May. 15th, 2008


"Almost a Match" (Baccano!, Claire/Chane)

Title: Almost a Match
Author: [info]cadence
Fandom: Baccano!
Pairing: Claire/Chane
Rating: PG
Request: Baccano!—Claire/Chane. Finding Chane in Manhattan—banter through body language, UST, building trust. Bonus for a very gradual development of a sexual relationship. Extra bonus for rooftops, railings, knives, misuse of windows, doors, curtains.
A/N: This is definitely anime-canon, and I tried to walk a line in including stuff from episodes 14 and 15. The eventual outcome: This contains some references to events from episode 15, but I think is readable without knowing it. However, it is also potentially inconsistent with episode 15 (and definitely 16) due to the fact that translations aren't available. ^^;

Almost a Match )

Apr. 17th, 2008


"Time Lapse," Persona 3, Mitsuru/Akihiko/Shinjiro

Title: Time Lapse
Author: Laylah
Fandom: Persona 3
Pairing: Mitsuru/Akihiko/Shinjiro
Rating: NC-17
Request: Persona 3—Mitsuru/Akihiko/Shinjiro. Back to the way things are supposed to be. (Please no spoilers post-August.) Reconnection, convincing/coercing Shinji—coming in from the cold (and it's so much nicer in bed). Smut would be superplus good, extra kink on top even better. Intense feeling bubbling beneath the surface.

Time Lapse )