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Friday, May 13, 2011

9:00PM - many recs!

I've posted this at my account on dreamwidth, but I thought that putting it here might be a good place to keep it, especially for future reference.


So, I wanted to do a post with all the stories that, for one reason or another, I couldn't rec on crack_van this month. I love these stories, and feel so very sad that I couldn't rec them!

Touché by
Because it is Methos/Angel (HL/BtVS), and the whole bit about bullets makes me grin every time I read it. Mostly it had this terrible bittersweet feeling to it all the way through, but then I just go all the way back to the beginning of the story again and it is adventure once more! Also, how can one not want pretty men together? And, of course, it is on taterville, so I didn't feel I could rec it.

Mirror, Mirror by Beeej
How do I love this? Extremely. It is gorgeous. The introspection in this piece is so astute, so raw, that it can cut. But it also has this lovely softness to it, this healing warmth, that makes it work at the end, more as the love story it should be, rather than the regretful piece it could have been. Obviously I can't go rec'ing re-mixes of my own work. But Beeej got my original story so perfectly, that I always go and read this.

New Year's in Scotland by Merriman
I apologize for it being locked--I looked to see if it was posted somewhere accessible and it wasn't. I bet most of you already have access, though. It's such an old post, you might be hard pressed to know it was there. She wrote it based on a prompt I gave her--Methos/Connor (oh, I love this pairing!) with a jealous!Duncan. But Duncan doesn't stay jealous, he is far too noble for that. And this Methos/Connor are friends more than lovers, and not OTP. It is such a lovely way to tell a story--every time I go back to it there is something about it that I discover to like.

Fic by Carha
I don't think she gave it a title. Although it has a poem quote at the beginning, so perhaps it should be referred to as All Happiness. Connor/Methos again. Short, direct, lovely. Little snippets strung together. Written for me, again, in a fic exchange. But go and read it, anyway!

Aargh. This is a placeholder for a very short HL/Star Trek crossover where Methos and Worf talk about stuff. I just spent 2 hours looking for it, and I know I just reread it sometime this month.
ETA: Found it!!!
Untitled Methos and Worf ficlet by jmtorres (I knew it was by her, but I couldn't find the actual entry, and I'd misplaced my note to myself about how to find it!) The post is locked, but many of you may have access. Okay, I feel so much better now that I found it. I love this little ficlet because of the layers of wisdom embedded in it.

If Stones Could Sing by Sapphire (sapphiresmuse) Because Methos pulls one over on Duncan. And Joe is hilarious in this one. This one already has been rec'd, so I couldn't repeat it.

Seeing It Through by Princess Nat
Blinded Methos. Connor helps him! Plus, there is awesome Joe.
Yet another story that came about on a prompt by me.

There are a few more stories, but I am done searching out the links for them for the time being. This really, really points up why I love AO3. Search-able databases rock so hard.

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