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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I don't know if anybody is interested, but I, [info]faile02, am starting up a Highlander RPG. I cut the banner, just in case the image was too big, but check it out! We're in need of a Duncan!

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Duncan MacLeod has made one of the biggest mistakes in his 400 years.

Under the influence of the demon Ahriman, Duncan challenged his former student Richie Ryan – who barely escapes with his life. Now living in Europe with fellow Immortal Amanda, Richie builds himself a new life outside of Seacouver, outside of the training Duncan had given him.

Ten years pass. Duncan struggles to regain his former confidence, Methos once again reinvents himself, Richie and Amanda are playing house, and Joe starts contemplating retirement from the Watchers. But when a new threat brings everyone together, will Duncan and Richie put aside their differences to work together? Will new and old loyalties be tested?

But most importantly: Who lives, and who dies?

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