story manages to be both a great episode-type story, as well as reveal insights into Methos and Duncan's characters and their feelings about each other. It's a beautiful read, set in a location one doesn't usually see in HL stories, and it is fulfilling and a bit achy.

A Place to Stand by Merriman
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Friday, January 2nd, 2009

rec: Joe drabble

This is just a drabble in length, but it is a perfect, telling moment about Joe. Take the thirty seconds to read it, you'll be very glad.

Joe's drabble by holde_maid
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Monday, May 19th, 2008

fic link: Genus Immortalis

[info]elmyraemilie wrote a hot new little crossover between Highlander and Blood Ties.

The summary: In the genus Immortalis, there are a number of species, among them Immortalis vampirus and Immortalis immortalis.

It's very adult, hot and lusty, very angsty, and awesome slashy. If you will even consider Methos with someone else, then you should go and read this. Plus, lots of swordplay. And a Joe with a gun, and he knows how to use it!

Ah, full disclosure--I did some beta work on it. But even as I was beta'ing it, I was enjoying it!

Genus Immortalis
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Monday, May 5th, 2008

vid rec: Life Among the Watchers

Keerawa did a fantastic vid all about Joe Dawson and his life and his life in the Watchers.

Set to "All Along the Watchtowers" by Jimi Hendrix, she does some great perspective work as she moves through 'early Joe' to 'Joe that watches MacLeod' to 'Joe that becomes involved with Immortals'. It's really worth a watch.

Link: Life Among the Watchers (on lj)
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Sunday, April 6th, 2008

Fic rec: Waiting

A long, long time ago, I participated in the Highlander Lyric Wheel, and just by weird random chance, I came across the story that was written based on the lyrics I had chosen and sent off as inspirational fodder.

I absolutely don't recall reading it the first time (though I think I must have) but I'm happy to have found it again.

It's a sad piece, set a bit in the future, so our wonderful Joe has slipped his mortal coil. And it's past-tense Duncan/Methos, and a kind of soggy, not-soggy moody little tale. Short and tense, well told.

Go and read!

Waiting by lj user reallyoldguy, on lj
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Thursday, March 6th, 2008

fic rec: One True Thing by Nomango

Title: One True Thing
Author: Nomango

Link: click right here

It's short and funny, and all about Methos wickedly telling Duncan and Fitz one of those compelling tidbits of his historic past. Well, less historic, and more hysteric.
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fic rec: The Other Three Christmas Spirits by carenejeans

Fic: The Other Three Christmas Spirits
Author: carenejeans

Linkage: clickityclickity

It's a Christmas-y story, but that's no reason to wait until December. Slashy and full of a lambasting of the usual cliches of fic, it's quirky and funny.
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Thursday, January 24th, 2008

Valentine's Day rec

First rec for the Valentine's Day season:

Be My Valentine

Duncan MacLeod/Methos and slash. Written by Pat.

A romance story with a nice bit of history about the holiday itself. A bit of wise-Watcher Joe with advice for the love-struck, and a sweet happy ending.
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Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

rec: To Hide a Pebble

I really love this title. And the ensuing fic fills in that title like warm down fills in a parka. It's the smallest slice of life, a tiny look into Methos' first day in the department at the Watcher's, and it just seems so plausible. It's not long at all, but gives you a delightful fly-on-the-wall feeling.

Link: To Hide a Pebble
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Wednesday, June 6th, 2007


To start off rec'ing stories, I think it would only be right to point you in the direction of the web pages that I maintain.

You can find my stories here: taterville

I am not the only author at taterville. Pat T., Chris P., and a few others are there, as well as artwork by Eva and Beeej and Jubie. I'm really proud of my little site and honestly think that some of the best fiction resides over there. (Can I still claim to be humble?)

It's hard to choose one story that would represent what sorts of things I write, but I think the one that sums me up pretty well is Proofing Warning: this is a Gathering Story, so some main characters are dead; however this is probably one of the most bizarre sorts of Gathering stories out there, so I'd say take a chance. Plus, there is some awesome artwork by Beeej on the page. This piece is gen-ish, and you could see slash in it if you like, but there's not necessarily any slash there either.

Chris P. is amazing and I'm really lucky to have her stories on taterville. She tends to write long, plotty stories with pitch-perfect characterizations and sprinklings of great original characters that just uplift all the regular characters. Her best known story is the novel length Phoenix Fire which is part of a series (the series part being worked on) and you can find it here: Ignifer Series This series is slash.

Pat T. writes great exciting adventure stories with heaping doses of slashy love-making in them. It's hard to choose just one of her stories to point to, but I think the stand alone Whose Love Would Follow Still is a great story to get introduced to her style of writing. I like this one because she plays around a bit with the supernatural and makes big hints about Methos' beginnings. Plus, happy ending. Niiiice.

On the listings page keep scrolling down. There are some stories written as round robins toward the very bottom and a couple other authors who have written some very good short stories, but who aren't currently writing in fandom. I shall rec these separately some other day.
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