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Saturday, December 5, 2009

6:25PM - fic rec: Our Station by genteelrebel

Okay, upfront warning, this is Methos/Richie.

Who hasn't run away? *looks about*

Normally this isn't the pairing that I gravitate toward...normally this isn't a pairing I even want to think much about, really. But this is a short little story that does a really good job of making it sound like it could work. The attraction is originally coming from Richie, and we see his observations of the evening, with a good Richie-voice, and a Methos who is dealing with the heaviness of all those years of living.

If you can allow the Methos/Richie, then the tone of the story is definitely worth enjoying.

It can be found over at hlfiction.net, which is still a very good resource for Highlander stories.

This story is listed as being Mature Content.

Link: Our Station by genteeelrebel

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