May. 19th, 2008


"Perfect Likeness", FFXII Gabranth/Drace

Title: Perfect likeness
Artist: [info]mahokiwi
Fandom: FFXII
Pairing: Gabranth/Drace
Rating: worksafe
Request:Final Fantasy XII, Gabranth/Drace - something playful, out of armour? Maybe a festival or the beach or something - playing in the ocean? :)
Notes: oh gosh, I'm so sorry this is so late. I had a hard time with it! But I'm happy with the final product, and hope the idea is clear enough ^^;

looks just like Ghis! )

Mar. 5th, 2008


[fic] Final Fantasy IV, Kain/Barbariccia, "White Noise"

Title: White Noise
Author: Mithrigil
Fandom: Final Fantasy IV
Pairing: Kain/Barbariccia
Rating: PG, perhaps light R?
Warnings: Spoilers through Ordeals, but if you know who/what Barbariccia is, you’re probably cool. Powerplay. Xenokink.
Request: the things about her that are different and the way her power affects their relation(s)/(ship) – despite himself, he cares about her for herself, and the way that affects his headspace –

White Noise
final fantasy iv

Mithrigil Galtirglin

The fiends have their own language. )