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Saturday, September 26, 2009

11:33PM - rec: Owe You One by Helens

I was rereading this one and thought others might enjoy being reminded of it.

Title: Owe You One
Author: Helens
Link: Owe You One
Warnings: adult themes, but mostly gen
(From the author's summary) Summary: Nick Wolfe's having a bad day. Waking up blindfolded and chained to a wall is never a good thing. But when a guy named Adam comes into the picture, there's a little hope after all.

Why I like it: It's on the short side, so it is a fast read, but the characerizations are marvelous, and the banter is witty and smart-edged. A lot is alluded to, so the well-versed reader will grin to herself/himself, but the hints don't detract from the overall story itself for the general reader.

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